1st Mission

Title: First Mission

Author: Jan Monroe

Series: Voy, Design Team, Story 4

Rating: PG

Codes: PT, K7

Summary: Harry gets home and bring back stuff from the alpha quadrent

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the Star Trek Universe. I own my story. I just

took the characters just play for fun, not for profit.


Design Team: First Mission

Copyright by Jan Monroe 1998

Harry had thought that Tom was out of his mind when Tom stated the best way to

be awaken in the morning was a next the person that both loves you and wants

you. This morning he awaken in the arms of Seven. He had to admit that Tom

did know what he was talking about. He had came to her quarters for dinner but

time and other things conspired against him. He also had to admit that he didn't

fight very hard to leave.

He thought back on the last three weeks. He could only remember waking up

alone once, Seven had a problem in astrometrics and had left at 0400. He felt on

top of the world when they had finally progressed with their relationship. Sex

was great but the emotional closeness was actually one of the things that he had

craved most.

The future scared him almost as much as it did Seven. He wanted to see his

parents so badly. He knew that they would accept their little boy back with few

questions. As long as all he talked about was his great friends, being best man,

great projects and other surface things they wouldn't ask about the hard stuff. The

hard stuff, there was so much of it, the prison with that clamp, the demon planet

where he had nearly suffocated, the caretaker and the Kazons. He had faced

death so often that he was more afraid of telling his parents about it than he was

living through it.

He had talked to Lena about this visit home. Her advice was so simple but so

hard to follow, and he wasn't even home yet, "Go with the flow, they love you.

Don't put pressure on yourself to be the same person that they remember. Be

yourself. Ease into any unpleasant news, like you are not staying there and are

coming back to Voyager. They have to know that you have grown in the past

five years. Don't hide from them or yourself." He had almost asked which

textbook she had gotten it out of.

He felt Seven stir. He smiled then. He had another three weeks before he left on

the Kes' first mission. The testing had been long and hard. The irony was that

since he helped design it, he was actually the expert. He planned to enjoy as

much time with Seven as possible, starting now. ~~~

B'Elanna's shopping list had grown and changed over the last seven months. She

was able to drop the large structural parts but the new plan required some much

more unusual components. Her suggestion to Doc to start his own list had spread

to all the different chiefs. They all had lists of things that they needed and

wanted. Lena Williams and Neelix's list was the longest and the most unusual but

it could actually be one of the most important. They wanted items that would

help the crew adjust to going home, the news, information about what was new in

different fields of study, new holo-novels, real novels and other small items that

they had just done without here but would help make home real.

B'Elanna, Chakotay, and the Captain had spent four days just going over the lists.

The Captain had ordered everyone to use the standard requisition form for their

lists. She had hoped that it would make consolidating the lists easier. It didn't.

B'Elanna had finally divided the requests into four categories: Information, which

was unlimited; Conversion, all things needed for the slipstream modifications;

Supplies, which included normal repair items like jell-packs; and Miscellaneous,

which consisted of generally non-essential items but nice to have. Suddenly the

task of deciding what the shuttle would bring back to Voyager was easy.

The Captain had accepted Lena's suggestion that 750 pounds of cargo space be set

aside for personal items. The Captain at first thought that it was a waste of space

but then she had asked Lena about it. The statement that had convinced the

Captain was simple, "I don't know about you but if my family wants to send me a

care package of my favorite chocolates, I don't want the shuttle crew to have to

leave it behind." Janeway knew that if her sister could send a care package, she

would. Kathryn suddenly had visions of real coffee beans dancing in her head.

She announced the weight limit for care packages to the crew so that they could

include it in their messages home. Care packages would bring a much needed

moral boost that they would need after all the work that they had done while

building the Kes.

Lena, working with Neelix, were gathering pictures of crew members for the crew

to include in their letters. Although they could send visual messages, Lena

encouraged people to also send written messages to fill in the blanks from the

visual message. After hearing about the availability of space for packages on the

shuttle, many requested specific items be sent along with anything else that their

families wanted to send. Tom and B'Elanna's wedding was to be two weeks after

the Kes' return. The requested items were mainly small wedding presents that the

crew wanted to give to the first couple to be married on Voyager.

The Captain's letter home was easy to start, hard to finish. "Dear Mom, I love you

and will be home soon. Congratulations, if the adoption goes through you will be

the grandmother of a health, rebellious 27-year-old girl named Seven." The last

part was really hard to write and it was even harder to explain. Every attempt that

she made failed. Seven and the legal situation was just too difficult to try to

explain in a letter. She had a sudden thought that Command may read the letters

before allowing them to be forwarded, Seven's situation was too sensitive for

anyone outside the family to know. That realization made writing the letters

home easier but left her with lots of explaining to do.

Tuvok, with input from the Maquis crew members and instructions from the

Captain, had formulated a plan. The Captain's demand that no one spend any

time in a cell, anywhere, was the most difficult to achieve. He had complete

information about the Maquis crews activities and their Voyager service record.

Under Janeway's guidance they had became model crew members, except for a

few glaring examples. Each of the crew members had empowered him to act on

their behalf to resolve their legal problems. They did this so that he could hire a

lawyer if needed. The Captain had also signed such a document so that he could

start the adoption process. They would hire a separate lawyer to handle Seven's


As the days ticked by, Harry knew that he should pack but couldn't think what to

take. He knew what the handbook suggested. He packed his uniforms, a few sets

of dated civilian clothes, his clarinet and several padds. Lena had gave him an

old fashion brown envelope, with instruction written on it, "Open after you leave

Voyager. I hope it will help." The only problem with gifts from Lena was her

sense of humor. The package could be something wonderfully sentimental,

wacky or raunchy, a letter from Seven or a sex toy, or both. Lena wasn't into

practical jokes but she did have a ability for knowing just what you needed to

cheer you up or feel connected.

The morning of the mission was stressful. Harry awoke alone. Seven was sitting

on the sofa, looking like she was going to cry. He knew words could not reassure

her. He went over to her and gathered her in his arms. They held each other for

what felt like a long time. He could only promise that he would be home with her

as soon as he could. That statement shocked him, when did Seven's arms become


They went to the shuttle bay. Harry had left messages the day before to be

delivered after he left. The messages for Tom and B'Elanna asked them to see

that Seven didn't get too lonely or work herself to death before he could return.

The problem was that she had let so few people in that when anyone left it was a

major part of her world leaving. He knew that Lena said that Seven's emotional

development was a cross between adult, fifteen-year-old and six- year-old. Most

of the time she operated at the adult level but under stress would regress back to the younger ages. He could only kiss her and hug her before boarding the shuttle

with the other crew members.

The Kes was ready for launch.

"Kes to Voyager,' Tuvok hailed.

"Voyager," the Captain answered.

"Requesting permission for departure." Tuvok stated, following procedure.

"You are cleared for launch. Have a good trip, we'll be waiting at the rendezvous

in 8 weeks," the Captain told him.

Watching the Kes go into slipstream was impressive. That little ships carried so

many hopes and dreams.

Lena had meet Seven as she left the shuttle bay. Seven tried to be stoic but fell

apart at lunch time. She had called Harry to ask when he was going to lunch,

forgetting that he wasn't on board. Her quarters didn't just remind her of him,

they seemed to scream his absence. There were no extra uniforms in the closet,

he took all of his uniforms with him, including his dress uniform. The bathroom

was bare of his toiletries. So many little things were out of place since he had


Harry and Seven's activities for the first three weeks were remarkably the same.

The did their jobs, ate when the clock told them to, and tried not to think about

each other and were both failing badly.

On the second day out, Harry opened the envelope from Lena. It was full of

pictures of him, Seven, the boys, some with Tom and B'Elanna and various

members of the crew. It had a hand written note and a memory chip.

The note read:

Harry, On the back of this message is a list of people to contact when you get to

earth. Anyone of them will help you gather the supplies I requested. I asked and

the Captain told me that you got the job of filling my rather massive order. One

of my sisters, Beth, is a shop-till-you-drop kind of person, she would love to help

you. I know that volunteering my family all the way from the delta quadrant

seems to be going overboard but if given the chance they would do it to me. I'll

have to pay up for this later but that's okay. That's what family is for,

volunteering you without asking. On the chip are messages informing them that I

volunteered them and a few begs for the money you will need to pay for them. I

know accounting might give you harassment about accessing funds. If you need to, borrow it from them and I'll settle with them later. Give them a few of the

baby pictures. I included a few family shots. I'll keep a close watch on Seven for

you. In her immediate future, I foresee many evenings spent on the floor with

Nick and Pete while they learn to walk.

Take care, Lena

Harry looked through the pictures again. He found a picture of him and Seven

that he could give to his parents. It was taken in sickbay just after she feed Peter.

They were glowingly happy, hugging each other. Tom must have taken it while

he was taking the new baby pictures.


The Kes' arrival out side the Sol system created more than a minor scare. They

were greeted by two starships that took the ship into tow and beamed the crew to

the brig. Harry was upset to be back in a cell. He honestly thought that only Tom

could get him thrown into jail. Harry had to appreciate the fine irony that the

chief of Voyager's security was now in the brig. The jailer had became the

prisoner in a few short seconds. The medical staff came in and took blood, Harry

had no idea why. They were keep for 14 hours.

They were each taken for an interview before they were released. The

interviewer was wearing commander insignia.

"Sit down Ensign," the commander ordered.

"Yes, sir."

"Name?" he started to fire questions

"Harry Kim."

"Place of Birth?"

"North Carolina," Harry started to answer a bit slower, wondering why this was

like a criminal investigation interview.



"Assignments on Voyager?"


The interview pulled out the pictures that Lena had sent. "I want you to identify

the people in these pictures." He started pointing to the Maquis crew members,

finally came to Seven and Neelix. Harry reported their name and rank as


The interviewer pointed to Seven and asked, "Her assignments?"


"I've never heard of it. What is it?"

