Annika II: Keeping a Secret
By: Stefan C.

Harry walked with a spring in his walk, five weeks now. Five weeks since he and Annika had started their relationship, five weeks since, well since his sex life had gotten a badly needed shot in the arm. Now awaited the task of trying to keep the whole thing secret. Tom and B'Elanna knew of course, but he had made sure that they kept their mouths shut, threatening to make sure tom's betting-pool would be shut down permanently was a bit of an overkill, but hey, Annika wanted to keep it a secret and he had nothing against that.

He entered his quarters and called for lights, when none came a he called out again, nothing happened. Then he noticed a glint of metal and he heard a cat-like purr.

"Oho Harry!" Came Annika's voice, playful and slightly menacing.

Harry never had a chance. A flash of blue caught his eyes and before he knew it he was lying on the ground, being kissed fiercely. When the assault finally paused, he looked up into crystal blue eyes with a grin.

"Been studying upon a Klingons I see." He said and threw her of him and then jumped on her.

"Interesting." He said with a predatorial grin on his face

Annika smiled at him as he bent down to kissed her. Then spun around trapping him under her. Her hair coming loose in the 'struggle' fell down over her face, she reached one hand up and pushed it away from her face. That second was all that Harry needed, again they rolled now knocking over a potted plant and it's stand, he went for the neck, kissing and nibbling at the bare skin, much to Annika's pleasure. Then he stood up, much to Annika's dislike.

"What now?" She cried out.

"I think the bed would be a better…" He was cut of by a another kiss.

"No!" She stated as she pushed him back onto the couch. Moving it a few feet backwards knocking over a lamp. She then jumped on him. Tearing of his uniform top. 'Well another one of those gone.' He thought as he reached back to the zipper which location he knew all to well by now. Annika gave a gleeful smile and the thought of what would soon follow. Then the door rang and somebody called out, no Tom called out.

"Harry you in, there." The door rang again. "Come on I know you're in there." Annika looked down at Harry with a frown.

"Should I maim him or would you prefer to do the honor." Harry smiled and reluctantly rolled from with under Annika and walked to the door.

"What?" He said, a little to loudly, as the door opened. Tom looked his friend up and down noting his rustled hair and the absence of his uniform top. Tom also noted the grim look on Harry's face, very similar to the one B'Elanna often displayed when. 'Oho boy!' He thought and cursed himself quietly

"Harry. Pool. Semifinals. Ten minutes." Just the keywords got out. Harry face brightened somewhat, not much, but Tom knew is life was out of immediate danger. Harry's mind did recall the semifinal match settled for that night and he gave a small sigh and then slapped his forehead.

"Sorry I completely forgot. I'll be right out, just wait." He closed the door on Tom's before he could protest.

Harry walked in to find Annika sitting on the couch, not looking very happy.

"Am I to understand the there will be no copulation achieved tonight?" She stated calmly, but yet with a hint of regret. Harry sat down next to her and placed a arm around her shoulder.

"You could come with us. You know a little socializing with the crew. You and B'Elanna can talk about how much pigs me and Tom are." That made Annika smile and she kissed Harry's check.

"You're not a pig Ensign and no I will not accompany you." Harry gave a hurt look, although not surprised by Annika's response.

"I understand." He said. "You want to keep this relationship a secret and going with me tonight would be a obvious sign." She merely nodded. He kissed her and went to retrieve a fresh uniform top. He reemerged from his room he found Annika sitting by his terminal. He walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Will you be here when I return?" He asked in a loving voice. She took his hand and kissed it.

"I'd wait for you for an eternity." She replied

Harry smiled as he opened the doors again. 'How did I get so lucky?" He thought to himself. He found Tom still waiting outside leaning against the wall.

* * * * *

After Harry left Annika started thinking. She wanted to go and watch Harry compete in that irrelevant usage of time. Something about hoping that he might win, sharing that moment with him, or comfort him if he lost. Didn't matter either way she just wanted to be with him. She stood up and went to bathroom there she gathered her hair back into it's usual twist and straightened her bodysuit. Blue, somehow she thought that wasn't fitting for the evening. She walked over to Harry's wardrobe, where she always kept a spare suit, green, that would fit better, forest green with light green sleeves. Somehow fitting for poolnight. She smiled she never used to care what color her clothes were as long as they served their purpose. But Harry had changed so much in her, not only in these past weeks, but also in the three years before that. And after all that he had done so unselfishly for her, she couldn't not deny him this.

* * * * *

"So?" The pilot asked, flashing his trademark grin. Harry just grinned back. "What!" Tom shock his head and looked closer at his friend. He smiled and pointed at his face.

"You've got some, 'nanoprobes' on your check." Harry whipped his check.

"Very funny Tom. How are those bites marks healing up, by the way?" Tom raised his hands in defense.

"Alright! A truce." Harry smiled.

"Fine by me!" They stood outside Holodeck 2. Tom smiled.

"Ready kick some serious security butt?" he asked and added. "Partner?" Harry twisted his neck so it made a cracking sound. "Let's do it!" He said as the Holodeck doors opened, reveling Sandrine's and inside stood the every single person that was off duty at the moment. It was the semifinals of the Voyager Open. Engineering had already made it to the finals and now it was time for show down between security and the bridge crew.

"You are fashionably late." Stated Tuvok, who stood ready by the table chalking his cue. Neelix came up beside him wearing the yellow and black of security. "You ready to lose gentlemen." He said in his customary cheerful voice.

"Who said anything about losing." Tom replied. He grabbed a cue from the rack. "Let's dance."

Tuvok couldn't help but to raise and eyebrow.

"Dance!" Both Harry and Tom shock their heads.

"It would take to long to explain." Harry said as he chalked his cue.

