Title: Return Of The Dark Prophecy

Author: Hoth1701

Series: 1/5

 Summary: This story is a crossover between characters from the world of Belgarion (created by David Eddings) and Star Trek Voyager characters. The story is that the Dark prophecy did not disappeared when it was defeated at Korim. Now it has to be stopped in the Star Trek universe where it prospers.

 Authors Note: This is my first fanfic ever so be nice if you are interested in sending an opinion about it. I would welcome corrections about grammatical errors and suggestions on how to make the story better. There are K/7 in this first part but only very little. More is to come in the later parts.

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 Disclaimer: All Star Trek stuff belongs to Paramount or is it Viacom? Anyhow, all that is related to David Eddings characters belong to Eddings.

    Part One

Gathering The Troops

 It was a normal day on Riva that means the sky was cloudy and the wind was strong.

On the citadel's parapet stood an older Belgarion of Riva and searched the southern sea. Beside him stood an impatient Geran. They were looking for old Captain Greldik's ship. "Father when are they coming?" Geran asked his father.

"They should be visible soon, my son" Garion answered him. Garion's Aunt Polgara had told him the day before that they should be at Riva the next day, this day. The reason that his aunt, old friend Durnik, his grandparents, and several other friends were coming to Riva was the marriage between Geran his son and Polara one of Polgara's and Durnik's twin daughters.

Soon would Geran be old enough take the responsibility as king over Riva. As well as guardian of the orb, the one the people of the western kingdoms called Aldur's orb.

Garion smiled as he remembered the first meeting between Geran and Polara. Polara had only been about fifteen months old and been shrieking as best she could. Geran had walked over to se what made all the bad noise. At the first eye contact Polara had silenced and just looked at Geran with eyes of amazement and Geran had a face of total adoration in his. He was only about five years but the look was of ages old. Polgara had shocked at the event since she and Belgarath had witnessed the same thing several times before. Belgarath the old wolf had laughed a merrily laugh and commented that it was good that they lived so far apart, or it would have been a hard time for them to keep them apart. Since that day they had been inseparable for every minute, when respective family had visit the other one. First it had been no problem but as the years had went by each pair of parents had started to watch the two children, just incase they would feel for some 'exploration'.

Suddenly eight pillars of colored light appeared on the courtyard, Garion recognized them as the gods.

He was surprised that they had appeared and when the light was gone, he started to walk down the steps to the courtyard.

 "Greetings! Aldur." He greeted one of the gods. Then he bowed and recognized each of the other gods. They in return gave him their blessing. After the greetings Garion asked, "Master why have you and the other gods returned?" Looking a little bit puzzled he then added, "I thought that you would never return and that Eriond would be in charge."

With a deep respectful voice Aldur answered, "We hath returned to ask thou and the companions of thy to doth a quest to save the world as well another one."

With an even more puzzled look on his face Garion asked, "What do you mean?"


  Captains log:

Stardate, 57061.1

We have made contact with a humanoid race called Brahkahd. They are a most generous people and we have managed to do several greater repairs on our key-systems. All crew have been able to have a two weeks long shore leave, even I have managed to take a couple of days of together with Commander Chakotay.

With new star charts, the Brahkahds have provided we are now sure that we are approximately fifteen months from the Beta quadrant. The Brahkahds have given me and my crew hopes that we will soon se Earth again.

The Brahkahds have advised us to seek the help from a small group of high dimensional entities. According to the Brahkahds, they helped them to build their civilization, and they should be willing to help us too. I hope that with their help we can cut of several years of our trip to home.

"End official log entry."

"Initiate personal log recording. Same stardate as previous official log entry."


