Welcome newly liberated drone to the Resistance is Futile List--RiF list for short. It is in this dedicated subspace frequency where you will be able to explore the infinite dimensions of the Kim-Seven (K/7) relationship through "dialogue and discussion," (that's the Federation talking), to "song and story" (yes there are ex-Klingons among us). And it is I, Major Resister, sidekick to Captain Proton, who will introduce you to the rules and regulations that guide your way to a successful entrance into the RiFt.

This FAQ contains 12 parts:
B. WHICH TERTIARY ADJUNCT DO YOU TURN TO? (aka Who to Contact with concerns regarding the list?)


To encourage Resisters (i.e. you) to actively participate on the list, the heads of this adjunct (i.e. the moderators) have developed a variety of features that are aimed to sustain and develop that spark of K/7 in all of us:

- The most updated version of the RiFt Round Robin is sent to the list. This is also when new writers who are on queue to participate in the Round Robin are to begin their addition. Generally, writers are given 7 days to finish their section, although it is encouraged to submit it sooner.

- FIRST QUESTION OF THE WEEK - to generate discussion, members are given a question to answer regarding a certain aspect of K/7. Members are also encouraged to pose any questions regarding K/7 whenever they want. They can be about fanfic, K/7 on the show, K/7 in the past, K/7 in the future...you get the idea.

- K/7 QUOTE OF THE WEEK - basically for your own interest.

- FANFIC OF THE WEEK - from the collection of fanfic at the Seventh Heaven K/7 site, with the permission of the author, fanfic, or parts of fanfic, will be submitted to the list to generate discussion and provide some feedback to the author. Authors are, however, welcome to submit K/7 fanfic at any time. As per the rules of the list, only fanfic that is rated PG-13 or below will be submitted (see below).

- Discussion on the latest Voyager episode, generally about the episode in general, but having a K/7 focus. "SPOILERS" and "spoiler space" must be given (see below).

B. WHICH TERTIARY ADJUNCT DO YOU TURN TO? (aka Who to Contact with concerns regarding the list?)

Subscription Links and Email Command Addresses (from www.onelist.com)

ONElist makes it easy for people interested in your list to subscribe to it. We provide a special subscription URL that walks people through the subscription process for your list. The form of the URL is:


In addition, we provide several special email addresses:

resistance_is_futile-owner@onelist.com - Sends email to the list owners

resistance_is_futile-subscribe@onelist.com - Subscribe to the list via email
resistance_is_futile-unsubscribe@onelist.com - Unsubscribe from the list

resistance_is_futile-normal@onelist.com - Switch your subscription to normal
resistance_is_futile-digest@onelist.com - Switch your subscription to digest


Topics that are on the 'good drone' list are:

a) - anything relating to K/7;
b) - anything relating to Harry Kim or the actor Garrett Wang;
c) - anything relating to Seven of Nine, or the actress Jeri Ryan;

Now, of course 'anything' is a very broad description, so here are some more specific topics that are on the 'good drone' list:

1) - relating to actual Star Trek: Voyager episodes, of any season.
2) - relating to any piece of fan fiction that is related to Harry Kim, Seven of Nine, or both in a K/7 story, scene, moment.
3) - relating to any development or information relating to Garrett Wang or Jeri Ryan in their life, profession, charity work, or appearance at an event.

So in general, you can play with the letters and numbers in deciding what is considered a relevant post, a1, 3c, 2b, b1, etc...


Off topic messages sent to the list are permitted, but are not permitted to continue as a thread of two or more messages sent to the list. If anyone wishes to respond to the message, they MUST send the reply to the INDIVIDUAL drone who sent the message. We need not clutter our portion of the Collective with off topic messages. Any Off Topic thread will be be dis/continued at the discretion of the list moderators (that is, it's only a problem if the moderators say it's a problem, otherwise, speak at your own discretion).

All Off topic messages must have an "OT:" in the subject line.

example: "OT: My computer crashed."

In this case, anyone wishing to send condolences must do it privately off list.

Please try to remember what the RiF list is for. It's primary objective is to facilitate the growth and enhancement of K/7, and our enjoyment of it.

Specific things that are to be avoided:

1) Do not send a "Welcome to the list" message to every new-comer on the list. As nice as such a message is, it only clutters the list and fills fellow drones' mailboxes with irrelevant posts. If you wish to send your personal welcome message, do so off-list. NOTE: These differ from introductory messages from new members.

