What Could Have Been Part One

By Scott Dent


All characters, ships, star bases, quadrants, ect Ö are property of Paramount. This story takes place during Voyagerís fifth season, after the episode "Warhead" but before "Equinox".


Stardate 52880.2

November 17, 2375

"Captain, we have entered into Federation space," said Tuvok.

"Attention all hands, weíve made it, our journey is finally over, we have finally crossed into Federation territory," said Janeway as the bridge erupted in celebration. She then tapped the communication console beside her. " Engineering,"

"Torres here Captain," said Torres.

"What is the status of the Slipstream drive?" asked Janeway.

"Everything is running fine, though we might want to disengage the drive before we overshoot the Federation all together," said Torres.

"Ok, Ensign Kim, when you are ready please take us back into normal space," said Janeway.

"Affirmative Captain," said Ensign Kim as he started entering the controls to shut down the drive.

As Harry was turning off the drive he noticed a minor variance in the deflector geometry, that is when all hell started breaking loose. The ship shook hard from port to starboard as the red alert klaxons automatically came on. Most of the bridge crew are thrown to the ground. After a couple of seconds of sheer terror the shipís internal dampeners come back to full strength and the crew scurried back to there stations.

"What the hell just happened" said Janeway as she stands up and walks back to her chair.

"It appears that there was a surge in the deflector grid as Voyager dropped from," said Ensign Kim.

"Tuvok, damage report," said Janeway.

"There are reports of minor injuries throughout the ship plus Ö" Tuvok stopped to recheck the readout.

"What Tuvok?" said Janeway.

"Engineering is reporting one missing crewmen, Seven of Nine," said Tuvok.

"Computer, locate Seven of Nine?" said Harry hoping that she was somewhere on the ship.

"Seven of Nine is not currently onboard," said the computer.

"What, that canít be right, computer when did she leave the ship?" asked Janeway.

"Seven of Nine left the ship at 19:30:42 today," said the computer.

"That was the same time as the surge in the deflector grid," said Harry.

"Harry, run a level one diagnostic on the internal sensors," said Janeway.

"Astrometrics," said Janeway.

"Lt. Delany here Captain," said Megan Delany.

"Where in the federation are we?" asked Janeway.

"According to the computer we are near the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone," said Megan Delany.

"How far to the nearest Federation starbase?" asked Janeway.

"Well Starbase 31 is about 3 hours at maximum warp," said Megan.

"Ok, Tom plot a course to Starbase 31 at maximum warp, Tuvok, send a message to Starbase 31 and alert them of our arrival, Harry how is that diagnostic going?" said Janeway.

"Badly, the sensors check out, Seven is just not here," said Harry.

"Captain, engineering reports that the warp drive is going to take a couple hours to repair," said Paris

"Ok then, best possible speed to Starbase 31," said Janeway,"

"Captain, what should we do about Seven, we have to find her," said Harry.

"Yes, we do, Harry, Iím relieving you of all other duties indefinitely, I want you to concentrate on finding Seven," said Janeway.

"Thank you Captain," said Harry.


Chapter One

Stardate 77626.2

August 17, 2400

It was a quite night at Outpost 38. There had been practically no activity in the entire sector for almost a quarter of a century. Sure there were the occasional smugglers but nothing of much interest. The Federation Outpost 38 was located on the border of what used to be the Federation/Romulan neutral zone but after the great Domion War was resolved nearly twenty five years prior this sector became practically deserted and the neutral zone was dissolved. But with all the new space to explore and claim in the Gamma Quadrant why would anybody want to live in a old run down outpost in the middle of nowhere. Well none of the Federation personal stationed there were there by choice. More or less Outpost 38 was basically a dumping ground for those Starfleet officers that were out of there prime.