"It's a very highly sophisticated way of star mapping and scanning. Much of the

equipment are hybrids of Federation and Borg technology. She was the one that

found the communications network that we used to send Doc to the Prometheus,"

Harry answered.

"Who is Doc?"

"The EMH. He's been active for so long that he really is a member of the crew.

If you meet him, you will have to take it from me, his personality is caustic but he

grows on you," Harry told him.

"So you consider a hologram a member of the crew?"

"Doc has been continuously active for five years. He is essential to the health and

welfare of the crew. He has interests outside the medical areas and has trained

other personnel," Harry rebutted.


"Tom Paris worked with him the first few months but then Kes took over. After .

. ."

"Isn't Kes the name of your craft?"

"Yes, we named it after her." Harry stated.

"Was she killed by the Borg?"

"No. She transformed about two years ago after our in counter with Species

4937. She transformed into a being of pure energy," Harry tried to explain.

"Do you really believe that?"

"Yes, she was destabilizing the area of the ship she was in before she left in the shuttle craft to protect Voyager. The shuttle exploded but she had transformed.

She threw us out of Borg space, ten years closer to home," Harry stated, clearly

remembering that fateful day. "Her last act before leaving was to save us from

the Borg."

"Yes, the Borg. Is this women that you identified as Seven a Borg?"

"Not any more. She has become almost fully human. She still has a few implants

but she is not a Borg. She has her own personality, likes, dislikes. You should

see her quarters, they are decorated in light colors and she has posters of hot air

balloons on the walls," Harry told him. He was hoping the bit about her quarters

and personality would sidetrack his interrogator.

"You know her well, I take it. You've been in her quarters."

"Yes, I've been in her quarters. I was usually the person carrying her stuff,

helping her move." Harry answered, realizing his earlier error. He should not

have mentioned Seven's quarters.

"Would you say you were friends?"

"Yes, we have worked together often and have some of the same friends. It's a

small ship." Harry replied.

"What were you working on?"

"We built astrometrics, some holodeck programs, we were on the design team for

the Kes. She would get so mad at Tom for refusing to let her take Borg-approved,

but dangerous, short cuts." Harry answered. He was hopping that the interrogator

did not proceed with this line of questioning.

"Now the craft you came in on, what type of technology is that based on?"

"Slipstream." Harry began a long, involved explanation of how the drive worked

and the theory behind the design.

"You know everything about that ship, don't you?"

"Almost. I helped design it, worked the bugs out in the holodeck mock-up, built

it and flew it here. The only parts I don't understand are in medical area and the

replicator," Harry explained.

"We have reviewed the documentation, including these not so regulation

drawings." The commander handed Harry Naomi's drawings. "Why do you have


"Naomi Wildman, six-year-old daughter of Ensign Samantha Wildman, she

wanted to help with the shuttle so her mom asked her to do the drawings. Very

little artistic talent but she is really a cute kid," Harry remarked.

"Why were they posted in the shuttle?"

"Lena did that so that Naomi would feel that she helped. That's why they were in

the office space," Harry tried to explain away. He didn't know why this guy was

so interested in a kid refrigerator art. "By the way, have those drawings replaced.

Naomi would be upset if they were missing when we get home."

"Who helped you design the Kes?"

"Lt. JG B'Elanna Torres, Chief Engineer, Lt JG Thomas Paris, Chief Helmsman,

Seven and we had a few outside experts who did work in their area," Harry


"What areas did the outside experts work on?"

"Williams did sanitation and interior design. Tuvok did weapons systems. I'm

really tired. It's all in the reports." Harry was starting to tire. He was still able to

minimize Seven's involvement but it was getting tough to maintain.

"Do you expect me to believe that Voyager just built the shuttle with spare parts?"

"No, we were lucky, we found a planet where we could do mining and the

building. Three men almost died working on it, part of the structure collapsed on

them." Harry was getting frustrated. The Captain had warned him. Tuvok had

warned him. Even Tom had warned him but he really did think that Starfleet

command would be more interested in letting him start his duties on Earth rather

than setting in orbit being grilled about the shuttle and life on Voyager.

The questions continued until Harry had enough. He had sat there for more than

two hours hoping that this guy would get to the point, and tell him why he was

there. "That's it! I've had enough of this. I'm not a criminal, I'm a Starfleet

officer who has a mission to fulfill. Voyager needs supplies and I am the person

in charge of information. I have to go and do battle with medical to get the

licencing exams for a crew member. I have 8 different wedding presents to buy

and I want to see my parents before I return to Voyager."

"Why so many wedding presents? How many couples are getting married?"

"Just Tom and B'Elanna. They have provided most of the good gossip for the last

three years. The whole crew knew that I was coming and a few asked me to find

gifts from home. I hope you let me out of here soon. I have assignments that I have to finish before the Kes heads back to Voyager. We can't be late to the

rendezvous or Voyager will think that something happened to us. Besides I'm

best man at the wedding two weeks after I return."

"You may leave but always wear your commbadge, we may have questions about

shuttle's design. The Lieutenant outside the door will take you to your temporary


"I need my belongings from the shuttle," Harry stated.

"They are packed and waiting for you in the security office."

Harry stood and left the room. He had no idea that he would see the commander

again. The Lieutenant outside the door was a blond amazon that stood almost a

full foot taller than Harry. "I need to go to the security office."

"Follow me." was her words to him. She lead him to the office. Harry read

through the inventory of his kit. It was not all there. The chip was missing from

Lena's envelope.

"There is a chip missing," Harry stated. "It was a message from one of my crew

mates to one of her brothers or sisters."

"Lt. Commander Tuvok has all data chips," the impatient security officer

announced. Harry reached over and tapped his commbadge, "Kim to Tuvok."

"Tuvok," he returned.

"Do you have the data chip from the care package Lena sent me?" Harry asked.

"That data chip was not included with the others," Tuvok informed him.

"Thanks, Tuvok, I'll try to retrieve it from security," Harry said.

"Very well, when you finish with this, report to my quarters," Tuvok ordered and

cut the channel.

Harry turned to the desk clerk, "Where is that data chip?"

"If it was not returned, it must have had sensitive information on it."

"It was a message volunteering Lieutenant Williams family to help me go

shopping. Very simple, its not a security matter just one sister volunteering her

siblings. According to her, she does it all the time and they return the favor. I

want that chip back," Harry demanded, he was in no mood to deal with bureaucracy.

"I cannot return any chips that are classified sensitive."

"I want to talk to your superior." Harry stated. The help that Lena was trying to

get him was his only hope for shore leave with his parents and he was fighting for


"Lt. Commander Ackerman is in conference."

"Fine, I'll speak to his boss." Harry demanded.

"Commander Robeshaw is on the bridge."

Harry tapped his combadge, "Kim to Commander Robeshaw."

"Robeshaw, who are you?"

"Sir, My name is Harry Kim. I'm having problems retrieving a data chip.

However, the chip only had personal messages from one of my crew mates to her

siblings. Lieutenant Williams is depending on me to forward the message,"

Harry stated, hoping that he hadn't gone over the line but really, he was only

trying to do his duty.

"Have the security officer escort you to my office in 30 minutes," came the order

from the bridge.

"Aye, sir." Harry replied and cut the channel.

Harry took his bag of clothes and walked to the door. The same security officer

that showed him how to get to the office took the lead. Harry final spoke up, "I

need to store my gear."

She lead him to his temporary quarters. They were standard, impersonal guest

quarters. Harry called Tuvok again and informed him on the meeting. Tuvok

changed his orders to be see him after the meeting with Robeshaw.

He hung up his uniforms. He grabbed Lena's care package, shopping lists and

went to the door. The officer was waiting at the door to escort him to commander

Robeshaw. Harry has thought it unusual that he would meet someone with Lena

maiden name on the first ship he was on.

"Mr Kim." The commander recognized him.

"Sir, I need the chip returned."

"We will discuss that later. Why do you have a list of nine names to contact?"

Robeshaw demanded

"Lt. Lena Robeshaw Williams, ships' services chief, wished to request assistance

from at least one person on that list. She was adamant that this was standard

family practice. Did you read the note on the back of the list of names?"

"No, it was not forwarded to me," Robeshaw replied. Harry opened the

envelope, took out the note, and handed it to the commander. The commander

read it quickly. "Sounds like little coz to me."

"Sir?" Harry was confused now.

"Lena is one of my cousins. She used to do this to us all the time. How is she?"

Harry smiled, finally something was going his way, "Lena and Keith are fine. The

big development since we lost the communications array is Nick and Peter. They

are 9 or 10 months old. I remember that Lena mentioning that they should be

walking by the time I got back. Would you like to see the pictures?"

"Baby pictures? She sent baby pictures with you?" Robeshaw demanded, amazed

at Lena's audacity.

"Most of them have my girlfriend in them. Nick and Peter has had her wrapped

around they finger since they we twenty minutes old." Harry explained and

handed over the pictures.

"I take it that the blond is your girlfriend?"

"Yes, her name is Seven," Harry told him. "May I ask, was it fate that put me on a

ship with a Robeshaw on board or was it planned?"

"Fate, hell, there are 112 Robeshaws in Starfleet. You had a one in three chance

of finding a ship with one of us on board," he replied. "You did happen to hit the

right ship. I am the highest ranking Robeshaw in the sector. What exactly did

Lena volunteer us for?"

"She sent a list of items she wants for the ship that is a padd and a half long. Not

a page- a padd. Over three hundred individual items with specific instructions

about brands and sizes. I think that the Captain would have sent Lena if she could

figure out who would take care of the kids while Lena was gone," Harry joked.

"Let me see this amazing list of hers." Harry handed over the two padds. The

commander started reading, looked at Harry in disbelief and continued reading.

"What does she think you are, a department store buyer?"

"No, she thinks that I can get any job done, with a lot of help from her family."

"I need to call a family meeting, how about tomorrow noon, at the Academy

cafeteria. I'll have one of the cadets book us a room. I hope that we can break

down this list into manageable portions," the Commander commented. He

downloaded a copy of the list from the padds. "Do you have any other

information that you need to obtain?"