I believe that seven is starting to become more human every day. She and Harry Kim seems to have bonded in a friendship as close as the one Harry has with Tom and B'Elanna. He is good for her even if the Doctor, Tuvok and I are trying to teach Seven about humanity, are we only 'mentors' to her while Harry is a friend she can trust. Poor Harry how everyone seemed to tease him about what seemed to be a crush on Seven from his side four years ago but he did not bothered and has succeeded to do it again. Become friend with an outcast. First, he becomes friend with Tom, after Tom had helped him out from a greedy ferengi and since then, they were, as I understand it friends. He bonded with B'Elanna at least as fast of what they told us about their attempts to reach the surface on the ocampa homeworld. Well with Seven, he had a hard nut to crack. It seems that it took him four years but he has now a new person he can call a friend.

I had a lovely vacation with Chakotay at the Brahkahd homeworld. We saw several tourist-attractions and had lovely dinners at the evenings. Thank god that I have Chakotay as my friend. I believe that I would not be able to relax without him. Now, I feel very relaxed and am eager to return to work.

"End personal log entry."

 Janeway leaned back in her very comfortable office-chair and thought about the information that they had gained. It would probably take them two days in standard warp to reach the coordinates where contact with these entities was possible.

The combadge chirped and she heard B'Elanna's voice calling her. "Yes B'Elanna?" she answered.

"Captain, the warpcore is online and all engines are at peak efficiency." B'Elanna reported.

"Good. I will tell the others. Janeway out." Said Janeway as she stepped out of her readyroom and started walking to her command chair. "Mr. Paris, lay in course bearing 154 mark 23 maximum impulse. Mr. Tuvok, open a channel to the Brahkahd authorities." She orded after comfortably sitting down.

Both carried out their orders and after a moment Tuvok said, "Brahkahd Prime Minister on channel four, captain." "On screen." She said.

A pale faced and green-eyed alien humanoid appeared on the main screen. The Brahkahd male smiled and nodded a greeting to Janeway. She did the same and said, "Greetings, minister Bahnu. I wanted to thank you and your people one last time for the generosity and hospitality you have provided."

The minister gave a small chuckle and answered, "Oh no no. It is not every day we are honored with such far away visitors." It was almost funny to see the Brahkahd laugh since it looked like the head was about to crackle into two parts.

Captain Janeway gave Prime Minister Bahnu a sincere and little amused smile and returned, "Never less I thank you from the heart of all crewmembers and say our good byes."

The minister lifted his hand and turned his palm backwards. "This is an old custom of ours, that means I hope to meet you again," he said. Janeway nodded and saluted him before she orded Tuvok to cut the link.

"Captain, we are ready to go to warp" Tom said and turned around to get the order. "Very well, Lieutenant. Take us to warp eight." Janeway said with a smirk on her lips.

"Yes, ma'am!" Tom almost cried out in his enthusiasm. U.S.S. Voyager entered warp and flew towards the coordinates given by Brahkahds. Maybe they would be home soon.


  Garion stood at the side of the ship and waited for it to dock. On the deck stood Durnik, alongside with Belgarath, Lelldorin, and Barak. "Where are the others!" Shouted Garion over to them. "They are down in their quarters." Answered Barak with his deep and dark voice. His hair had started to loose all it's red and become grey instead. "Well, tell them to be prepared to have a grand meeting this afternoon." Garion said. "I have something very important to discuss with you." He then added. Belgarath, Durnik, and Barak looked puzzled on each other and then Durnik nodded in acknowledgment and turned to the quarters below deck.

 Later at afternoon when they were, all gathered in a large room in the northern tower Garion started to speak, "I had a visit from the gods today." They all shocked at his announcement. He then continued, "They gave me a small task for us." He said, and added with a mocking tone, "Nothing big just save the world."

Belgarath was the first one to recover. "What kind of task are you talking about?" he asked.

Belgarion answered, "They didn't tell me. Only that it wasn't just our world or universe that were threatened, they said something about a parallel universe that we would be saving too."

"And who of us are supposed to go on the trip?" Polgara asked, looking a little bit suspicious. "Well they told me that only we who are disciples of Aldur except for the twins and of course C'Nedra will come with us" Garion answered. "By the way, do you have your medicines with you Poll?" he added.