That night in particular was basically the same as every other night. You could hear the rain pouncing against the outer layer of the outpost and the thunder crackle just outside the protective environment. Most of the outpostís personnel were already asleep but one, Commander Harry Kim. He just laid there motionless in his bed, reminiscing about the good times he had in his youth. After what seemed like hours of just laying there he got out of bed and slowly walked over and picked up an old picture from his desk. Almost instantly he started to cry. The picture was of Seven and himself almost twenty years prior. Harry had been helping Seven with her social skills in Sanderines and the Doctor had decided to capture the moment on his holo-recorder. After Doc snapped the first couple pictures he somehow convinced Seven to smile for the picture and she did. That was the perfect picture. But those times were long gone. Mere months after the picture was taken, Seven vanished during the final slipstream fight that had brought the Federation Starship Voyager back to the Alpha Quadrant. Eventually it was assumed that at the exact moment the Quantum Slipstream drive had been shut down, Seven was in direct contact with the drive. There were no remains at all. Not even any residue, she simply was not there. Harry was devastated. He spent years searching through sub-space for her, never believing that she was gone. But after twelve years of searching every possibility he could think of he started to tire and he had used up every bit of leave he had. So he requested that he be posted at Outpost 38. Harry figured that by being posted there he would have plenty of time to continue the search plus itís closeness to Voyagerís exit point from the Slipstream. But life finally caught up with him and he started spending less and less time each day searching the vastness of sub-space until he stopped completely. It had been over thirteen years since he basically gave up searching for Seven and Harry still felt guilty. He felt that he should not have given up so easy.


Chapter Two

After spending several sleepless hours lying in his bed Harry decided to get started a bit early. Once he got dressed he decided to check in with Ops to see if anything interesting had happoned that night.

"Kim to Operations," said Harry.

"Operations here," said a familiar female voice.

"What the heck, it canít be," said Harry to himself as he started walking from his quarters to Ops. "Operations, please identify yourself."

"Lieutenant Delany sir," said Megan.

Just then Harry walked into Ops and looked at the officer at the command station.

"Megan, what are you doing here?" asked Harry.

"I got here last night, I was transferred here from the Phoenix, sir."

"Is your sister here to?" asked Harry?

"No, she is still on the Phoenix," said Megan.

"Arenít they starting a deep space mission?" asked Harry.

"Yes and they will not be back for several months?" said Megan.

"Well anyway it is good to have you here," said Harry. "So did anything interesting happen last night?"

"Well lets see," said Megan as she looked down at the station. "The Phoenix transferred several crewmen and supplies before she departed at 03:00 hours,"

"Who were the other crewmen," asked Harry.

"Ensign Palmers, Lieutenant Saxton, and Ensign Morris," said Megan.

"Ok, what else happoned?" asked Harry.

"At 03:30 a power fluctuation was detected from Starbase 31 and a EPS conduit in section 4 malfunctioned at 04:00, and," said Megan.

"That starbase has been abandoned for years, I didnít know it even had any power left in it." Said Harry, "Megan, run full scan of Starbase 31,"

"Just one second Commander, the short-range sensors are off-line," said Megan.

"Commander Kim to Chief Aster," said Harry.

"Aster here, what is the problem?" said Aster.

"The short-range sensors are off-line." Said Harry.

"Oh, yea, they are off-line until the EPS conduit in section 4 is fixed," said Aster.

"How long will that be?" asked Harry.

"Iím going to have to replicate a new one, probably a day at the most." Said Aster.

"Ok, get on it." Said Harry.

"Yes sir," said Aster.

"Harry out," said Harry.

"Well it looks like well just have to do this the old fashioned way," said Harry, "We will take a shuttle over to Starbase 31 and investigate the power flux, Megan, I know you havenít been here that long but do you want to come along?"

"Sure, Iíd love to go, I mean Yes, sir," said Megan. "Wasnít that the Starbase that Voyager wound up at when we made it back to the Alpha Quadrant?"

"Yes, yes it was," said Harry as he remembered once more what had happoned so many years before.



Chapter Three

Stardate 52882.5

November 18, 2375

USS Voyager arriving at Starbase 31

After several hours of work Torres finally got the warp drive back online. The slipstream drive suffered major damage and would take much longer to repair plus new Benomite crystals would have to be synthesized for the drive to be of use again. The other problem was Seven. Harry organized a search party and personally searched the entire ship to no avail.

"Captain, we are arriving at Starbase 31," said Tuvok. "They are requesting our status and if we need any assistance."

"On screen," said Janeway.

"Ah, Captain Janeway, I am Admiral Johnson, commander of Starbase 31, we just cleared Docking Bay One for immediate docking." Said Admiral Johnson.

"Thank you Admiral, thought I think we need to talk in person before any of my crew board the station," said Janeway.

"Understood, I await meeting you in my ready room," said Admiral Johnson.

"Iíll be there within the hour sir," said Janeway. " Janeway out." Then Janeway walked over to the center of the bridge and tapped the communications panel on her chair.

"Everyone listen up, we have arrived at Starbase 31, but until I talk to the commander of the station and Starfleet command, no one is to leave the ship. I will make a announcement as soon as I am done talking with Starfleet, primarily about the legal status of our Maquis crewmembers and Ensign Paris." Said Janeway as she switched the Comm. channel from ship wide to individual. "Harry, what have you come up with?"