"Yes, but that is easily accessed from the Academy archives. I just have to

download most of it. The hardest to get will be the Medical Board Exams the

Doctor requested," Harry told him. "Thank you sir for your assistance."

"We try, I'm going to make sure that Lena knows she owes us big."

"She knows. She laughed about it, said you would have to wait to torment her,"

Harry informed him.

"Dismissed," the Commander replied, knowing that he was going to have to do

some fast talking to get the funds they needed to cover the list.


Harry's escort

took him back to the temporary quarters area but lead him to a different room.

Harry pressed the announcer and Tuvok called him in. Tuvok waited for the door

to close behind Ensign Kim before talking. "Our arrival had caused much

concern in Starfleet command. We have a ship that is much faster than other

ships in this quadrant. Starfleet command wants to limit the number of people

that know we are here. I have been instructed that was are to use the cover story

that our ship was damaged while fighting the Cardassians. Voyager is not to


"Commander Robeshaw is calling a family meeting so they could help me fill the

non- Starfleet requests," Harry told Tuvok. "Can he continue?"

"Family meeting?" Tuvok asked.

"It was just going to be the locally stationed Starfleet officers. Maybe he can just

say that they are helping out a family member but security prohibit him from

saying more. . . The care packages? How are we going to take back care

packages from family members if we're not here?" Harry was bewildered. Every

crew member on the ship had dreams of a care package from home.

"I raised this question to command. They have not yet presented a viable option

yet." Tuvok told him.

"Could command fulfill the requests and just edit those pasts out of the letters

home?" Harry asked.

"Do you believe that would be an honest way to handle the situation?" Tuvok

asked. He as beginning to think that Harry spent too much time with Lieutenant


"We tell the families that the letters were edited for security reasons. We tell the

crew that Starfleet did it, but Command believed that their service deserved

rewarding and fulfilled the care package request as best as they could. Everyone

has been honest but the crew really needs a moral boost. We need it."

"That would be a satisfactory arrangement. I will contact command with that

suggestion." Tuvok answered. He was surprised by Ensign Kim's innovative

solution to what was proving to be a difficult problem with command.

Harry was walking towards the door, he suddenly turned, "Seven's adoption? Can

we still do the adoption with these security measures in place?"

"I was not able to ask about the legal difficulties that we were to deal with. When

I contact Command, I will enquire about these issues. I see no reason that the

adoption should be delayed. I will follow commands orders and I will start

proceedings, stating that I am an old friend of Captain Janeway's and she trusts

me to handle this legal matter for her in her absence. I have talked to all the other

crew members about the situation. You were the last to be released from the

interview," Tuvok stated.

"Interview, that's a nice name for it. I would call it an interrogation. Everyone

warned me that they, whoever they were going to be, would want answers about

the Kes. I thought that they would send an engineer that had reviewed the design

information and B'Elanna's report, "Slipstreaming Made Easy." But what I got

was a Lt. Commander who didn't understand, hadn't review the information, or

even knew basic engineering. He just wanted to know how much about the

shuttle that I knew. My name is all over the design and mock-up documentation.

What did he think, that Voyager has two Ensign Harry Kims?"

"Did the Lieutenant Commander introduce himself?" Tuvok asked. His

interview was much simpler, he and the security office had review Voyager's

current status and his mission. From the reports from the other team members,

they had experiences similar to his own.

"No. He had Naomi's drawings, copies of the pictures, asked questions about how

it worked, who worked on it. I spent over three hours continuously answering

questions," Harry told Tuvok. "It was like he was trying to decide how valuable

my knowledge was."

"I will investigate this. Your experience was much different from anyone else.

Have you gotten any sleep yet?" Tuvok asked.

"No, I'm going to bed after I leave here," Harry told him.

"Dismissed Ensign," Tuvok ordered. Harry started to leave, "Remember,

replicator usage is not restricted on this ship."

Harry smiled and left. He was suddenly having visions of his favorite dinner and

dessert. He had given up the dessert long ago because it had taken too many

replicator rations. The dinner was as good as he had hoped. The only thing

missing was some one to share it with.

At 0900 the next morning he reported to Tuvok. The news was actually good.

The adoption would be handled by a Starfleet judge. The information provided

by Voyager were sufficient for the adoption to be processed. The judge was to

sign the forms sometime in the next week.

The care package situation was solved, in a fashion. They followed Harry

suggestion about the editing and the would allow someone to procure the items

requested but they would not do it themselves. On a rather strange side note, they

eckbld provide funds for the packages. Harry and whoever they could talk into

helping would have to create the packages themselves. The away team members

were moved from the orbiting ship to officer quarters on the academy grounds

before lunch.

The Robeshaw noon meeting was at best chaotic at worst out of control until

Commander Robeshaw stood up and shouted the others down. One of the cadets

looked over and asked, "Why the meeting Uncle Mitch?"

"Roanna, quiet. This is a hard situation to explain. Starfleet has a problem and

because I knew about it before they classified I'm being asked to help. We have a

ship that is out of communications with Starfleet. They are running on limited

rations. They were able to send a shuttle to get supplies. The Captain set aside

some space for care packages from home but fleet has classified the ship. No one

is to know who they are or where they are. The entire crew is hoping for a

package from their families at home and since they are now classified, none of

the families will even know that the shuttle made it. They will get edited

messages but no more information. Lieutenant Commander Tuvok has gained

permission for us to make the packages. Most of the crew has specific requests.

We have access to the funds to buy and replicate what we need for 146 packages.

I'm taking five of the packages. Split the others among yourselves. We have 12

days to get what we need."

"You're sending me shopping?" Roanna asked.


"That was your big emergency, you want us to go shopping?" Roanna pressed.

"I want you to help make the lives of a few of your fellow officers easier and to

help their moral. With the 15 people that we have in this room, we only have to

take 9 packages each. It should take less than a hour each per package. When

this is declassified, I'll explain each and every detail. If you can't get yours done,

don't let it slide, we need everyone to get a package."

One by one, they picked the packages they wanted. Mitch had taken his 5 first,

Lena, Keith, Nick, Peter, and Naomi's packages. Harry later asked why he took

those packages. Mitch's response was that they were the packages that were the

most sensitive. Small children on ship with that small a crew would signal it was


Harry's list of crew included Tom, B'Elanna, the Captain, Neelix who didn't have

a list but was a member of the crew, Seven, Doc and mostly people that worked

in engineering. Tuvok took his security officers.

Harry glanced through one of the lists, it requested a small wedding present, "Any

one else have a request for a wedding present?"

He heard a few yes, "I should tell you, the chief engineer and the chief helmsman

are getting married in just under 8 weeks. They have had what most would

consider a turbulent relationship. They have provided some of the ship's best

gossip. I suggest that you don't buy them anything breakable."

"Who throws things, him or her?" The question came from an unidentified ensign.

"Her. All I can say is at least she hasn't broken any of his bones... that he admits

to, anyway," Harry returned, joking. His audience appreciated his joke even if

they were still a little foggy about what to get as a wedding present.

The meet broke at 1245. Most of the family members had to be back at work by


Tuvok went in search of the legal department and someone that could discuss the

Maquis legal problems. Harry spent the rest of the day accessing information and

loading it onto chips, old news reports, developments in engineering, medicine,

weapons designs, holographic systems. The information that he thought was be

the most difficult to find, the medical board exams, wasn't there. He went to the

medical information office. He was told absolutely that NO ONE could have a

copy of that exam without an admiral's signature and a copy of the persons who

was taking the test medical school records.

After spending a very frustrating hour trying to find out who to talk to and which office handled such requests, Harry gave up for the day. He contacted Tuvok

with a progress report. Tuvok also had mixed news. The adoption was signed.

All the paperwork was in order and the judge was told that the request was

urgent. The bad news was that no one would discuss the Maquis legal situation.

The officer who had the authority to discuss the cases and make determinations

refused to even discuss the situation. However, a comment he made indicated

that he was not sympathetic to Voyager's requests, "those disloyal scum should be

in the brig on Voyager, not free to roam." This officer was not willing to even

admit that locking up your chief engineer and second in command would be

injurious to the operation of the ship. Harry spent a quiet evening in his temporary

quarters reading the newest book by his favorite author.

The announcer on his door rang at precisely 0900. There was a women that bore

a striking resemblance to Captain Janeway, but she about thirty years older.

Unsure how to precede, he asked "Can I help you?"

"My name is Gertrude Janeway, an old friend of my husband informed me that

you work for my daughter," she stated.

"Would you mind waiting in the hall for a minute?" Harry was even more

confused, how was he to handle this development. He opted out and called

Tuvok. "Kim to Tuvok."

"Tuvok" he answered.

"Mrs. Janeway is here, what am I allowed to tell her?"

"You are allowed to discuss the Captain's adventures and your own, nothing about

ship's status," Tuvok replied.

Harry opened the door and asked her for identification. It was the Captain's

Mom. Harry's only thought was that this was not in his briefing, either here or on


"My boss just told me that I could talk to you about the Captain," Harry told her.

She started in the Janeway command style firing questions so fast that he couldn't

answer. "How is she, does she eat enough, does she a personal life, has she had

fun, when will she be home." She didn't even stop for a breath until she was

totally out.

Harry jumped in at that moment. "She was in good health when I saw her last.

She was very hopeful about this mission. I know for a fact that she eats breakfast

everyday. The EMH and the ships cook conspired against her. She is under

doctors orders to eat breakfast before going on duty. Chakotay, her second in command usually drags her to dinner. So she gets two good meals a day. I don't

know about her love life but the ship pools are equally divided on if her and

Chakotay are having an affair. I can't tell you about when the ship will be home,

that information is classified."

"Very good, you left out fun," she stated.

Harry went over to the package of pictures and handed them to her. "I think this

will answer some of your questions."

She slowly looked at each picture. Kathryn was there, laughing at something.

There were a few of her holding different babies. There a most interesting one of

her holding hands with a muscular man of native American decent with a unusual

tattoo. She held up the picture,

"Who is that?"