"Yes. Why?" Polgara asked.

"Because we will need to bring the Adara's Rose with us. One of my orders." Garion answered her.

"When will we leave?" Durnik asked with a serious look on his face. He then asked, "If we are successful in this mission when will we return?"

Garion had a sad look on his face and answered with a quiet voice, "I'm afraid we will never be able to return home, whether we are successful or not." Several of them in the room cried out, "What!" "You can't be serious." Geran said with a very frightened look.

"Yes, I am." Stated Garion and added, "It looks like you will become king a little bit earlier than expected. But I'm confident that you will do very well."

With tears flowing down his cheeks Geran went over to his father looked at him for several minutes and finally gave him a big hard hug and said with a knot in his throat, "Damn, father. I will miss you and mother so very much. How am I supposed to do everything you do?"

C'Nedra walked over to them and embraced them. "Will we be able to stay until after the wedding?" she asked Garion.

"Yes, if the marriage are at most two days from now. But then directly after the sermon we must leave." Was his reply for her question.

"Thank god!" C'Nedra exclaimed, and every body smiled at the look of relief in the small queens face.

"Let us who are supposed to go discuss it privately, please." Garion said with a glance on everyone present in the room. With serious expressions everybody except for Belgarath, Poledra, Polgara, Durnik, C'Nedra, and Garion left the room with out any protests. When the doors were closed and Polgara had made sure that no one tried to eavesdrop on them Garion began to more seriously explain what their quest was about.

 Three days later, every body was at the ceremony. All four parents' shine of pride and the bride looked gorgeous in the white satin gown that she wore and the groom was really handsome in a blue sapphire colored jacket and shiny white trousers. C'Nedra remembered her own wedding and a single tear fell down from her eye. Garion gave her a handkerchief and she loudly blew her nose in it. Then when Geran and Polara had kissed each other it was time to say good bye.

Everyone wept and Garion took his son in a tight embrace and whispered, "Take good care of her."

Geran answered, "I will. I love you both, father. You know that do you?"

Garion nodded and said, "We love you too. Take care of your sisters, promise?" Geran gave him a nod as an answer.

With that they all said their good byes to each other and they all cried flows of tears since it was the last time they would see their close friends. Those six who had been chosen for the quest had talked it through all that afternoon when Garion had summoned tem and late in to the night. Finally they had decided that there were no other choice than to do the quest, since their world would be destroyed if they didn't try to stop what ever what was necessary to stop. However, they would remain until after the wedding.

When all good-byes were said, Durnik turned his head towards Garion asked, "What will happen now?"

"We will stand in a ring holding each other's hands and summon Aldur. He and the other gods will take us on a long trip through 'time and space' was what they called it." Garion answered with a light puzzled look on his face.

As advised of Garion they formed a ring and began to summon their master Aldur.

Some moments later a voice with a depth they could barely comprehend asked, "Belgarion of Riva. Hath thou and thy companions reached a decision?"

With a clear and steady voice Belgarion answered the question, "Yes, master. We will accompany you to defeat whatever are trying to destroy our world and universe."

"Then thou and thy companions will be taken there." The voice said and a pillar of a dull white light appeared from the sky and surrounded them. The pillar began to increase in lightness and no one could watch the pillar. When the light had dissipated, they were gone. Looking up tat the sky, their friends and families wondered if they would succeed in their quest.


  Ensign Harry Kim Chief of Operation's personal log:

Stardate: 57063.3

I am feeling real hope for returning d in now. It has been almost a year since last time. The Brahkahds has given me so much hope that if we wont come much closer to home, I don't know what I'm gonna do. It is almost impossible for me to think about anything else than my parents. Since I do not know if they are alive or not.

