'What do you need the rest of us for'

By Stefan C. cilia@mmedia.is

"What do you need the rest of us for." Those word rang over and over again
in her mind, it had been months since he had spoken them. She had been
afraid to say what she really felt, then she didn't need any of them, just
him. He had changed in those months passed since then. He had matured, found
his heart, his courage, in her eyes he was perfect and had always been
"NO!" Seven of Nine said out loud. "He is not perfect, he is human, he is
weak, he spends his time in unproductive activities." Like playing the
clarinet, her mind added. Those wonderful sounds she had heard over the com
when they where traveling through the 'void'. So sad, but soothing. With
that thought Seven of Nine stepped out of her alcove and headed for Ensign's
Kim's quarters, she longed to hear those sounds again. When she arrived at
his door, she heard music come from within. She waited until the music
stopped then she rang the door.

Harry sat and played his clarinet, he was playing a song he had written
about Seven, for Seven, though he knew she would never listen to it, not
without being ordered by the Captain or being tied to a chair. When he
finished the door rang. He stood up and answered the door.

When the door opened Seven was faced with Harry holding is clarinet and
wearing his 'off-duty' clothes.

When the door opened Harry was faced the Seven, standing there with a far
away look in her eyes he had only seen once before, in the eyes of Libby at
that moment he knew.

Seven was the first to speak.
"Ens… Harry." She felt his eyes on her and it made her feel nervous, she had
never felt nervous about his looks before. "May I come in?"

"Seven, yeah sure enter." Harry felt more sure about himself now then ever

After offering Seven something to drink, Harry sat down next to her.

"So Seven what brings you here."

"Well, when we where crossing the 'void' I heard something on the com, you
playing on your clarinet and I have come here to ask you something of you."
She stopped for a few heartbeats. "Play for me."

"Anything for you." Harry said, standing up and picking up his clarinet.
"I'm going to play something I just finished, you will be the first to hear

The sweetest melody filled the room, rising and falling, sometimes low and
sad and sometimes flying high, joyful and energetic. When the song ended,
Seven only stared at Harry, he had played with such passion, it scared her.

He placed the clarinet on it's stand and sat down next to Seven

"So what do you think." He said.

Like waking up from a dream Seven looked at him.

"That was beautiful, who did you write it for?"

"The woman I love." Was his reply.

"Your fiancÚ back on Earth?" Seven could not imagine Harry writing something
so beautiful about her, after all she had done to him.

"No, I wrote it for you Seven, you are the woman I love." Harry was
surprised how easily that had come out.

Then for a long time, brown eyes stared into blue ones. Then Seven spoke.

"You love me" It was both a question and a statement.

"Yes, I love you Seven of Nine." It felt good to say it.

Seven closed the short distance between them and said simply.

"Hold me."

So that what was Harry did and for the entire night the just sat and held
each other, trying to figure out where to go from here.

~~The End~~