What Could Have Been Part Two

By Scott Dent


Chapter 10

Stardate 52880.2

November 17, 2375

45 Minutes Prior To Voyagers Return To The Alpha Quadrant

Entrance To Holo-Dec 2


Harry watched as Seven walked off down the corridor on her way to Engineering.

"Wow, that was amazing," thought Harry as he walked off to his quarters. Then as if on cue, Tom walked around the corner and caught up with Harry.

"So how did it go buddy?" asked Tom.

"Arenít you on duty in Sickbay?" asked Harry as they walked into the turbolift. "Deck 9,"

"Well the doc wants to know to," said Tom, "but tell me, Iím dying to know."

"If I tell you then you will tell BíElanna, and she will tell someone else and after a couple days everyone will know," said Harry.

"Fine, fine, fine, but you still owe me for that holo program," said Tom.

"Whatever," said Harry as he walked of the turbolift towards his quarters. After entering he sat down on his bed he reached over to his nightstand and picked up a picture of himself and Seven. All of a sudden he got a nice warm and fuzzy feeling all through his body.

"Wow, I havenít felt anything like that since Tal," said Harry " at least this time I didnít illuminate."

After several minutes of just sitting aimlessly Harry was suddenly awakened from his daydreaming by the Captain.

"Janeway to Ensign Kim," said Janeway.

"Yes Captain?" asked Harry.

"Your needed at the Ops station, would you mind doing a little overtime?" Asked Janeway.

"Ok, Iíll be there in a couple minutes," said Harry.

After a quick trip to the sonic shower and a fresh uniform Harry strode onto the bridge with a smile on his face. As soon as he stepped off the turbolift almost the entire bridge crew clapped in applause, with the exception of Tuvok.

"Cute, very cute," said Harry as his face turned bright red. He then walked over to Ops.

"Ensign Kim, what is the status of the slipstream drive?" asked Chaoktey.

"According to the computer itís operating at peak efficiency, sir, " said Harry.

"How about the shield geometry, and the deflector array?" asked Chaoktey.

"Everything is running smoothly sir," said Harry.

"Just trying to keep you on your feet Ensign," said Chaoktey.

As Harry started looking over the calculations for the hyper dimensional progressions he started to daydream about Seven again.

"Harry, (pause) Harry, (pause) HARRY!" yelled Janeway.





Chapter 11

Stardate 77634.2

August 19, 2400

Arriving at Starbase 18

"Harry!" yelled Megan. "Wake up."

Harry slowly raised his head off of Sevenís stomach but still clung to her hand.

"I must have fallen asleep," said Harry.

"Weíre almost at Starbase 18, you might want to hail them though," said Megan.

"In a minute Megan," said Harry as he checked Sevenís readings. "Sheís getting weaker," thought Harry as he finally let go of Sevenís hand and started walking towards the cockpit. As he sat down in the co-pilots chair the computer announced an incoming transmission from Starbase 18.

"Starbase 18 to unidentified shuttle craft, please identify your self." Said the unidentified crewmember.

"This is Commander Harry Kim of Outpost 38, I have an medical emergency here, I need immediate transport to your sickbay," said Harry.

"Ok sir, I will tell the CMO to be ready for you, Starbase 18 out" said the crewman.

"Megan, I want you to take the shuttle and wait for docking clearance, Iím going with Seven," said Harry. "I will let you know what happens."

"Ok, Harry," said Megan as Harry walked back to Seven and tapped his combadge.

"Kim to Starbase 18, two to beam directly to sickbay," said Harry. Moments later they both dematerialized from the shuttle and then materialized in the center of the sickbay.

"Tom, get over here," said Harry.

"Harry, is that you?" asked Tom as he ran out of his office.

"Quick, Seven is dying, I need your help," said Harry.

Tom and Harry quickly lifted Seven up and put her on a bio-bed. Tom quickly began looking over the readings.

"Harry, where did you find her," said Tom as he continued to work on Seven.

"Itís a long story, How is Seven?" asked Harry.

"Well Iíve stabilized her vitals and put her back into stasis, but her implants are a different story," said Tom. "I wish Holo-Doc were here."

"Where is he then?" asked Harry.