"Chakotay. That's why the pool is so even. They will be like that some times and

then act like there is nothing going on at others. The bad part is that this pool has

been going on for more than four years."


"Betting pool. I know that it isn't regulation but the guy who started it was

playing a malcontent, trying to catch a spy. He caught the spy but the pool

continues to this day, unless they paid up since I left, which is very doubtful,"

Harry answered. "Did the old friend tell you about the care packages?"

"No, what care packages?"

"The Captain set aside some cargo room for care packages from families, we had

no idea that we would be classified and unable to collect them. Command is

letting a few volunteers get the packages together. Would you like to hear what

your daughter wants?" Harry asked.

"I have a good idea. French Mocha, Briania blend, Columbia blend, did I miss

any?" Mrs. Janeway asked.

Harry got the Captain list, Mrs. Janeway was partially right. "You missed a few


He handed her the padd. She moved down the list and then turned her eyes to

Harry. "A long black reveling negligee, doesn't that answer your pool?"

"What?" Harry read over her shoulder, "No, it's for B'Elanna. Probably a bridle shower gift or a wedding present."

"Wedding? Who's getting married?"

"The chief helmsman and chief engineer. I have eight present to buy them that

others requested, and I still have to figure out what to get them." Harry told her.

"What are your plans for today?" she asked.

"Shopping, I'll deal with the data pushers later," Harry told her.

'Let's go," she started toward the door.

"I need to get my lists," he stated and grabbed two padds.

"Where would you like to start?" she asked.

"I have a rather long list of request for new holonovels, could we start at the

media store?" Harry suggested.

"Sure, can I see that list?" Harry handed it to her. She smiled and lead him off

Federation grounds.

She was a dynamo. She read each of the padds, and set about getting as much on

the lists as possible. She arranged for the items to be delivered to his quarters the

next morning. Harry just ran after her, regaling her with stories of Voyager's

funniest times and paying for her purchases. She spent 12000 credits in 9 hours

of shopping, buying over 750 individual items. At lunch she told him stories of a

young Kathryn.

By the time that he returned to his quarters, he had only 4 items to buy to

complete all three padds of requests. He also had to put on a new uniform and

have dinner with Tuvok and the other away mission team members. All he

wanted to do was sleep for 12 hours. When Harry entered Tuvok quarters, he was

meet by the statement. "You are late."

"Sorry, Mrs. Janeway keep me going all day. I now know where the Captain gets

her energy," Harry told the group.

"You allowed her to take up your entire day?" Tuvok asked, clearly not pleased.

"No, I told her about the care packages and she volunteered to help me go

shopping for the requested items. I had three padds of items, including most of

Lena's list. I have 4 items left to buy," Harry stated.

"Where did you go?" Carey asked.

"She hit at least 23 stores. I have a complete list of who, what, and where."

Harry told him.

"Ensign Kim, It appears that you enlisted an expert to assist you in your duties,"

Tuvok stated. He did not approve of asking the Captain's family for help however

if the Captain's mother was anything like the Captain, he was not surprised that

ensign Kim just followed her. Tuvok started the meeting after dinner. The

components for slipstream conversion were being gathered and sent to the staging

area. The shuttle repairs on the power conduits were in progress. The shuttle was

being examined in detail by engineers who wanted to learn more about the

slipstream system. Only those with the highest security clearance were allowed

on the Kes. The information requests were almost complete except the medical

exams. Two of the officers were given five days of shore leave.

For being on earth for three days, they were progressing quickly. Harry was

beginning to worry. This was going too smoothly. Bitter experience had told him

that some one for some reason were speeding their requests along. They should

have had many more problems with getting all of the supplies and the funds they

needed. They obviously had friends in very high places that were see to it that

they got what they needed who didn't want to show themselves yet. Harry was the

last member to give his report. He added to his earlier report and told of the

medical exam and the medical information offices demands.

"I was not aware that Mr. Paris was that advanced in his medical training,"

Tuvok stated. His contact with Paris was usually on the bridge.

"Remember the accident?" Harry asked, Tuvok nodded. "Doc took Williams,

Tom took Baytart and Bridges tried out the Paris-Seven biobed. All major

surgeries. The last medical padd I saw of his was neurosurgery. You should hear

B'Elanna complain about his homework."

"She had made those complaints well known," Tuvok remarked.

Harry laughed, "You should see how fast she runs to another part of the ship

when Tom is studying for a test. She's half Klingon, you would think that she

could handle all that messy medical stuff, but she can't. Of course, she usually

ends up at my place both of us hiding from Tom's medical education."

"Mr. Paris is your friend, should not you be supportive of his efforts?" Tuvok


"I do support him but that doesn't mean that I can help him study. I tried it once.

It gave me nightmares for a week." Harry joked. "Medicine has never been a good area of study for me. I used to get sick in first aid classes."

Harry could tell that Tuvok thought that this situation was filled with irony. The

others at the meet were not so kind, they laughed at him.

Harry remarked that they would need to talk to whomever was in charge of

classifying Voyager. They had Tom's records and the Doctor's formal request.

Harry could access neither. The meeting broke up at that time. Tuvok wanted

probmeone from Voyager to be on the Kes are all times. He didn't want any

over-zealot engineer to accidentally damage the shuttle. Vorik and Rollins had

this unpleasant duty. Carey and Hamilton had home leave. Harry had to

complete his purchases and then he would be going home. A little shopping and

he was home free for at least a week.

Harry spent the evening trying to figure out how to tell his parents that they can't

tell anyone that he was home. He had another problem, Libby. When he was

accidentally brought into the alternative universe where he wasn't assigned on

Voyager, the alien said that Libby had married someone else while he was gone.

Harry really did hope that the alien was right. He could then tell his parents about

him and Seven without guilt. He couldn't admit to his parents that he had been

head over heals in lust with Seven for more than six months before she even

noticed that he wasn't a piece of machinery. He still had to buy his present to

Tom and B'Elanna but he couldn't decide what they would like.

Harry's leave started at 1400 the next after noon. He spent the morning waiting

for people in his quarters. Mrs. Janeway had ordered everything they had bought

the previous day to be delivered to him. Harry replicated care package storage

boxes and as the items came in he inventoried it and then separated it into the

appropriate box. Lena's order he just left in it shipping boxes.

Tuvok granted the leave with the caveat that if Starfleet Command wanted to

discuss the shuttle design, Harry was to make himself available. Harry was

packed and on the road in less than a half hour. Harry called Commander

Robeshaw with the news and told him to store the care packages in his quarters

until they started packing the shuttle for the return trip. Tuvok had the access

code. ~~~ Harry had checked the records before leaving the academy. There it

was, his parent's new house. It was much smaller than the home that he had

grown up in. He knocked on the front door, feeling very strange about it but

uncomfortable about busting in and giving his dad a heart attack. His mom

answered the door.

"Yes, young man." she answered with out taking a good look at him.

"Hi, Mom," Harry said and step forward and hugged her.

"Voyager's Home!!" She practically yelled.

"No Mom, Voyager isn't home yet. Let's go into the house and I'll explain what I

can. A lot of this is classified so you're getting a really edited version of the

story," Harry told her as they walked into the house.

They surprised his dad in the kitchen. All three were in tears. Harry started his

story about a special shuttle and a quick trip home to get supplies for Voyager to

bring them home as fast as possible. The exact time line was classified. Harry

was emotionally exhausted by the time that he finished but he had to ask, "How's


His parent didn't meet his eyes, finally his mother started, "She grieved for you for

two years and then she moved on. She meet a young man and is married with

three children."

Harry smiled, "I'm glad she's happy. I also moved on while I was on Voyager."

He went to his bag and pulled out the pictures. "These are of us and my main

rivals, Nick and Peter. Before you ask, no the kids are a fellow crew members,

not ours. Those two have had her wrapped around their little fingers since they

were twenty minutes old. I'm sure that you have guessed by now that she is the

blond. Her name is Seven."

His parents looked at the pictures and smiled as a specific one. It was a candid

shot of him playing on the rim and Seven with a strange dreamy, drifting look on

her face. "When were these taken?" his mom asked.

"Not long ago. We were on shore leave on this wonderful uninhabited world.

We would take a blanket, go up to the rim of the canyon where we staying and I

would play down the sun. She found it very romantic." His mom showed him

another, "That was a party at the end of the shore leave. Most of these pictures

were taken at that party, The temporary ship's counselor thought that the crew

members' families would be reassured by pictures of us relaxing."

They talked about Harry's life on Voyager. The edited good parts, they would

hear about the others soon enough. At 0130, his mom showed him to the guest

room. They had moved because they couldn't take the memories of the old place

where Harry had spent most of his youth.

They got to know each other again in the next four days. Harry was so happy to

see his parents that he forgot to worry about the Kes' unknown benefactors. One

day he and his mom had gone shopping, trying to find the wedding present. He

had finally found it.

He was meet at the door of his family home by four security officers. The red shirted Lieutenant addressed him, "Ensign Kim, Please come with us."

"Let me pack my stuff and I'll be right with you," Harry stalled. He didn't know

what was going on but this was not how a loyal officer should be contacted.

"Ensign Malory, will accompany you," the Lieutenant stated.

Harry turned to his mom, "I don't know exactly what is going on but I promise

that I am not in trouble. I'm going to pack my stuff. I'll make sure that the care

packages get to the people we bought for."

"I'll pack the toys for you. Are you sure that they are going to be able to play with

them?" His mom asked, trying to cover her terror.

"I'm sure. Nick and Peter will be walking by the time I get back to my ship."

Harry stated, being very careful not to mention Voyager's name.

Harry went into his room and started packing. He addressed to ensign, "What is

this all about?"

"We were only informed to get you and deliver you. We were not give specifics,"

the ensign admitted.

"Anything short of the President of the Federation demanding my presents, I am

filling a formal protest. I am on shore leave. I don't have to be back to San

Francisco until day after tomorrow," Harry finished packing his clothes and the

presents. His mom had understood about Nick and Peter, she had picked out a

toy for each for their first birthday.