Seven seems to not understand why I am so happy for the possibility to return home. I can understand that since her home is this quadrant and not earth. I believe that Seven and I have come closer these past weeks that we have been visiting the Brahkahds. She even followed me down on shore leave for a couple of days. 'That' was fun. We did several things that Seven always have stated as irrelevant, for example we did hiking in the huge forests on the planet, had a really nice dinner and sunbathed on the golden beaches of Behna, which are a paradise like island. Tom bothered me about how my 'dates' with Seven went. I told him that it 'Was Not' dates. We were merely spending times together. I have to admit that I had a crush on her when she first came onboard, but that I am over now, and all I feel about her is friendship and nothing more. When I told Tom that he just shook his head and did not seem to be very convinced. Lucky as I was we were called to the bridge and our conversation had to be disrupted.

"Computer. End log entry."

"Complying." Answered the computer voice as Harry climbed out of his quarters. He had bridge duty in about ten minutes and it was only a couple of hours left before they would arrive at the given coordinates. Harry wanted to be present at the bridge at that moment.

 Seven of Nine daily log:

Stardate: 57063.5

I have now finished my contemplation's about my feelings toward Har... 'Ensign Kim'. I have to remember his official designation. I am still confused but am adamant that I will understand them soon. In approximately five minutes, I will be in astrometrics to scan the nearby space for anything abnormal on captain Janeway's order. It is curios to observe how crew morale has increased the closer we come to the coordinates that the aliens gave the captain. The probability that there actually is anything there is zero point zero zero one- percent, which I told captain Janeway. However she said she was willing to take the risk if there was any chance, that it really were something there to assist us in our search for a way back to the alpha quadrant.

"Computer end log." After shutting down her consoles, Seven turned and walked out through the cargo bay doors.

 Captain Janeway entered the bridge and sat down in her command-chair. It was 0814 hours and they should arrive in about fifteen minutes. "Harry. Do you see anything on your sensors?" Janeway asks him.

With a little startled look he cleared his throat before he said, "Uh, No captain, I see nothing out there."

The turbolift next to Tuvok opened and Seven of Nine steps out on the bridge. She went around the railing and handed Janeway a padd. "Here is the results on my astrometric-scans, captain."

"Did you find anything?" Asked Kathryn as she glanced through the report.

"No. It is totally clean of anything out there. The astrometric-sensors does not detect anything except a few particles." Seven stated. Glancing down at Janeway she asks, "Can I leave now?"

Janeway nods in dismissal and hands the padd over to Chakotay.

 "Captain, we are approaching the coordinates. Slowing down to one quarters impulse." Tom announces as the ship drops out of warp.

"Tuvok. Send a standard hail on all frequencies" Janeway orders while she stands up and walks over to Conn. "Tom, all stop." She orders as she stands behind him to get a better view of the main screen. "Are we getting any respond?"

"No captain" Tuvok reports. "Wait! I am getting a signal, source unknown. Visual only." He adds almost directly afterwards.

"On screen." Janeway says as she looks at the screen.


"Captain. Our navigational-computer has a new set of coordinates and a new course plotted in. Shall engage warp?" Tom asks as he turns around to face Kathryn.

With a suspicious, look on her face she orders, "Negative Mr. Paris. Seven?"

"Yes captain?"

"Can you scan the coordinates?"

"Yes captain."

"Do so."

It is quiet for some minutes as every one waits for Seven s results. Finally she reports, "There seems to be a normal class-M planet and is the last planet of a system of five." After a short moment she continues, "there seems to be traces of stable Omega-particles on the planet."

"There seems what?" Janeway exclaims with a little to high voice.

"I said that..."

"I heard you, Seven. That must be worth checking up." Janeway interrupts Seven and order Tom as she sitting down in her chair, "Engage maximum warp, Tom."

Tom turns around to push some buttons as he says, "Ready ma'am."

"Engage!" The ship's warp nacelles change positions and Voyager enters warp.

 "Captain we are entering orbit over the fifth planet now." Tom reports and the green surface of a planet can be seen on the main screen.