"Well the physical search came up with nothing so she is definitely not on board, and from the looks of the security camera in Engineering, Seven disappeared right after the surge in the deflector dish." Said Harry.

"Do you have any idea where she might have wound up?" asked Janeway.

"I think that she might have been pulled into a, well what I can only classify as a Slipstream pocket." Said Harry.

"A Slipstream pocket?" asked Janeway.

"Well we really donít know much about them but they seem to be similar to Subspace pockets in the fact that they exist out of space time, but due to the difference between Subspace and Slipstream, the pocket would operate under a different law of physics." Said Harry.

"Keep on it, and use what ever resources you need to help you in your search," said Janeway.

"Yes, sir," said Harry.



Chapter Four

Stardate 77626.5

August 17, 2400

Outpost 38 Landing Pad One

"Commander, we have been cleared by Ops for immediate take off," said Megan.

"Take her out Lieutenant," said Harry.

"Donít you think we should request that a starship be sent to investigate Starbase 31 rather than a old, Danube class runabout?" asked Megan. "It could be a new Romulan threat,"

"Well for one, the only starship in the area is the Phoenix and Starbase 31 is in the opposite direction, second the Romulans wouldnít break the peace treaty with the Federation." Said Harry, "itís probably is just a random power flux,"

"We have cleared the planets atmosphere sir," said Megan.

"Plot a course to Starbase 31, Warp 6, and let me know when we are within scanning range of Starbase 31." Said Harry as he got up and walked back to the bunk.

"What are you doing, sir?" asked Megan.

"Itís a four hour trip to Starbase 31 at warp 6, Iím going to go back to sleep." Said Harry

"Affirmative, Harry." Said Megan.

Harry quickly laid down on the bunk and started to think of Seven again. Then he started to remember there last day together.



Chapter Five

Stardate 52877.9

November 16, 2375

Five Hours Prior to Voyagers return to the Alpha Quadrant

Entrance to Holodeck Two

"Tom, I told you no already, this is going to be a just Seven and I," said Harry, " Do you know how long it has taken to get her to agree to run this simulation with me?"

"Fine, but remember, you still owe me for letting you use my Ktarian Moon Rise program," said Tom.

"Ok, whatever," said Harry, "now will you please leave, she will be here any minute and I still have to get everything set up."

"Donít do anything I wouldnít do," said Tom as he walked off down the corridor with a huge grin on his face.

Harry then walked over to the entrance to Holodeck Two and tapped the computer console.

"Computer activate program Paris alpha 4," said Harry.

"Program complete, enter when ready." Said the computer.

As Harry entered the holodeck he pulled a tricorder off of his belt and activated a program. He then walked over to a large tree and set it down.

"That should take care of Tom," thought Harry as he heard the holodeck doors open and then close. He then turned around to see Seven.

"Ah, EnsigÖ I mean Harry," said Seven.

"Hi Seven, you look stunning." Said Harry as he stared at Seven. Seven was wearing a simple white summer dress with leather sandals.

"Just one thing though," said Harry as he reached behind Sevenís head and pulled the pin out of her hair.

"So I take it you want me to wear my hair down today." Said Seven as she pulled her hair out of its bun and down to her shoulders.

"That should do it," said Harry as he led Seven over to a grassy hill near the large tree.

"Why is there a active tricorder by that tree?" asked Seven.

"Oh, thatís just to keep Tom from taking a peek inside the holodeck," said Harry as he and Seven sat on the ground and laid on there backs next to each other.

"Why would it matter if Ensign Paris or anyone else for that matter watched us while we were on the holodeck?" asked Seven.

"Youíll see," said Harry as he reached over and took her hand into his, "Youíll see," They then stared into each others eyes and laid there motionless for quite a while. After a couple minutes they both fell asleep.

Meanwhile In Astrometrics

"There seems to be a dampening field in place, the sensors can not penetrate the holodeck," said Tom.

"Let me try to access it through my holo-matrix," said The Doctor as his image seemed to fade for a moment. "Well he was through, I canít even get through,"

"Damn!" said Tom. "I wanted to see how my little buddy was doing."

"And I wanted to check on Sevenís social development rate," said The Doctor.

Then each nodded in an unspoken agreement that this little attempt at privacy invasion would be there secret.