Harry and the security team arrived at the Starfleet command headquarters. They

delivered him to an office of Admiral William Smyth. Harry grew angrier by the

minute. He used to think that he was one of the easiest going people he knew.

*This admiral couldn't just call him, he had to send an armed security team to

scare my mom.*

Harry was ushered into the interoffice. The admiral was setting at his desk. "Mr.

Kim, I'm glad that you were available. I want you to stay on earth and go to work

for me."

Harry's temper hit an all time high, "What are you talking about?"

"I've been put in charge of building a warship using the slipstream drive. I want

you to stay on earth and design the ship. What is so difficult to understand," the

older man demanded.

"Nothing, I'm going back to Voyager," Harry stated and started for the door.

"I can have you transferred," Smyth threatened.

"I've been on a deep space mission for over five years, I have nine months of

accumulated home leave built up. You transfer me and I'll go on my home leave

and you will see me in nine months, not a second before," Harry shot back.

"This is the highest priority project in this building. I will have that leave

revoked," the admiral yelled.

"I'll fight you. You sent armed men to my parents' home to take me away. I'll

never willingly work with someone with that little regard for their staff," Harry


"Your record doesn't mention your prima donna attitude," Smyth retorted, trying

to insult Harry.

Harry suddenly saw an opportunity to get many things he wanted, "If you want

that ship design on time, I can deliver the whole design team but you better be

prepared to pay up."

"I'll just have them transferred." Smyth sounded bored.

"No, you can't. The other team members are not Starfleet officers. We have

several demands that you have to agree to before I leave to go back to Voyager.

I'll take your design project with me and it will be done before Voyager makes

standard orbit around Earth," Harry stated.

"What do you want?" Smyth asked, thinking that he was buying time.

"I want the Maquis on Voyager to be given total amnesty because of their service

to Voyager. I want the Federation to promise in writing that no one will ever

attempt to hold Seven of Nine against her will. I want the Maquis to be offered a

Starfleet commission at their current rank. I want Tom Paris to be given a

complete pardon and his records expunged. I also want Starfleet to acknowledge

the adoption of Annika Hansen by Captain Kathryn Janeway," Harry stated.

"What do I get?" Smyth asked. Those demands were huge. The problem was

that he needed to designs as soon as possible. If he had to deal with this spoiled

ensign, he would.

"The main design team for a full year after Voyager gets back." Harry offered.

"You already will have the first project done."

"Five years." Smyth demanded.

"Two years. I can only promise two years without the rest of the team," Harry

told him.

"I'll have to go to the highest level of command to get those demands. I don't

know why you are so worried about that screw up Paris kid. His father is a fine


"Thanks for reminding me, Admiral Paris is not allowed anywhere near any of the

projects that we are working on. I know that he is a wildness survival instructor

but he is to have nothing to do with the team," Harry stated.

"Why not?"

"I'll draw you a picture. Tom Paris was taught from the time he was five years

old that his flying skills were the only thing that mattered by his father. Tom does

a lot more than that in this team. Why sabotage ourselves?" Harry asked. He

was calming down, "If you don't get Tom's record expunged, then he won't be

able to work for you. They won't give him the security clearance for the project.

If you don't get off the Maquis then one crucial member of the team is going to be

in jail rather than working for you. The commissions are just a plus for her. The

other stuff is for the Captain. She has never let me down before, I refuse to let

her down now."

"Do you actually think that you will get everything you want?" Smyth asked as he

leaned back in his chair.

"Yes, You may not like what I want but if you want this team to work for you...I

will get it. I'm going back to my temporary quarters at the Academy." Harry left

without waiting to be dismissed.

Harry was still upset so he took his stuff to his temporary quarters planning on

calling his parents and explaining that the security people just took him to an

admiral who had a weird idea on how to influence people to work for him. He

then planned to change his clothes and go and work off some of his tension. He

was surprised to find that one wall was stacked with care packages. He smiled.

He had left his ten packages on the floor against that wall and the others had just

built on his placement. He did a quick count and found that all the care packages

were there.

Harry called Tuvok. Tuvok was out but he needed to know about Kim's argument

with Admiral William Smyth. Harry also sent his thanks to Mitch Robeshaw and

a request for a list of name of all the people that had worked on the project.

Harry was hopping to get them at least letter of thanks from the Captain. Considering how command was handling this, Harry thought that they should get

a letter commendation. They went well beyond the call of duty to help out a crew

that they had never meet. They didn't even know that one of their own was a

crew member.

The call home actually went better than he thought it would. Smyth had called

before Harry did and apologized for the strong arm tactics.

Harry packaged the items that he had gotten while with his parents and changed

into his workout clothes. A nice easy Klingon exercise program sounded like fun.

He was at the door when the comm rang out. It was Tuvok. Rather than trying to

explain what happened over the comm system, Harry asked it they could meet.

Tuvok came to Harry's quarters.

Harry started at the beginning and told the entire story, including all of his


"Ensign, why did you take it upon yourself to start these negotiations?" Tuvok


"I saw an opportunity to get everything that the Captain wanted plus the stuff for

Tom. Smyth wants the team. He needs to get that project done. He doesn't have

time to start a battle of wills with a lowly ensign. I won't win the battle but I

could delay long enough that he loses the war," Harry stated, unsure how else to

explain his actions.

"Please continue with your reasoning, although to this point you seemed to be

based on emotions, you do seem to made an opportunity. I would like to know

why you agreed to two years." Tuvok stated.

"The four of us working for a jerk at headquarters is much better than the Maquis

serving ten to twenty at New Zealand Penal colony." Harry stated, "I know that

Tom would honor any deal that we can make that keeps B'Elanna out of prison.

"Seven may not feel the same way," Tuvok observed.

"No but the Captain will. We are not dropping Seven over there without us. I

will be there, so will Tom and B'Elanna. We will protect her." Harry knew that

he had gone over the line, actually several lines, but he knew his friends. This

deal would be best for them and they would honor it.

Tuvok nodded, "I have powers of attorney for all the crew members involved

except you. The contract will be legal. What compromises would you accept?"

"No compromises. The Maquis free and with career choices, Seven free and adopted, and Tom getting his record expunged are my demands. The stuff for

Tom wasn't one of my demands really, if they want him on the project than they

have to fix his record so that he can have a security clearance. I'll go up to 3

years, if I have to," Harry stated. "I even promised that we would have the first

project done before we reached orbit."

Tuvok nodded, "I will contact the Admiral that is so interested in the design team.

I will continue the negotiations that you started."

Harry was happy that Tuvok had taken over. Tuvok was slightly disapproving of

Harry's methods for starting the talks but the talks were now open. Tuvok was

not going to allow such an opportunity to slip away. The Captain had given him a

mission and he was going to fulfill that mission.

Harry didn't hear anything about the negotiation during the days that he spent

helping loading the Kes' for the voyage back. They had all the supplies they were

sent for. Naomi's art was back on the wall.

The day before they were to leave, Harry and Tuvok went to Smyth office. The

contract was there. Harry had gotten all of his demands and the President of the

Federation had actually signed it. Harry really didn't care why. Tuvok and the

lawyer that he hired had approved the contract. Harry was signing away two

years of his life and Tuvok was sign for the rest of the team. Harry was slightly

shocked. They didn't even know the names of the other team members.

He could really tell who read the documentation that Tom had worked so hard on.

The team members were listed in the first paragraph on the first page. Harry

wasn't sure that he wanted to let Tom know that all his work was being ignored.

Everyone had turned to B'Elanna's report about how to build a slipstream engine

and the theoretical report that Seven had written. Harry shook hands with the

admiral and started to leave. "Stop, I'm sending the project and a project superior

back to Voyager with you. Tuvok stated extra crew would be needed to fulfill

your time limitations. They are going back in stasis since that shuttle of yours

isn't big enough to handle that many people."

"We can get it done. We'll have five months of short jumps and ship

modifications. I'll just get the Captain to put us on the night shift again," Harry


"Tuvok and your parents both have assured me that you are usually easy to work

with. Why the brat act when you came in here?" Smyth asked.

"Your actions scared my mother and you were threatening to separate me from

my surrogate family and my girlfriend. Why shouldn't I make demands, nothing

you could do to me was worse than your original threat," Harry stated. "The team will spend the next two years working a projects that are more interesting than

simple boarder duty. If I know Tom, after they get here, he's going to try and talk

B'Elanna into have a baby or two."

"Why the adoption stuff and demand for the ex-Borg, Seven?" Smyth was

suddenly realizing that he and Starfleet had payed a very high price for his

mistakes when first talking to Kim.

"You still don't know, Annika Hanson and Seven of Nine are the same person.

The Federation had just promised not to try anything against her will. Captain

Janeway now has parental rights over Seven, just in case someone finds a loop

hole in our agreement." Harry had a certain satisfaction in that small deception.

"Do I get a look at the project before we leave or after we get to Voyager?"

"Voyager. Lieutenant Commander Quent will be carrying the information back to

Voyager with him in stasis."

"Thank you, nice doing business with you. We'll report in when Voyager hits the

system," Harry stated and left the office.

Smyth was now more than a little upset. Security was going to be after his hide

for letting the Borg get away. There was a loop hole in the contract, a very well

hidden one that let security question Seven as long as they wanted. Now Janeway

would put a stop to that. Tuvok must have know about the loop hole but let it

slide so that no one would think he spent any time on that area of the contract.

Smyth now had a design team that was the best that he had ever seen if the Kes

was any indication. They were inventive, willing to try new technology and they

seemed to work fast if the documentation was any indication. They also had a

very well established idea of how to build a ship that would come home all shot

up but would always come home. For a small freighter, the Kes was a

surprisingly versatile ship. ~~~ Harry was packing his belongs, getting ready to

transfer up to the starship in orbit where the Kes was hidden in the shuttle bay.