2) Please do not 'vent your frustrations' on to the list. While it may feel good for you, you can also frustrate other drones with your irrelevant message. Such an action can backfire and you can get personal flame notices (or public ones) which only clutter the list even more. Thus, it's a "kobayashi maru"--a no-win scenario. However, if you know someone on the list with whom you are confident will be interested in your venting, then by all means send it their way, but--you know the word--off-list.

3) Do NOT under any circumstances send chain mail or unsolicited mail to the list or to list members. This constitutes as "SPAM" and is frowned upon. It is a violation of basic netiquette, and under certain circumstances illegal and/or against the regulations of one's Internet Service Provider (ISP). A violation will receive the strictest censure with grounds for removal from the list, and if necessary, a copy will be sent to the member's ISP. This is, reiterated by Onelist's policy which can be found at: http://www.onelist.com/spam.html.

Now, unlike the Collective Hive, we do care about our individual Resisters. Each of you function in a very specific and special way, and we'd like to always hear from you. But do keep in mind that each individual drone must be considerate of the others in the Collective. Wrath has no fury like the Collective's scorn.


Since not every Drone can recieve file attachments, be they text files, graphic files, etc., such attachments are not permitted on the list. In addition, messages with attachments larger than 500K are restricted by Onelist.


Now, given the vastness of our interstellar subspace network, information will spread unevenly from one corner of the galaxy to another. Those at the centre of influence will have such information, while those on the periphery of the central core, will be behind on the latest information on episodes, stories, and current events. As such, the Collective requires that any new information of:

1) upcoming Voyager episodes broadcast in North America, or
2) stories written by fellow Resisters or other K/7 writers,

include in the subject line: "SPOILERS: " in bold letters, also stating what it is being spoiled.

example: "SPOILERS: VOY episode, "In the Flesh." "

With that, Resisters with this advanced information must include spoiler space of approximately 20 lines. You can be creative with that space, but you must indicate that it is spoiler space. This is for the consideration of those who have no interest in reading the information as it might ruin their enjoyment of an episode or story (and no one likes a frustrated drone).


Literature can include anything from poetry, song lyrics, short stories, to novels. There are however rules that need to be followed.

All literary posts must not exceed the standard rating of PG-13. Now, there is a debate on what exactly PG-13 entails, but as a rule, we will adhere to the following definition:

PG-13 is a rating that is defined primarily by a certain level of profanity, nudity and/or sexual situations, implied or explicit.

A literary work will garner a PG-13 rating if it contains profanity such as SH*T at least twice, and F**K at least once. If it contains such profanity more than the level permitted, it may receive an R rating, making it unsuitable for general posting. Essentially, if you follow the language allowed in any episode, you'll generally receive a PG rating.

A literary work will garner a PG-13 rating if it contains a minimal level of nudity of either gender. Rear shots in a story receive a PG-13 rating, however, any full frontal nudity will receive at least an R rating. Following standard US cinematic ratings, a humanoid male chest is PG material, while a humanoid female chest is R.

A literary work will garner a PG-13 rating if it implies sexuality with 'fade to black' scenes. Any descriptive sexual situations automatically receive a rating between R and NC-17. If only a part of a story has R or NC-17 rated material, then it is the responsibility of the author to write a PG-13 rated scene to replace it if s/he intends to post the whole story to the list. If s/he is unwilling to do so, then the whole story cannot be posted. This is for the benefit of the younger list-members who may feel left out.


To adhere to general ethics with regards to posting--and the law--you may only post an R rated or NC-17 rated story in the following manner:

You may only provide a link in your post to the rated story, giving fair warning that the story is rated R or NC-17, and that by following the link, the reader consents to read such material. By doing this, you give the potential reader the choice of reading your story, rather than automatically giving him/her the material without his/her consent. All members to the list automatically agree to this rule, and thus has given their tacit consent.

From: Annika@Federation.com
Subject: FANFIC: "Nothing But Flesh" K/7, P/T, NC-17

Hi guys,

Well, here's my latest story, "Nothing But Flesh." You can read it at:


As fair warning, this story is NC-17, so if you shouldn't be reading it, don't!



If the writer doesn't have a web address, they can ask any one of the variety of K/7 web sites, or general fanfic sites, to post their story. Ordinarily, most webmasters will do it. If not, you'll eventually find one, and once it becomes posted with its own URL, you can then refer to that link and post your message to the list. For a list of RiF member K/7 websites, please go to the "Bookmarks" section of the Member Section of the RiF list at the Onelist site. If there are K/7 sites that aren't on that list of sites, feel free to add it yourself.

Alternatively, you can post your story to the ASC newsgroup, alt.startrek.creative, and refer to the newsgroup than a website. However, the ASC also has it's own standards that should be adhered to, which is the wrlspa's responsibility.