Back In Holodeck Two

Several Hours Later

Harry awoke to find himself on his side, laying behind Seven with his hand wrapped around her waist while Sevenís hands were over his own. Harry tried to extract his arm from underneath her but Sevenís hand held onto his own with incredible strength. He then stopped moving and just laid there taking advantage of the moment. Seven then started to stir and then her eyes opened.

"Harry, what happoned? And why are youíre arms wrapped around my waist?" asked Seven while still quite content as to the position she was in.

"Well my guess is that while watching the moon-rise we fell asleep and unconsciously we, well um, cuddled to keep each other warm." Said Harry.

"That is understandable and acceptable," said Seven as a little grin appeared on her face.

They continued to lay there for what seemed like an eternity until they heard a beep on Harryís communicator.

"Janeway to Ensign Kim," said Janeway.

"Oh crap," said Harry before he took his communicator out of his pocket and tapped it. "Yes Captain?"

"Ensign Kim, Nelix is requesting your help planning a Welcome Back To The Alpha Quadrant party," said Janeway.

"Please tell him that I am preoccupied and that he will have to find someone else," said Harry as he tapped his communicator (now wishing he hadnít programmed in to the holodeck that only the Captain could get a message through) meanwhile Seven released her grip on his hands and stood up.

"Wait, Seven," said Harry. "Donít leave just yet,"

"The ship will be coming out of Slipstream 48 minutes and 22 seconds, I need to be in engineering monitoring the drive," said Seven as she started to exit the holodeck.

"Well anyway, thanks for coming, Mabey we could do it again sometime?" asked Harry.

"That would be acceptable, now if you will excuse me," said Seven as she gave Harry a kiss on the cheek as she left the holodeck.

"Have a good day Seven," said Harry as Seven exited the holo-deck. He then walked over and picked up and turned off the tricorder. "Computer end program."


Chapter Six

Stardate 77626.8

August 17, 2400

Onboard Runabout

Arriving at Starbase 31


"Commander, wake up," said Lieutenant Megan Delany.

"Commander, wake up," said Lieutenant Megan Delany.

After several minutes of this Harry finally started to wake up.

"Commander we are within sensor range of Starbase 31," said Megan.

"Ok, I will be right there," said Harry as he got out of the bunk and walked towards the cockpit.

As he entered the cockpit he noticed that Lieutenant Delany was reading a old fashioned paperback book.

"What are you reading Lieutenant?" asked Harry.

"Itís a book from the 20th century called Steamy Sunrise," said Megan.

"Ah, a romance novel, Tom told me that BíElanna was practically addicted to them," said Harry. "Have you run a scan on the Starbase yet?"

"No, sir I havenít" said Megan.

"Well please do Lieutenant," said Harry as he sat down in the co-pilot chair.

"Commander, I am reading power fluctuations coming from the Starbase," said Megan.

"Can you localize the power fluctuation?" asked Harry.

"They appear to be emanating from Deck Four ot; ion 12 of the Starbase," said Megan. "Thatís all I can tell from these sensors."

"So it looks like we are going to have to beam over there and investigate," said Harry," How long until we are within transporter range?"

"Two minutes," said Megan.

"Ok, once inside we will beam into Section 11 and make our way to Section 12," said Harry" That station has been offline for quite a while so we will need to bring portable power supplies for the doors and consoles."

"We are within range," said Megan.

"Ok, phasers set to stun," said Harry as he and Megan walked over to the transporter. "Computer, two to beam over to Deck Four Section 11,"


Chapter Seven Starbase 31 Deck Four Section 11

As Harry and Megan materialized onto the station a piece of pad fell off a table and hit the ground startling Megan.

"AH, this is creepy," said Megan.

"Its just your imagination," said Harry as he takes out and flips open his tricorder. Then after a couple seconds of fiddling the light came on.

"According to the tricorder, the power flux is this way," said Harry as he started walking down the corridor with Megan right behind him.

"So why did Starfleet shutdown this Starbase?" asked Megan.

"Well a couple years after Voyager made it back to the Alpha Quadrant it was shutdown due to lack of need," said Harry.

"They certainly left a lot of stuff behind," said Megan.

"I guess Starfleet considered the technology onboard to be not that important." Said Harry, " Ah, here we are, Section 12,"

As Harry and Megan approached the door to Section 12 Harry noticed that the door was offline.

"Meg, please hand me that portable power supply," said Harry as Meg tossed it to him.

"Good catch," said Megan.

After a several attempts the door opened and revealed a hum in the background coming from the back of the room. All throughout the room was technology, strewn from wall to wall.

"Wow, itís a science department." Said Megan "Wait a minute isnít that a holo-emitter over there?"