The ship was packed and they were planning to leave in 29 hours. The extra crew

that was traveling in self-powered stasis units were being secured in what was to

be the office space. Twelve chambers per small room, cramped but they were

asleep so they didn't care. Tuvok had to fight for the biobed. Medical had taken

it for testing and wanted to keep it. Tuvok argued that the Kes needed it only

medical facility. Tuvok finally won by pointing out that the plans were included

with the shuttle design. They could built their own.

The announcer rang, Harry called "Come" assuming that the visitor was an away

team member.

"Are you the ensign that got me blackballed from working in the design area of Starfleet?" the admiral asked from across the room.

"Admiral Owen Paris, I presume." Harry stated more than asked.

"Yes, you don't even know me so how could you make an stupid demand like

that?" he was clearly getting angry.

"I don't know you on sight because Tom doesn't have a picture of you. That

should say a lot about your relationship with you son , that he doesn't even want

to have your picture up." Harry commented. He was surprised, this was the

second admiral in two weeks that he told off. "I know that you and Tom can't

work together. I know that I need Tom's abilities more than they may need you."

"Thomas' only worth is as a pilot and he can even kill people with that," Paris

stated like his opinion was gospel.

"Tom had saved my life too many times to count. He is about to take the medical

board exams to become a doctor. I don't care what you think of Tom but you are

not going to mess up his life now. He's been building it since he walked on

Voyager." Harry took a good look at the admiral, he was ignoring Harry's praise

of Tom. "If I were getting married in 5 weeks, I know that my parents would at

least ask about the girl that I'm marrying."

"She must have horrible taste in men if she wants him," Owen Paris passed


"No actually she loves him. The him that he built on Voyager. Loyal to a fault.

Always putting himself in danger for others. Willing to do everything he could

for the crew. He has spent so much time in sickbay that Doc was happy to get

him as an assistant, it cut down on how often Tom could hurt himself," Harry

stated. "Your problem was that you were so busy looking for flaws, you never

saw that Tom is one of the best and brightest."

"He sure has you conned."

"No, the first thing he did for me was save me from a Ferengi bent on making a

sale. Our friendship had been growing since that day on DS9. I know him better

than you ever will. The longest time that we have been apart in seven years is

this two-month mission. If we count the days, I'll bet that I spent more time with

him in seven years than you did in eighteen. He's the big brother that I always

wanted," Harry stated, turning to his packing, "You can leave at any time. I have

work to do."

"You can't get away with talking to me like this!" Owen Paris shouted.

"Take it up with Admiral Smyth. As soon as Voyager gets back, he'll be my new

boss. I don't think that he will be very sympathetic. He needs the design team

more than he needs to feed your ego." Harry finished packing and walked over to

the computer terminal. He checked for any last minute messages and ordered any

messages to him to go the ship for the next 24 hours and to be archive after that

for his return.

Owen Paris continued to stand there watching this 20-something ensign act like

he was the problem when the whole world knew that Tom was a loser. He

suddenly spoke up, "If Tom is so loyal, why did he join the Maquis?"

"You taught him that he was only good for flying. Who else was going to let him

fly? Even when he had spent a full shift in sickbay, he is still willing to fly

Voyager," Harry stated, his voice implied that Paris was too distant to

understand. "I have to leave."

Harry grabbed his stuff and left. He wasn't too surprised that Owen Paris didn't

know Tom. If he did Tom would never have fallen from grace. ~~~ The shuttle

was packed and ready. They had a cargo of 12.4925 metric tons of a 12.5- ton

capacity and twenty-four people. The crew settled into the old routine of flying

the Kes. They were three weeks from home and Harry was looking forward to

seeing Seven. Explaining the deal to the Captain and the others wouldn't be easy

but they did have a deal that Harry felt he could live with. He knew that Tom

would love the idea. He could fly later but this kept B'Elanna at his side.

Harry went through the rest of the stay on the alpha quadrant without telling off

another superior officer. He never thought that would be a goal in his life. He

had built himself up to making a full confession to Tuvok after they left. This

was his second confession in less than two weeks. He made his move at the end

of his first shift on the Kes.

"Tuvok, I need to talk to you," Harry stated.

"Yes," this was as receptive as Tuvok got.

"I'll start in the beginning. Yesterday, when I was packing to leave, Admiral

Owen Paris came to my room. He wanted to know why I made the side demand

that he was to have nothing to do with any of the design teams projects. I told

Smyth that one of the team couldn't work with him. From my perspective, Tom

was more important to the design team then the admiral. He was upset about it,

called my demands 'stupid.' He then continued to insult Tom and myself. I lost

my temper and told him off. He had the nerve to pass judgement on B'Elanna

before even meeting her."

"Did he announce himself?" Tuvok asked.

"No, just asked if I was the ensign that got him blackballed. I asked if he was

Admiral Paris. He barely acknowledged it or me," Harry stated.

"Don't concern yourself with the incident. He should not have contacted you,"

Tuvok stated, knowing that the admiral would not press the issue. The admiral

had no reason for make a private visit to Ensign Kim.

"Thank you," Harry told Tuvok. He was feeling better about the whole

conversation. ~~~ The three weeks again passed peaceably for the shuttle crew.

They worked their shifts and enjoyed the fresh food supplies. Harry couldn't

figure out how they rated so much good food but they had it. He was looking

forward to getting home. The long trip was more nerve wreaking than he thought

it would be. Command was in the middle of the Cardassian-Dominion war and

wanted the new slipstream ship as fast as possible. The only reason that they had

met Harry's demands was that need.

The shuttle was at the rendezvous point two days before Voyager. Harry would

have loved to just land the Kes and worry about the load later but the mass of the

load was too much for the shuttle bay. They had to beam most of the component

over before the Kes would be light enough to land.

As soon as they were in communications range, Tuvok contacted Voyager. "Kes

to Voyager."

The Captain answered, "Tuvok, nice to see you again. How was your mission?"

"We obtained very good results on our main mission adjectives. We are fully

loaded with requested items and many of out legal issues have been taken care

of." Tuvok reported.

"We were also assigned twenty-four more crew members."

"That should fill out the crew roster nicely," the Captain stated, she had a small

hope that they were the specialists that Voyager needed.

"I have one question," Chakotay stated, "Is the Captain a mom, Tuvok?"

"Yes," Tuvok stated. "The legal maters are complicated, I suggest that we wait

until after docking to discuss this."

"Fine, send a copy of your manifest over so that we can start assigning space.

We'll start the transferring cargo as soon as we get in range," the Captain stated.

"Yes, Captain," Tuvok replied.

"Chakotay, see to the arrangements, I'll be in astrometrics. I'm going to go and

inform Seven that she's a Janeway," the Captain ordered.

Seven was more excited that Harry was home than she was that the adoption had

not been challenged. The crew had been very careful that Seven wasn't allowed

to spend too much time alone. Tom and B'Elanna had created a project to help

her fill her time. They wanted to modify the replicators so that they used less

power and thus rations, to create the requested items. B'Elanna thought that the

project would take a very long time, but actually when they applied their attention

to the project, it took 8 weeks. They finished it the day before. Seven and

B'Elanna had created the ideas and modified the replicators. Tom had his old job

and created the documentation.

Seven also spent many evening helping the babies learn to walk. They were now

getting into more trouble than ever before. She had saved most of her holodeck

time, she rather spend that time with Harry. Companionship was what she had

missed the most. ~~~ When the two vessels were close enough, they started

transferring cargo. Most of it was packaged in storage boxes and was easy to

handle. The cargo filled cargo bays 1 and 2. Cargo bay 3 was the hydroponics

bay. The Kes still had about half a load and Voyager was running out of storage

space. This was a problem that Voyager had never had before. The Captain went

as far as taking one of the holodecks out of service and using that for cargo. They

still had another larger problem, what to do with 24 additional crews members.

They had planed for 6 additions because that was the crew limit of the shuttle.

Lena spent the next day going crazy trying to find quarters for them. Although

Voyager did have empty quarters, most hadn't been used since the ship landed in

the delta quadrant. They were the smaller, more cramped quarters, usually set

aside for young ensigns. They were abandoned in favor of everyone being on a

few floors as possible, 22 quarters were on that deck and the deck had been on

limited life support for seven years. The ships services crews spent a very busy

fourteen hours getting the deck habitable. That left 2 more quarters to find. One

was easy, Tom's office. The other was harder, she had to find two people that

didn't mind being room mates. She talked to several people about it and they

politely refused. The reasons were simple, they were comfoed wle with their

current situations. Lena got desperate enough to start thinking of unusual

solutions, that included moving Harry in with Seven. Lena asked the Captain to

talk to Harry since he was still on the Kes, awaiting landing.

"Harry, I have a huge favor to ask," Lena started, "I was able to find quarters for

23 of the 24 new crew members. I need someone to give up their quarters. I

know that it's a lot to ask, but would you be willing to move in with Seven?"

Harry smiled, "you don't believe in discrete do you?"

"No, I'm desperate right now. I know where you spend most of you nights

anyway, would it be such a big deal to move in with Seven? You did help her

decorate it," Lena pressed. She know that Seven would be happy with the


"Have you asked Seven yet?" Harry asked.

"No. I didn't want to hurt her feelings if you wanted to keep your own quarters,"

Lena told him.

"I'll talk to Seven and let you know," Harry replied thoughtfully. He knew that

they would get to this point when they would think about moving in together but

never thought that some else would suggest it because of space problems.

Seven was very calm and would have appeared detached to someone that didn't

know her as well as Harry did. She was trying to control her emotions.

"Would you like it if I moved in with you?" Harry asked.

She smiled slightly, "does this mean that you will not leave in the middle of the

night to protect my reputation?"

"It means that everyone on the ship will know. After the first fierier of gossip and

pool payoffs, no one will really care," Harry commented, hoping to sound casual.

"I believe that would be an effective use of space and time," Seven answered.

This was as close to declaring love as Seven had ever come. She wanted him to

be there all the time, not just as an occasional visitor.

