Time To Say Goodbye
By Stefan C. cilia@mmedia.is

They had done it, they where home, but now it was time to say goodbye. They had found living relatives of Seven and now it was time to say good-bye.

Seven of Nine, now Annika Hansen thanks to some rather suspicious alterations to the database of the Voyager computer and Ensign Harry Kim stood together at an airlock on Deep Space Nine.

"So this is it?" Harry said as he took her hands.

"Yes it is," Annika looked into his, "Ensign is something wrong?"

"Seven it has been six years at least you could call me Harry this once." He gave her a small smile.

She raised the optics implant.

"Alright, Harry. What is bothering you, I've known your for two years and I can see that something is wrong."

"Well it is just…"

"Just what?"

"Seven you know I care for you."


"and that I wish…"

"Wish what?"

"That I could go with you, be with you."

"You wish to be with me when I meet my relatives."

"No I want to be with you, forever."


"Yes I love you?"

"Last call for shuttle to Alpha Centauri." Rang over the COMM.

"Harry I got to go." Then she ran into the shuttle and left Harry standing looking after her.

When Seven was in the shuttle and it was leaving the station she realized something, she loved Harry, had for a long-time, his smile, the feel of his touch, they had often brushed hands, she remembered a kiss on her forehead and the time he had held her while she cried, how he made her smile. She hit her combadge.

"Seven of Nine to Voyager."

"Tuvok here, what can I to for you Seven."

"Commander, can you beam me to Ensign's Kim's location."

"May I ask why?"

"Because I love him." Tuvok needed nothing more then to hear that, he had know for a long time that they loved each other. It was a shocked elderly lady that was a quite shocked when she saw Seven of Nine disappear out of her seat.

Harry stared out into the space and watch the wormhole open, he had heard that I should make a wish then it opened, he could thing of only one thing. Then Seven stood next to him.

"Seven, but how, why?"

"Harry shut up and kiss me!" Harry was happy to reply.

The Doctor smiled as he walked by and saw them, he hoped that he would one day be that happy.

"You're the doctor from Voyager right." He heart a female voice from behind him.

"Yes and you are."

"Ezri Dax."

"Pleased to meet you."

"I know this will sound a bit odd, but would you mind joining me for dinner, I would love to hear about some of the thing you and the rest of the crew have been through."

"I would love to." HE said with a smile.


"Lead the way…" She took his hand and they disappeared into the crowd.

From above the promenade Tom Paris and B'Elanna Paris smiled.


The End.