"Heís off at another medical conference at Starfleet Medical," said Tom "But like I said I wish he was here, even with my twenty five years medical experience, he still has a lot more experience with Borg technology than I do."

"Can we get him back here in time?" asked Harry.

"Iíll send him a message," said Tom as they both walked over to Tomís office.

"Computer open communications to Starfleet Medical, priority transmission," said Tom. After several seconds an ensign appeared on the monitor.

"Starfleet Medical, Ensign Halpers here, how can I help you sir?" asked Ensign Halpers.

"We're are looking for Holo-Doc from Starbase 18," said Tom.

"Oh yea, the one with the portable emitter, Iíll transfer you to his room," said Ensign Halpers. After a couple seconds Holo-Doc appeared on the screen.

"Commander, how are you doing, it been so long since I have seen you," said Holo-Doc.

"I wish it was under better circumstances," said Harry.

"Whatís wrong?" said Holo-Doc.

"Its Seven, we found her andÖ" said Harry.

"Say no more, Iíll be there shortly, out," said Holo-Doc.

"How long will it take him to get here?" asked Harry.

"Oh, about one minute," said Tom.

"What, how is that possible?" said Harry.

"Well he can send his holo-matrix through the Comm system and transmit it as a communications signal," said Tom.

"What about his holo-emitter?" asked Harry.

"They will send it to me via the next transport," said Holo-Doc as his holo matrix initialized in the sickbay. "Lets get started on Seven." Tom, Harry, and Holo-Doc then walked over to Seven.

"What happened to her?" asked Holo-Doc.

"I found her in a Slipstream pocket and in the pocket time flowed a lot slower than in normal time, she had only experienced about six months," said Harry.

"It appears that her bionetic implants are malfunctioning," said Holo-Doc.

"Canít she just regenerate in an alcove?" asked Tom.

"Possibly," said Holo-Doc as he walked over to his office.

"Computer open a secure com link with Starfleet medical," said Holo-Doc.

After a couple seconds an ensign appeared on the monitor.

"Starfleet Medical, Ensign Halpers here, how can I help you sir?" asked Ensign Halpers.

"Please put me through to Admiral Harrison," said Holo-Doc.

"One minute sir." Said Ensign Halpers. The image then changed to that of an older man.

"Admiral Harrison," said Holo-Doc.

"Yes, doctor." Said the Admiral.

"Iím going to need a piece of technology that I sent over to Starfleet Medical about twenty five years ago," said Holo-Doc.

"Ok, what is it you need and I will get it up in the computer," said Admiral Harrison.

"I need a Borg regeneration alcove, to be precise I need the one that I sent to Starfleet medical after the return of the USS Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant." Said Holo-Doc.

"Iím sorry doctor but that device is not in my computer, therefore it doesnít exist," said Admiral Harrison.

"You canít be serious, a womanís life is at stake," said Holo-Doc.

"My hands are tied sir, Harrison out." Said Harrison as he closed the com frequency.

"How rude," said Holo-Doc as he walked back into the main sickbay.

"So what did they say doc?" asked Tom.

"Well from what I can tell, its been classified," said Holo-Doc.

"WHAT! Who the hell classified it?" said Harry.

"Admiral Harrison didnít say but I have a feeling it was Starfleet Intelligence," said Holo-Doc.

"I canít believe it, they screwed me over again," said Harry.

"Again?" said Tom.

"Starfleet Intelligence classified information that could of saved Seven over twenty years ago," said Harry.

"Doc, is there anything else we could do for her?" said Tom.

"Not really, Iíve done everything I can do for her, but without regeneration her body will continue to degrade," said Holo-Doc.

"How long does she have?" asked Harry.

"A couple days, Mabey a week at the most," said Holo-Doc.

"So there is nothing we can do for her right now?" asked Harry.

"Iíll look into some alternate treatments, but you should really get some rest Harry," said Holo-Doc.

"Ok, Tom, would you mind if I crashed in your quarters tonight?" asked Harry.

"Certainly old Buddy, Iíll be in later once my shift is over here." Said Tom.

Harry started walking out of sickbay when he remembered one very important detail.

"By the way, Where are your quarters?" asked Harry.

"Oh, they are on "C" deck section four, number two," said Tom.

"Ok, thanks again," said Harry as he took one last look at Seven before he left sickbay.