"Who's is going to toss the coin?" Tom asked. Annika chose that moment to enter the holodeck and Tom called out:

"Seven! Great just the person I needed." Seven merely raised her optic-implant.

"Ensign." Tom walked up to her flipping and twentieth century coin in his hand.

"You see we need someone impartial to toss for who will break and since you are the most impartial person in the room, we thought you would perhaps." Annika grabbed the coin in midair.

"It be glad to comply Ensign." She said with a small smile on her face, something not many crewmembers had seen before.

Annika toss the coin in to the air, where it spun before she caught it back. Tom looked at Tuvok.


"Heads." Tuvok stated in his calm Vulcan voice. Annika lifted her hand and couldn't help a small smile. "Sorry Commander. Tails" She said as she showed Tuvok the coin. Neelix snapped his fingers. "Damn Vulcan luck." Tuvok looked at his partner, but decided to spare him the speech about luck being irrelevant.

"Alright I'll break." Tom said with his grin now threatening to tear his face in half. Harry made his way next to Annika.

"So what made you change your mind?" He asked. Annika smiled.

"I wanted to see you win." She was half-way to kissing him when she stopped.

Harry also withdrew. "Ah yes that!" He said through his teeth. Annika nodded. "Good luck."

The sound of Tom breaking was the next thing they heard and then thunderous applause, as the first ball of the night went into it's pocket. The battle was fierce the first team to win five sets won the match. After eight matches they were tied. Tom's talents and Tuvok's logic and precision, being the driving forces. But it all came down to Harry, calling the final eight-ball. Annika found that she was chewing her nails as Harry set up for the shot, well she and everybody else on the holodeck. Tom was so tense that he couldn't even cough up a smart-ass remark.

Harry on the other hand seemed extremely calm. "Eight-ball corner pocket." He said in a calm voice. The cue slided through his fingers, his focus on the last remaining ball on the table. He let go, the cue hitting the white-ball, sending it spinning towards the black one, hitting it, there by sending it rolling, bouncing of the left bank, hurtling towards the corner pocket, it seemed like the room held it's collective breath as the ball rolled. It went in and the room broke into a thunderous applause. Annika loosing herself in the moment ran towards Harry wrapping her arms around him, kissing him lightly on the lips before realizing her rather embarsing slip. She quickly let go of Harry.

"I apologize Ensign, it must have been my humanity reaserting itself." Harry quickly followed suit.

"It's quite alright 'Seven'" He said in as calm a voice as he could manage. Thank good not to many people had witnessed the scene. Most people were to busy settling bets, but a few eyes where on them, enough eyes to start a nasty rumor. Harry was broken out of his thoughts by a slap on the back by Tom.

"We did it buddy?" Tom had noticed the exchange between Harry and Annika and chose to torture Harry about it later. Tuvok and Neelix came up to them both offering a hand.

"You won this time Paris, but I assure next time you will not be as lucky?" Tom smiled as he took Tuvok's hand.

"I thought you said there was no such thing as luck Tuvok." This made Neelix brake into a smile, the loose a fading memory.

When Harry was done shacking hands he started looking out for Annika. He found her waiting for him in a darkened stall of the bar and moments after found him self being pulled into it. Once inside the only words to escape his mouth before Annika claimed it where:

"We've got to be more car…" Nothing more ever got out. When they finally broke apart. Annika whispered. "Let's go." Harry repeated. "Go!" Annika looked into his brown eyes and repeated. "GO!" Harry gave a wicked smile. "Fine by me. You go first I'll follow." He kissed her one last time before she left the stall. Shortly after he followed. Only being to be stopped by Tom.

"You leaving?" He asked with a grin.

"Yeah!" Harry said. "A problem in Astrometrics." Tom merely noted.

"Realigning your sensors?" That earned him a look.

"Very funny Tom, but don't get me started on your trips to 'engineering'." Tom held his hands up in defeat.

"Alright you may pass." Harry smiled at his friend.

"And Tom, try getting everybody 'real' drunk tonight okay." Tom winked at his friend and walked back to the bar.

'Hopefully no one will remember in the morning' Harry thought to himself as he made his way back to his quarters.

He enter his quarters to find them a little better lit then the last time and to be greeted by Annika, wearing only a robe, the one she had replicated that morning five weeks ago, holding two glasses and what appeared to be a bottle of champagne.

"We celebrating?" He asked as he took of his uniform top and sat down on the couch, but not before he had raised the lamp, which had not been moved back since earlier. She handed him a glass.

"You won did you not." He took the glass offered to him.

"Well yes, but that's not enough reason for this." He raised his class to his lips. Annika sat down next to him and sipped her glass.

"Well no. But there are other reason." Harry raised an eyebrow.

"Like what?" Annika smiled over the brim of her glass.

"Today there are exactly three years, since I struck you at the base of your scull in my attempt to contact the collective." Harry couldn't help but to smile.

"In other words: Three years since we first met?" He said almost laughing.

"You could say that yes." They both took another sip.

"More in the present. How many do you think saw our little display of hormones earlier this evening?" Harry asked, a tiny hint of seriousness in the tone of his voice.

"Not many, but enough to start a rather lively rumor, that will range from us dating to us hanging from the ceiling wearing black leather." Annika replied with a grin. Harry laughed.

"You hand around B'Elanna far to much. So all in all it will be nothing we haven't heard before." He stated.

"No nothing new on the western front." She answered. Harry grinned. "That's it!" He said and took the glass from her and placed it on the table. "You've had enough."

"But Harry!" She said with a mock whine in her voice.

"Not buts." He said as he bent down and kissed her. He then stood up and carried her to the bedroom.

"No offence, but I don't want to break anything else today." He said with a smile.

"Tomorrow then?" Was her reply.

"Tomorrow!" He stated as he kissed her again.

End Annika II: Keeping a Secret.

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