"Oh my, this is all of the equipment Voyager transferred over to Starbase 31 when it arrived." Said Harry "I would recognize that holo-emitter anywhere. See, right there, it still has a Hirogen power supply in it from when Voyager was captured and turned into a flying holodeck, and over there are the Borg data nodes that we salvaged from that Borg probe."

"But why was it all transferred here?" asked Megan.

"If I remember correctly Starfleet wanted to study all the modifications made to Voyager over the years," said Harry.

"So where is the power flux coming from?" asked Megan.

Harry then whipped out his tricorder and began scanning. "Whatever it is, it seems to be behind this wall, wait a minute, the wall is a holo-gram." Said Harry. Then Harry started trying to disable the holo-gram with his tricorder. After several minutes of trying to disable it with his tricorder Harry become frustrated. "I canít get access to the holo-matrix, the controls were encrypted in a algorithm I have never seen before, whoever set this up did not want anyone to see what was behind this wall."

"Iíll turn it off," said Megan as she took out her phaser and fired at the emitter which was next to the wall. It quickly vanished and a large room was revealed that was about the size of one of Voyagers cargo bays. In the center of the room was a large device and several smaller ones that made Harryís mouth drop wide open.

"What is that?" asked Megan.

"Itís the Slipstream Drive from Voyager, or a very close duplicate." Said Harry.

"But what is it doing, hidden on this abandon starbase?" asked Megan.

"Starfleet must of decided that Slipstream technology was too dangerous to be let out," said Harry "They might have been afraid that it could have gotten in the hands of the Dominion."

"So they hid all evidence of the drive in an abandoned Starbase and forgot about it," said Megan. "Why didnít they just destroy it?"

"One day Slipstream could be introduced, when it was safe," said Harry.

"But its been twenty five years since the Dominion War ended," said Megan.

"Mabey it was forgotten about, buried in some classified file that only a select few have access to." Said Harry.

"There has to be some documentation here somewhere," said Megan " Over there."

Megan walked over to a pile of data pad and picked up one and began to read.

"Stardate 53457.9, After several attempts Lieutenant Bevarious and Lieutenant Matheson were recovered from the Slipstream pocket with the use of the modified transpace transporter. Lieutenant Commander Jamison on the other hand was not able to be located and retrieved. We believe that for the first 24 hours a person stuck in one of these pockets has a constant position or address that can be found and then retrieved through use of the modified transpace transporter, but after 24 hours that persons position changes infinitely and that person is lost." Read Megan.

"Stardate 5824.9, After several additional tests it is the conclusion of Starfleet Intelligence that until such time as The Slipstream drive can be altered so that crewman are not transported into a Slipstream pocket upon disengagement of the drive, the drive and all research will be deemed classified and all current research into the subject is to be terminated immediately." Read Harry as he started to cry.

"Whatís wrong Harry?" asked Megan.

"Seven, with this information I could of saved her, but those damn bastards at Starfleet Intelligence classified the material," sobbed Harry.

"So is the drive causing the power flux?" asked Megan as Harry wiped the tears from his face and walked over to the drive.

"It looks like the drive was left online and there was a force field around it to prevent its energy from being detected, but the field collapsed recently." Said Harry as he started to put it all together. "and when it did, a power flux was detected on Outpost 38."

"So whatís stopping us from using the modified transpace transporter and getting Seven back?" asked Megan.

"Well for one thing we would need to be at the exact location that Voyager exited the Slipstream conduit, which wouldnít be that difficult," said Harry, " the problem is that after 24 hours Sevenís position in the pocket started to change infinitely and its been a little more than 24 hours since then. It would be practically impossible!"

"To bad we canít just go back in time andÖ" said Megan but before she could finish Harry tripped over an EPS conduit and fell onto the drive.



Chapter Eight

"Ouch, that hurt Megan," said Harry "Megan, are you there? Why is it so dark? One of the portable power supplies must have gone offline."

"That is not what happened," replied a voice Harry hadnít heard for close to twenty-five years.

"Seven, is that you?" asked Harry.

"Affirmative Ensign," said Seven. "I mean Commander."

"How long have you been here?" asked Harry.

"Approximately six months, seven days, but it appears that time is not flowing at the same rate as in normal space time." Said Seven.

"It has to do with the alternating laws of Slipstream Physics. It has been over twenty-five years since I last saw you." Said Harry.

"How do you plan on getting both of us out of this?" asked Seven.