"Harry, can you trace any Omega-particles on the surface?" Janeway asks as she enters the bridge. "Yes, captain but only one single particle that is about to dissolve into subatomic particles." Harry answered.

"What?" Janeway stops dead in her tracks and then turns towards Harry. "On the same coordinate I detect some kind of animal life-forms. Damn! The radiation from the dissolving Omega-particle is interfering with our sensors. I cannot get a clear reading, wait the radiation is dissipating. The readings are becoming clearer now." As Harry reads the information his sensors are reading his jaw slowly fall almost down to the floor. "Captain!" He exclaims with a high and startled voice. "The readings indicates that there are five humans and a half-human down there."

After locking at him in disbelief, Janeway orders Chakotay to take an away team down to the surface.

 When the bright light dissipated Garion and his friends could see that they stood in a clearing somewhere. As soon as they had controlled that everyone were OK. Thy heard a strange sound from the other side of the clearing. Soon they could see three human like men in strange black clothing with different colors on the shoulders and a woman in a silver catsuit appear from thin air with blue sparkles round them. Surprised they all starts to walk against them as do they who appeared from nowhere. In the middle of the clearing they all stop and look at each other.

Finally one man with a tattoo on his left side of the forehead and read color on his suit's shoulders says, "Good day. I am commander Chakotay of the federation starship Voyager. May I ask who I'm speaking with?"

Belgarath who recovered from the initial shock first answers, "Well, I'm Belgarath. This is my wife Poledra, my daughter Polgara, and her husband, my son in law Durnik. Over there we have Belgarion my grandson and his wife C'Nedra."

Nodding at them Chakotay starts to present the others in the away team, "This is lieutenant commander Tuvok." Chakotay points at his right side and continues, "She besides him is Seven of Nine..." At that, the strangers' looks a bit surprised, that is a strange name one of them commented. "... And to my left is ensign Harry Kim."

After the presentations it becomes quiet and every one feel a little bit embarrassed. When Chakotay and Garion decides it is little to quiet they starts talking at the same time.





Amused, they both asks the other one to begin. Since Garion insists, Chakotay ask them, "I wonder how you got here?"

Garion answers that they do not know exactly how. Only that the gods took them there. He then asks Chakotay, "What is a starship?"

Surprised Chakotay answers, "It's a ship that travels between the stars." After looking at the looking at the cloudy sky he adds, "Why don't you come with us to our ship so can we talk a bit better than here. It seems to begin a storm here."

Shrugging Garion says, "Why not? It is easier than building a shelter. So where is the ship?"

"Up there." With a smile, Chakotay points up at the sky. He then pushes on a brooch and says, "Chakotay to Voyager, ten to beem up. Wait on my signal."

"From the brooch they heard, "Aye, sir!"

Mention for the others he puts his hands on Garion and C'Nedra's shoulders and explains, "It is necessary to touch you for our transporters to be able to lock on you."

"What will happen now?" Durnik asks, as Tuvok puts his hand on him and Polgara.

"We will be transported up to Voyager. Voyager energize." Answers Chakotay. After he gives order Garion and his friends can feel something grab them and a blue shimmer surrounds them. A short moment later they are in the transporter room on Voyager.

"Let me show you to the conference-room." Chakotay says as he shows them the door. Nodding in confirmation they all steps out of the room.


  "Let me se if I understand you correct." Janeway says with a frown on her forehead. "You were contacted by your gods..." She says and looks for confirmation from Garion who nods. She then continues, "They told you that there are something that will destroy our and your universe if you do not stop it?"

Garion nods and says, "I don't know exactly what but I expect that they will come and explain exactly what we have to do."

"That is almost exactly what will happen." A very familiar voice said.

"Q!" Janeway exclaimed with indignation. "What is it you want now?" She added with a sarcastic voice.

"Oh. Only your and your crews help. They need someone who can transport them." Q explained.

"Can you tell us what we will have to do?" Garion asked.