"I have to start a new round of cargo transfers could you inform Lena she can

have my old quarters." He asked.

"Yes, I will also move your belongs," Seven stated. She knew where he keep

most items. She spent her lunch break working with a crew from ship's services

moving Harry in with her. She arranged his stuff in with hers. She couldn't

explain why but it felt right to have his things mixed with hers.

The only person not happy with this development was the Captain.

"Captain, have you seen the new crew quarters assignments?" Chakotay asked.

"No, is there a problem?" the Captain asked. She knew that ships' services was

working overtime to get the ship ready for that many new people.

"Check out who changed quarters," he suggested, knowing that Janeway would have problems with the idea of Seven and Harry moving in together since he had

been gone for so long.

"Whose idea was this?" she demanded.

Chakotay shrugged, "I don't know but before you get too upset, remember you

told Seven that the adoption was a legal maneuver and you would not interfere

with her love life."

"She isn't ready for this move," Janeway stated, sure of her opinion.

"Have you listened to some of her comments since Harry's been gone. 'My

quarters feel empty without his personal items and uniforms there.' I think that

they have been unofficially living together since she got her own quarters. Just as

much of his personality is in her decor as hers," Chakotay pointed out.

"This is harder than I thought it would be. Officially, I'm her mother but in

reality, I'm her commanding officer. I still want to hear all the particulars from

Tuvok. I don't understand why he won't just tell us what happened. It's not like

Tuvok to be an obstructionist," Janeway stated.

"It may be more complicated than we hoped. We'll just have to wait until he

comes aboard. It should be just a few more hours," Chakotay tried to calm her.

She usually didn't let these little frustrations get to her but the stress must be

much higher the usual.

"Schedule the meeting for tomorrow morning at 0900. Tell B'Elanna that she

can't get started on the slipstream conversion until the day after tomorrow. We

need to inventory what we got and get the new people settled. Should we assign

someone as a guide? All those new people being dumped into our closed society

is going to be difficult to handle," Janeway commented.

"I will assign Lena as guide. She will make sure that they know the important

things about Voyager. We have a supply of replicator parts. Are we going to stay

on rations?"

"Yes, we have no idea what problems lay ahead of us. I'd rather be safe and limit

their use for now." she said.

"Do you think that Neelix should be the person to hand out the care packages?

He did a good job as mail man," Chakotay suggested. She brightened visibly.

She had requested all of her favorite coffees from home.

"Have the packages been unloaded yet?"

"No, Harry suggested that they come over last. He called it a treat for getting all

the work done. Besides having them here before the cargo work is done could

distract people from their jobs," Chakotay stated.

"Tell Neelix that he is in charge of the packages. Hand them out as best he can

without causing a riot. Did you ask for anything to be sent?" she asked.

"I asked Harry to find a specific wedding present," Chakotay admitted.

"I asked my mother for coffee and an bridal shower gift. I have a feeling that

Tom and B'Elanna are going to be the big winners in this one," she commented

amused that they had both asked for presents.

"You're right. Their wedding is going to be a lot bigger than they wanted to be.

B'Elanna said that they wanted a small ceremony, instead they will have 150

guests. Neelix offered to cater the reception but Lena offered ships services to

take care of the reception," Chakotay stated.

She looked at her desk, and turned back to work, "What comes over next?"

"The stasis chambers. I'm sending Tom down to medical to help the Doc revive

them and take care of any emergencies. This load, the care packages, then

Tuvok suggested that we beam Tom over to bring her in. That brings us to the

big home coming and then we get our hands on the legal paperwork that Tuvok

seems unwilling to discuss," Chakotay reviewed the work remaining. He

smiled, "I heard Lena give Seven specific instruction on how to greet Harry."

She raised an eye brow, a movement that always meant *tell me more.*

"Seven is to allow Harry to talk to us first, after that she is allowed to hug him as

tight as she wants without causing physical injury. She is allowed to follow his

lead in kissing but she may start if she wishes. Lena was very specific about this

last part. If they both have the rest of the day off, she may drag him to her

quarters and engage in any activities that they both desire." Chakotay had found

Lena's instruction this morning at breakfast funny but then realized that it was

exactly how he would want to be greeted by a lover.

"Do you think Seven will ever develop beyond needing a set procedures?" the

Captain asked.

"No, she will always need a set of internal instruction to be able to interact with

others. Lena's hope is that Seven will develop her own instructions. I think that

will be the best compromise for her. She needs a very highly structured life.

Starfleet might be able to provide it," Chakotay stated, he knew that Seven was in for a very difficult few years adjusting to Earth and the apparently unstructured

human society.

"Call her to the shuttle bay just before the shuttle lands. They both have the next

24 hours off, except for the meeting tomorrow morning," she ordered.

"Already done. The Kes should be land in about two hours." Chakotay left the

room, seeing to his duties. ~~~ The sickbay was a scene of controlled chaos.

Some of the people were waking up from stasis with no after effects, while others

were slightly disoriented. Tom was going from patient to patient running quick

scans to make sure everyone was physically fine.

He was almost done with those who were awake when Naomi came in. He went

to her.

"Hi, honey, what's wrong?"

"I hit my head," the little girl announced.

"Lets get you up on a bed and than I'll fix it." She nodded at him, just noticing all

the new people in sickbay, "How did you hit your head?"

"I was chasing Nick and I fell hit my head on the door casing," she told him.

"Why were you chasing Nick?" Tom thought that Nick might have made a run

for it down the corridor, again.

"Because he ran," she explained like he was a little slow, to her kid logic chasing

Nick was just what she did.

"You're okay, I'm going to fix it some so it doesn't hurt, okay?" Tom asked.

"Okay," Naomi trusted Uncle Tommy.

Tom waved his dermal regenerater over her forehead. "Did you tell your mom

about your fall?"

"No, she's on duty," Naomi stated.

"All done." He put down his instrument and reached over to help her down, "you

haven't paid you doctor's bill yet."

She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you."

"Your welcome. Where are you suppose to be?"

"With Lieutenant Anderson, playing with the babies before dinner," Naomi


"Go back there, I'll call your mom about your fall." She started out the door as

Chakotay came in. She run up to him, waiting for her hug.

"Little one, why are you here?" Chakotay asked.

"I fell down but Uncle Tommy fixed it," she announced. "I have to go back and

play with the babies some more."

"Go play with the babies," Chakotay smiled. Naomi could be a handful but she

was a good kid considering how much attention she received from being the only

child on Voyager for five years. She skipped out the door. "Paris, I need you to

transport over to the Kes and bring her in."

"I have three more patients to check and I'm all yours. Where can we store all

these stasis chambers?" Tom asked. He knew that the ship was loaded to the

brim with supplies and materials.

"On the Kes, after you land it," Chakotay stated.

Tom quickly finished and left.

One of the new crew members looked at each of them, he pointed to Chakotay

and asked the Doctor, "Isn't he one of the Maquis traitors?"

"He is the executive officer on this ship, you should show him all due respect for

his position." Doc had never thought that he would hear any one talk so

disrespectfully about another member of the crew. The distinction between the

two crews had blurred to the point that hearing some one make it was unsettling.

The next comment was from an older Lieutenant, "Tom Paris, I know that name.

He was a Maquis traitor who went to prison didn't he?"

"Mr. Paris is a senior officer on this ship. He also works here in sickbay. I

suggest that you refrain from commenting, if the Captain hears about it you will

be placed on report. However, if the Chief Engineer hears about it, she will come

after you," the Doctor warned them. "Angering a Klingon is never a good idea."

"Why would the Chief Engineer get angry?" an ensign asked.

"They are to be married in exactly 15 days," the Doctor announced.

Lena came into sickbay, "Lieutenant Williams, what can I do for you?" the Doctor asked.

"Nothing, I'm here to do some quick orientation for this group then take them to

holodeck 3 to get their stuff and show them their quarters. Are you keeping any

of them?" Lena asked.

"No, you may takly ll of them," the Doctor dismissed.

"I'll start with the basics. Welcome to the USS Voyager. We are in the delta

quadrant. I noticed that most of you are in engineering, we are modifying

Voyager to use the slipstream drive like the shuttle that you came in. You were

only asleep for three weeks."

"Voyager rules is simple. There is no distinction between Starfleet and Maquis.

Don't make comments and you will stay out of trouble. We have three children on

board. They have never met an adult that wasn't friendly. Everyone is aunt and

uncle to them, don't be surprised if they are afraid of you, you are new and they

have never meet another human in the alpha quadrant that wasn't a member of the

crew and a fixture in their lives forever."

"If you hear any one yell out the names, Nick or Peter. Start looking. They are

eleven months old and are walking. Nick accidentally opened a jefferies tube the

other day and decided to crawl in. We have to protect the kids from the ship and

the ship from the kids. If you have any question, just ask. Lets all go and get

your bags from the holodeck." Lena lead the parade out of sickbay.

It felt like a parade. The old crew members viewed this new group like they

were illusions or in awe. The kids and Seven weren't the only ones that were

going to have to adjust to the Federation at large. ~~~ Tom brought the Kes in to

a perfect landing. Harry was happy to see Tom but couldn't meet his eyes.

"I made a deal with Starfleet and I need to tell you and B'Elanna about it," Harry


"Sure, when?" Tom asked. He had only seen Harry in this bad of shape once,

when Seven had suggested that they copulate a few months after she came on


"Tomorrow morning 0730. Come over for breakfast. I should have lots of

replicator credit to blow," Harry told him.

"Where your place or Seven's?" Tom ask his eyes sparkling with humor.

"Our place, better known as Seven's. I moved in while I was away," Harry joked,

relaxing some, confession would be difficult but he was getting used to it.