"I donít know, the last thing I remember is tripping over a EPS conduit on Starbase 31 and falling onto the Slipstream drive which means," said Harry as he tapped his communicator.

"Kim to Lieutenant Delany," said Harry.

"Delany here sir, where are you?" said Megan.

"I am here in the Slipstream pocket, Seven is with me." Said Harry.

"Thatís amazing," said Megan.

"Megan, have you foundngle modified transpace transporter yet?í asked Harry.

"Yes, I found it several hours ago," said Megan.

"Hours, but Iíve only been in here for a couple minutes," said Harry.

"Time runs slower in the pocket than in normal space time," said Seven.

"How much time do I have until my coordinates become randomized?" asked Harry.

"Only a couple minutes sir," said Megan.

"Can you get a lock on Seven as well?" asked Harry.

"Iím barely getting a lock on you, Iíve got to get you out now," said Megan.

"Do it Megan," said Harry as he grabs Seven by the waist and pulls her to him, "Youíre coming with me,"

As they began to dematerialize Seven said three words "I love you."

"I love you too Seven," said Harry as they materialized on the transporter pad.

"That was close sir, another couple of seconds and you would have been stuck there permanently," said Megan as Harry and Seven step down off the transporter pad.

"Commander, how did you know that by grabbing on to me, I would be transported along with you?" asked Seven.

"I didnít, lucky guess," said Harry. "I donít think I could stand to loose you again."

"The feeling is mutual, Harry," said Seven.

"Lets get back to the runabout," said Harry ,"We both need to go to the base medic once we get back to Outpost 38." Harry then tapped his communicator and said," Computer, three to beam up."



Chapter Nine Onboard Runabout

"Ok, lets get back to Outpost 38," said Harry "Computer, initiate auto-pilot to Outpost 38, warp 7."

"Well if I donít have to fly this crate then I can go lay down and read," said Megan as she walked over to one of the bunks and laid down.

"Oh sure," said Harry as he focused all his attention on Seven.

"So what was it like being in a Slipstream Pocket for six months?" asked Harry.

"At first it was acceptable, but then the silence began to overwhelmed me," said Seven.

"Iím just glad to have you back Seven," said Harry. Then Seven reached over and took his hand into her own.

"And I am glad not to be alone again," said Seven.

"Just be glad you didnít have to spend it with the doctor like you did last time," said Harry.

"That would have been most unpleasant, I mean horrible," said Seven as she let out a giggle.

"Seven, that sounded very, human, Iím proud," said Harry.

"With as much time to myself as I had, working on my humanity became productive," said Seven.

"Thatís not all you did, is it?" asked Harry.

"I also spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to modify one of my bionetic implants to emit an inverse to the Slipstream pocket that would collapse the pocket," said Seven.

"How far did you getÖ" said Harry but before he could finish Seven collapsed to the floor. "Seven, what wrong?"

"It seems that after six months without regenerationÖ" said Seven as she fell unconscious. Harry then ran over to the counter and grabbed a medical tricorder and began to scan Seven.

"Megan, Sevenís hurt, I need your help," said Harry loudly. Megan immediately ran from the bunk to the cockpit.

"We need to get Seven to the nearest Starfleet Medical Center," said Megan.

"Computer, change course to Starbase 18 and increase speed to maximum," said Harry. "Megan, help me get Seven into the bio-bed." After Seven got set down on the bio-bed, Harry activated the stasis chamber. "That should stop the degeneration for now."

"What happened to her?" asked Megan.

"According to the tricorder her body was going through massive withdrawals," said Harry.

"Withdrawals from what?" asked Megan.

"It appears that there was a substance in the pocket that kept Seven going without regeneration or food for that matter, but once she was removed from the pocket her body went into shock," said Harry.

"But why are we now going to Starbase 18 rather than back to Outpost 38?" asked Megan.

"Since Outpost 38 only has a small medical department, and there is someone at Starbase 18 that can help," said Harry "Computer, approximate time of arrival to Starbase 18?"

"At current speed, five hours, forty seven minutes," said the computer.

"Harry, you should get some sleep," said Megan.

"No, Iím going to stay with Seven," said Harry "Just let me know when we enter communication range of Starbase 18."

"Ok, Harry," said Megan as she walked to the cockpit and sat down at the pilots chair while Harry sat down next to Sevenís bio bed.

Harry then reached over and took Sevenís hand into his own "Seven, please pull through this, I donít think I could stand to loose you again," said Harry as he started to cry. As he started crying one of the tears fell from his eye and landed on Sevenís hand.

End of Part One.