"Yes, of course." Q said with his playful voice. "You remember the two prophecies that existed in your universe?" He then asked. Garion nodded. "Well, when that dark prophecy of yours lost and fled your universe it created a bridge to our universe and came here. While here, it started to corrupt and destroy the Brahkahd civilization. We could do nothing it was to powerful and we did not know what to do to stop it. Then as a blessing your gods found the bridge and came here. They stopped the prophecy and told us how to kill it but that needed some special persons, namely you." Q pointed at Garion and his family. He then Antinued, "They speak quite strange don't they? Anyway, you six were required. However, the only way to get you here was to send you through the bridge, but then it would be impossible for them to come after you so they asked us the continuum to brief you of your quest. Actually, we need you very much. Because, if this universe are destroyed we will never be able to leave our continuum again. Will you accept the mission?" Q said with an overdriven desperate tone in his voice while he bent down on his knees and took a begging position. Janeway and her crew laughed at him. "What so funny?" Q asked with an expression of mock indignation.

Janeway answered still giggling, "I never expected you to do something like that, Q."

"Why you are hurting me, captain." Q looked hurt and made them all start to laugh at him. "Well what are your answer?" He then added with a very serious tone.

"What are their role in this?" Poledra asked Q.

"They are your transportation." He answered. "If they say yes we will take them approximately two years from their home as payment."

"My family and I have already discussed this. We are ready to fight." Garion told Q.

"Can you let us discuss it first?" Janeway asked.

"You have one hour then I will return and have your answer." Q said and then he disappeared.

"Will you want to discuss it privately?" Garion asked Janeway.

"Yes please. May I offer you something to eat while we discuss it?" Kathryn asked.

"Well I feel a little bit hungry." Belgarath said and patted his belly. "Well, I let Neelix show you to the mess-hall and give you some lunch. Neelix is our chef." Janeway explained.

"I would warn you for Neelix food though." Tom said with a smirk on his lips.

"Why? Does it taste bad?" Garion said with a smile. "I am sure he is not as bad as C'Nedra is." He continued.

With a disliking look on Her face she returned, "I'm better than you."

The six of them followed Neelix out and he showed them to the mess hall.

When the were gone captain Janeway started, "What do you think?"

"We don't have any choice, I think." Said Chakotay. "If they are right there will be no home for us to return to if we refuse to help them."

"I agree with commander Chakotay on this issue, captain." Tuvok said.

"What about you?" Janeway mentioned to the others present.

"Chakotay is right." Said Tom.

"My opinion too." Harry shrugged.

"It is obvious that we don't have any other options." B'Elanna replied.

"So I shall tell Q that were in to it?" Janeway asked a last time.

She was responded with a gathered, "Yes!"

"Very well dismissed." Janeway said and raised to enter the bridge. "Commander you have the bridge." She said as she went into her readyroom. As the doors closed behind her she said, "Alright Q! I know that you eavesdropped on us so you don't have to return within a hour."

"Well, let us take a trip to the mess hall then. You will need some instructions." She heard a voice behind her.

When she turned she stood in mess hall facing Q.

With an irritated look she said, "Spit it out." Garion and the others had raise to their feet's and went over to stand beside Janeway as Q started his instructions. "The prophecy has left a big trail of chaos behind it. Track the chaos and you will find the entity who the prophecy posses. To kil3f3e prophecy you will only have to kill the entity. Which you do by challenging it on a duel. Belgarion you will have to fight that with this sword." Q handed the royal sword of Riva to Garion. "Good luck in your search. As a small clue if you turn the ship against the alpha quadrant you will find it." Q finished just before he disappeared.

With a small sigh captain Janeway turns toward Garion and asks, "Will you come to the bridge and se when we continues our travel home?"

Shrugging, Garion replies, "Why not. I think I can be without Neelix food."

Smiling Janeway shows the doors and says, "Believe me, I understand precisely what you mean."

"Some how I thought you knew what I was talking about."

 End Part One