Harry walked out of sickbay and started walking down the corridor to the turbolift. He then remembered that Megan was probably still waiting with the shuttle.

"Harry to Lt. Delany," said Harry.

"Lt. Delany here, how is she Harry," replied Megan.

"Sheís stabilized for now, but the doc doesnít know how much longer she will last," said Harry.

"Ok, Iím on my way to the promenade for a drink, want to come along?" asked Megan.

"No thanks Megan, Iím on my way to Tomís quarters to crash for a while," said Harry.

"Tom is here, I didnít know that, I might have to stop in and see him," said Megan.

"Well heís in sickbay right now working on Seven, Iím sure he wouldnít mind a visit, Harry out," said Harry as he exited the turbo lift and walked over to Tomís quarters. As the doors opened Harry noticed that the lights were off, he walked inside and after several minutes he found a bed and laid down, within a couple seconds he was sound asleep.


Chapter 12

Stardate 52885.2

November, 19 2375

USS Voyager docked at Starbase 31

Science Lab 1

"Keep on it, and use whatever resources you need to help you in your search," said Janeway over the intercom.

"Yes, sir," said Harry as he walked back over to the console and started working on defining the laws of the Slipstream pocket.

After several hours of practically no progress Harry decided to take a break, as he got up he heard the captain make an announcement over the intercom.

"All senior officers and Maquis members are to report to the mess hall immediately," said Janeway.

Harry then got up and left the lab to go to the mess hall. On his way he caught up with Tom.

"So how is the search going?" asked Tom.

"Bad, very bad, I barely know anything about these Slipstream Pockets," said Harry.

"Well if anyone can find her, it would be you," said Tom as he patted Harry on the back. Moments later they entered the mess hall along with the rest of the senior staff and the Maquis. After a couple more minutes Janeway entered the mess hall and began to speak.

"I just finished talking with Starfleet Command and I have some news to report," said Janeway. "As of star date 5823.1, all Maquis crewmembers currently onboard Uss Voyager have been cleared of all charges have been given there current rank." Then the room erupted in cheers and applause, well except for Harry and Tom that is. Janeway then walked over to the two of them

"I need to talk to the two of you, in my ready room, right now, Iíll be up there shortly." Said Janeway.

"Yes Captain," replied both Harry and Tom. Then the two immediately left the mess hall and started onto the captainís ready room. Once they got into the turbolift Tom started pacing.

"Stop that Tom, you have nothing to worry about," said Harry.

"Nothing to worry about! Six years ago I was a convict, I canít go back to life in a penal facility," said Tom.

"Tom, its ok, I really doubt that Starfleet would send you back to New Zealand after so many years of outstanding service," said Harry "anyway, Iím certain Janeway would have put in a good word for you."

The turbolift door opened to reveal the bridge. Tom and Harry quickly walked through there and went into the captainís ready room. After several more minutes of Tomís pacing and Harry moping around about Seven, Janeway entered the room.

"Tom, Harry, please sit down," said Janeway as she sat down at her desk.

"So what did Starfleet say about me captain?" asked Janeway.

"I did put in a accommodation for you Tom, but they were very reluctant to let you off the hook, so I told them that you were in training with the EMH to become a doctor." Said Janeway.

"Phew, thatís not that bad," said Tom " Iíd trade New Zealand for sickbay any day of the week."

"And you are now required to study under the EMH for the next five years," said Janeway.

"Five years!" said Tom, " Mabey I should opt for New Zealand."

"Tom," said Janeway.

"Iím kidding," said Tom "Iíll take it." Harry and Tom then stood up and started walking towards the door when Janeway stood up.

"Harry, Iím not finished," said Janeway.

"Oh, sorry," said Harry. "Is there a problem?"

"Its about Seven, Starfleet Intelligence is classifying all information and technology we acquired from the Borg," said Harry.

"What the hell, how am I supposed to find her without access?" asked Harry.

"Thatís why as off stardate 52885.2, under the authority of Starfleet Command, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lt. and given leave indefinitely to search for Seven. I want to know the instant you find her, no matter how long it takes." Said Janeway.