Another newsgroup that is fitting for R/NC-17 rated material is the ASCEM: alt.startrek.erotica.moderated. It follows the same rules as the ASC, but all posts must be sent to: ascem@earthlink.net.

For the benefit of the writer, here is a list of ASC/EM FAQS to assist in the posting of a story to the newsgroup:

- http://www.cs.runet.edu/~sratliff/FAQs/

The FAQs are generally reposted to both ASC and ASCEM on a regular basis, but if you want them directly, you can ask: Stephen Ratliff, FAQ Maintainer at: sratliff@runet.edu .


For discussion and comments, a certain level of civility is necessary for efficient dialogue and transmission of information. Profanity is not something that is generally acceptable, and should only be used if deemed absolutely necessary by the individual drone's discretion. The caveat to that is, you cannot swear directly to a fellow Resister in an offensive manner.


Netiquette Dos and Don'ts (or "How to Avoid Most Flames") from: http://www.primenet.com/~vez/neti.html

1.DON'T include the entire contents of a previous posting in your reply.

DO cut mercilessly. Leave just enough to indicate what you're responding to. NEVER include mail headers except maybe the "From:" line. If you can't figure out how to delete lines in your mailer software, paraphrase or type the quoted material in.

2.DON'T reply to a point in a posting without quoting or paraphrasing what you're responding to and who said it. Reason: a dozen postings may occur between the original message and your reply. At some sites your reply may get there before the original.

3.DON'T betray confidences. It is all too easy to quote a personal letter in a posting to the entire group.

DO read the "To:" and "Cc:" lines in your message before you send it. Are you SURE you want the mail to go there?

4.)UT rely on the ability of your readers to tell the difference between serious statements and satire or sarcasm. It's hard to write funny. It's even harder to write satire.

DO remember that no one can hear your tone of voice. Use emotions (or smilies) like :-) or :^) --turn your head counterclockwise to see the smile. You can also use caps for emphasis or use net conventions for italics and underlines.

5.DON'T make a posting that says nothing but "Me, too." This is most annoying when combined with (1) or (2) above. Ditto for "I don't know."

DO remember the immortal words of Martin Farquhar Tupper (1810-1889): "Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech."


When it comes to replying, do take the time for a 'sober second thought' on whether your post is really necessary or warranted, or substantial enough to take to the list (as opposed to being sent to a single list-member). A substantial discussion on a topic is much more interesting than a bunch of oneliners by several Resisters. If you feel that what you say is beneficial for the list, but is rather short, then accumulate a number of replies into one,and thus ensure that your email will be a bit more fulfilling.


There are a variety of reprimands that can be made against any defiant Resister.

If a list-member publicly flames another, s/he will be given one warning, and one warning only to cease and decist. If s/he does not discontinue his/her action, that member will automatically be removed from the list and will be publically notified of such actions prior to. This is to ensure the orderly conduct of all list members.

A list member posting an above-rated story (R or NC-17) as a general post will automatically be removed from the list for violating the ethical and legal guidelines set out in this FAQ. No exceptions will be made as this is a serious legal matter. Ignorance will not be accepted as a legitimate reason.

A three tiered reprimand system will be enforced consisting of:

1) private warning to cease
2) public warning to cease
3) removal from the list

to the following infractions:

1) continuing an off topic thread once ordered to discontinue.
2) excessive and/or offensive profanity
3) consistent ignoring of netiquette

LIBERATION: (aka keeping perspective)

We are not the Collective ruled by the Queen. We are a liberated branch of the Collective, free from her oppression of individuality. Speak your mind, open your mind to our thoughts, and let freedom flow baby! The above rules are to ensure an orderly flow of information, comments, fanfic, and the like--related to K/7. The point is not to intimidate you. Generally, moderators will be very generous to newcomers.


If a large volume of mail is of concern to you, you may change your subscription settings to DIGEST by going to the User Center on the Onelist site, and changing it there. WARNING: By going on the digest, you must be willing to accept that SPOILER warnings will become irrelevant as you will get every message sent to the list in its entirety within the digested list email.

With respect to being on the digest, please take consideration to other list members and be very efficient with all your replies to the list. You may either reply in one 'reply digest' or you may reply to individual messages within the digest and send that one message, but the important thing is to cut and paste in a readable manner.


Now that you've read through this FAQ, you are now ready for your first assignment if you so choose to accept it. Your first mission as a Resister, new defender of the RiFt, holder of the sacred chalise of the Liberated Collective, is to introduce yourself to the list.
Well, that is all from your FAQ-drone.


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