Chapter 13

Stardate 77634.2

August 19, 2400

Paris Quarters on Starbase 18

As Harry slept, his mind wandered and started dreaming about Seven. He dreamt that he was running through a grassy field with Sevenís hand in his own. After what seemed like hours of running through the field they arrived at a small lake. Without a word mentioned they quickly undressed and jumped into the lake and started swimming. They were having the time of their life until Seven suddenly stopped swimming and began to sink to the bottom of the lake. After a couple of seconds Harry noticed that Seven was not behind him anymore. He quickly dove underneath the water and saw Seven continuing to sink deeper in the lake. With on final kick he reached Sevenís position and started pulling her back up to the surface. Once he got her about half way back to the surface he her being pulled back down again. Now he was having to use all of the strength he had not to let Seven be pulled back down.

Meanwhile back in The Paris Quarters

With the lights still off, a very tired engineer entered the room. She quickly took of her sweat covered uniform and slipped into a nightgown. As she walked over she noticed that there was someone in the bed already. Assuming it was Tom she slipped into the bed got under the sheets and wrapped her around the individual in the bed and quickly fell asleep.

Back to the Dream

Harry (still holding onto Seven) was now being pulled deeper into the lake. He was unwilling to let her go and kept trying to pull her back to the surface. He knew that he was running out of breath as well and with his last seconds of consciousness he thought to himself.

"I will never loose your again," thought Harry.

Again Back in The Paris Quarters

Tom and Megan entered the darkened quarters.

"Lights," said Tom. "Where is Harry?"

"He said he was going here to crash," said Megan.

"Heís probably sleeping in my bed," said Tom as he and Megan walked into the bedroom. They were both rather surprised at what they saw next. Harry was laying on the bed mumbling "I will never loose you again," over and over again, and BíElanna was lying behind him with her arms wrapped tightly around his waist.

"Donít they look cute together Tom?" asked Megan.

"Sure, but heís sleeping with my wife," said Tom.

"I almost donít want to wake them up, they look very peaceful," said Megan.

"Well Iíve seen enough," said Tom as he nudged Harry and BíElanna. They slowly began to wake up. After a couple seconds of disorientation they noticed that something was amiss.

"Starfleet, what are you doing in my bed?" asked BíElanna as she got up and put on a robe.

"Uh, Uh," said Harry as Tom quickly interrupted.

"I told him, that he could crash here for a while, I forgot that your shift was just getting over at the same time," said Tom.

"Well it looks like a one hell of a reunion," said BíElanna. "Where is Jenny?"

"She went on a deep space mission on the Phoenix," said Megan.

After Harry got up and privately changed into a fresh uniform, everyone gathered in the living room of the Paris quarters. Meanwhile Tom explained all he could to BíElanna. Harry then came back out and sat down next to Megan.

"So Tom, did you guys come up with anything?" asked Harry.

"Well simply put, without that regeneration alcove there is nothing we can do." Said Tom.

"Damn, could we somehow get into Starfleet Intelligence and steal it?" asked Harry.

"You have to be an Admiral to even know where they are keeping it, without that it would be like finding a needle in a haystack," replied Tom.

"What about Janeway?" asked Megan.

"Sheís on a survey mission in the Argolis Cluster," said Harry.

"It would take several hours to even get a message to her," said Tom.

"Damit," said Harry as he slammed his fist down on the glass table in front of him shattering it completely.

"Calm down Harry, were not giving up yet," said Tom as Harry clutched his fist in pain.

"That looks like a nasty cut, here, let me get a dermal regenerator." Said Tom as he waked into the other room. Meanwhile Megan walked over to Harry and started to console him. Megan led him back to the couch.

"Megan, right before I fell onto the drive on Starbase 31, what was it you said?" asked Harry.

"Um, I think I said why couldnít we just go back in time and save her," said Megan.

"Perfect, why didnít I think of it before," said Harry as Tom entered the room with the dermal regenerator and started healing Harryís hand.

"Think of what?" asked Tom as he quickly healed Harryís hand.

"If we take Seven back in time and use one of the Borg alcoves on Voyager before Starfleet Intelligence took them," said Harry.

"But we donít have any way of getting back to the Delta quadrant to meet up with Voyager, let alone going twenty-five years in the past," said BíElanna.

"We donít have to go to the Delta Quadrant, because the alcoves were still on Voyager until it got back to Earth." Said Harry.

"So how do we go back in time then?" asked Megan.

End Part Two