Harry came out of the Kes and greeted the Captain and Chakotay. Seven was

hanging back until she heard Janeway dismiss him. Then, Seven practically

launched herself at him. She followed Lena's instructions to the letter, she didn't

cause any physical injuries. They kissed much longer than was appropriate for

their surroundings. It ended when Harry heard Tom clear his throat, a not so

subtle way of reminding them that they had an audience. Harry took Seven's hand

and lead her out of the shuttle bay. They did not stop until they were in their

quarters. Seven again followed Lena's instructions, 'Do what ever you both

desire.' ~~~ Lena lead the parade down to the holodeck and then dropped them

off one by one. The only ones left to go to the other decks were the Lieutenant

Commander and a Lieutenant. Lena took the Lieutenant to Harry's old quarters.

She then addressed the Lieutenant Commander. "We have a slight problem with

your quarters, Sir. They were the largest available so I assigned them to you. The

problem is that the design team has been using them as an office for over a year.

It has a bed but I need to get you a some living room furniture."

"That will be fine. Why was the design team using living quarters for an office?"

Lieutenant Commander Quent asked.

"The quarters were assigned to Lieutenant Tom Paris. He moved in with

B'Elanna about 18 months ago. They ran out of room in B'Elanna quarters for the

shuttle design materials so they started to storing stuff here, then it evolved into

Tom's office for the mock-up part of the project. After that, it became

construction headquarters for the shuttle. I don't know how they did it but the Kes

is a successful design."

"You have seen them work?" he asked curiously.

"I did the sanitation and interior design. They are unique. The first part of the

Kes' design was hammered out on the floor of the Captain's ready room. Tom

was commanding officer for the delta shift and the ensigns that he was working

with weren't ready for the full responsibility of command. The team sat on the

floor around a coffee table and designed the shuttle while babysitting a colicky

baby with the door open just in case something happened on the bridge that Tom

needed to attend to," Lena described their unusual methods.

"Didn't the Captain object to them stealing her ready room?" he asked.

"The Captain is a smart woman, she gives them assignments and gets out of their


"Total freedom?" He was amazed that an officer would suggest that a project

would be turned over the designers completely.

"She approves the specs. She made a few changes and they designed the ship.

She didn't care how they did it as long as it worked." Lena paused this discussion

was invading the team privacy. "I'll have a team here in the morning with

furniture." Lena left with out checking for padds or designs. At least they had

taken down the construction schedule from the wall. ~~~ Harry and Seven were

barely dressed when Tom and B'Elanna showed up at 0745. Tom had called

Harry at 0715 to remind him about this meeting he wanted. Harry ordered french

toast with strawberries for breakfast and coffee.

"How did the Kes preform?" B'Elanna asked.

"Great. Every engineer who could, came to stare and drool at your engine. Most

couldn't believe that your small engine could do everything that it did. Carey and

Hamilton both had to stop people that wanted to take it apart just to see how it

was put together," Harry informed her. "They drew a lot of attention from

command too."

"No other problems?" Tom asked, hoping this would lead Harry into telling them

why they were up and here at this time of the morning.

"Not with the ship directly. I think I should start at the beginning. I'm going to

tell the same stuff to the Captain at the morning meeting but since this effect us

the most, I thought that you should be the first to know. I was on shore leave at

my parents . . ." Harry started. He told his story and of the promised two years of

service in exchange for the concessions. ". . .I knew that they would want us but

they payed for it."

"Why two years?" B'Elanna demanded.

"Two years was better than the five they wanted. I figured that two years working

on a warship with slipstream drive would be preferable to prison for treason,"

Harry stated. He knew that B'Elanna would have problems with this. Ground

time meant that she would not be the chief engineer on a ship and that the engines

she designed were going to be someone else's babies.

"They actually let you get away with that?" Tom asked. This wasn't the first time

that someone had blackmail Starfleet command but they blackmailer usually

ended up with very little.

"Smyth, the guy we will be working for, called me a prima donna and a few other

names, including disloyal but the agreement was signed. Tuvok made sure that

there were no loopholes about the Maquis. He found a few loopholes about

Seven but we have them covered. They had intended to have security take over

Seven's care until they were satisfied that she had told them everything she knows

about the Borg. The problem is that they have custody of Seven of Nine but that identity no longer applies. She is Anna Elizabeth Seven Janeway, that is the only

identity that counts," Harry told them.

"What's the catch?" B'Elanna asked.

"Two years for us, as a design team. I think that they will try and keep us for

longer with promises that if we stay, then that little temper tantrum of mine won't

effect my chances for career advancement," Harry admitted. "I know that Smyth

was really pissed at me when I told him that Seven was never going to see a

security officer unless she wants to. Wait a minute, I did promise that the first

project would be done before we made Earth. He refused to tell me what it was

and he sent a Lieutenant Commander Quent to oversee the project."

"How could you promise that the first project would be done before we reached

Earth? It could be huge." Tom demanded, fearing that if the project wasn't done

then the contract would be voided and all the Maquis, including B'Elanna would

be up on charges.

"It was the only thing that I could say to make him send me back. The good news

is that we now have 23 extra crew members. The Captain should be able to let us

have the time that we need to get it done. I don't want to hurt anyone ego's but we

are not irreplaceable around here."

"When do we get the project?" Seven asked. She had mixed feelings about Harry

deal. She knew that it was best for the crew and it keep her with Harry but it

separated her from the Captain.

"If I know the Captain, just after the morning meeting," Tom answered. She

would be on their side, particularly if failing to meet the deadline jeopardized the


They prodded Harry into telling stories about Earth. Harry told them about the

Captain's mother. He didn't tell them about the stories about the Captain's youth

but his description of her mother's energy were amusing. The alarm rang at 0845,

time to go to the meeting. Time to psych himself up to confessing to the Captain.

What the group in Harry and Seven's quarters didn't know was that Janeway,

Chakotay, and Tuvok were having the same basic conversation. Janeway was

proud that Harry had stood up for his ship and his friends but he was giving up

two years of his life. To some that would be the equivalent of a jail term.

She hadn't been surprised that the Kes was classified but the deceptions that her

officers were forced to work under were intolerable. Command had edited their

messages home. The care packages weren't just about objects but the knowledge that their families had gathered them. That they had some one waiting at home

who wanted them back. She was pleased that command had allowed the care

packages but the sentimental significance was diminished. The documents that

Tuvok provided did have a few loopholes and Harry's promise that the first

project would be done before Voyager got home to Earth was the biggest. The

problem with that it was the only way that Tuvok could push through the

concessions. Command really did think that they wouldn't have to comply with

the agreement. The project hadn't been revealed yet but Janeway feared the

worst, a project that they couldn't get done, Harry ruining his career and all for


Janeway called Lieutenant Commander Quent to the 0900 meeting and told him

to bring the design team's project. She wanted answers, not just a few but all of

them. She wanted the project now.

The morning meeting was easier then Harry thought it would be, after he

recovered from seeing Lieutenant Commander Quent. He was the person that had

grilled Harry for two hours. Tuvok handed out copies of the contract. At

breakfast Harry had glanced over the deal, not going into specific details. Now,

the details were discussed at length, to Harry's think at nauseam. Long term the

results of the contract were good, Maquis and Seven are free, Tom had obtained

concessions that allow him to be a doctor anywhere he wanted. Short term was

another story. Voyager now had two major projects going on, the conversion of

Voyager to slipstream and the completion of the design project that Lieutenant

commander Quent was withholding. Her best and brightest were contracted to

work for someone else for two years.

"I want to see the project,' Janeway stated.

"The admiral was specific that only the design team should have access to the

project," the Lieutenant Commander stated.

"Lets make this easy, you will show it to my senior staff now, or after you show it

to the design team, I'll have them show it. This ship is involved no matter what

you think," Janeway stated. "I am the Captain of this ship and the only command

authority in the quadrant. Don't think that you can challenge me on my ship, you

will lose."

"Captain, you are taking this too personally. My job is to see that the design team

does their job. You have nothing to do with it."

"If this contract isn't fulfilled than every crew member on Voyager will have a

problem. When someone is holding a weapon on my crew, you bet that I take it

personally." The rest of the senior staff did not speak. They had seen the Captain

in her mother bear mode before, fiercely protective of her crew and ready to rip an enemy to shreds for even thinking about hurting them.

"If the design team is as good as Mr. Kim thinks they are, then they will have no

problems getting the project done without outside help," Quent stated.

"Do you think that they designed the Kes all by themselves?" The Captain asked.

"According to the records they did," Quent replied.

Tom spoke up, "Do you all see the groups of letters, LW, KM, LCT, JC on the


"Those codes were not standard," Quent stated, feeling like he was in for an

unpleasant surprised.

"No, they were the initials of the person that designed that system or area. LCT is

Tuvok and he designed the weapons systems. LW is Lena Williams, she did the

interior design. All those little groups of letters were a Voyager crew member.

We called them in as experts in their fields," Tom explained. He realized that

this project may have just came down to manageable size.

"The admiral was explicit that the design team was to work on the project," Quent

defended himself. The loyalty of Janeway to her people was not expected. The

complexity of the original plans had hid the true number of people that had

worked on the project.

"Present the project," Janeway ordered.

Quent conceded defeat. "The project is for a small, assault craft. We need a craft

that can land troops on a hostile surface or do recognizance without being

tracked. The Klingons and the Roumanians have signed new treaties with the

Federation. We now have permission to use clocking devices."

"The war with the Dominion is that large?" Chakotay asked. He was having a

difficult time understanding why all three major empire of the alpha quadrant

would get together to fight one enemy.

"The goal of the Founders, the changelings that control the Dominion, is to

conquer every race they meet. They see all 'solids' as enemies. We have gotten

together to try and avoid domination from them. I know that you don't know

about the war but the results have been devastating in some areas. We need the

ship and we were to the point that we didn't care what your design team

demanded. Command is evenly divided between those who think we will have to

pay up and those who think that your design team was a one craft wonder and we

will never have to pay up," Quent stated.

"You will pay up," B'Elanna answered."we needed to see the exact specs. If we

have to make any changes in the specs due to engineering problems, do you have

the authority to approve the changes?"

"Yes but only if absolutely necessary. According to the admiral you can make

changes that improve on the specs." Quent personally thought that was

impossible but those were his orders.

"Hand them over, we can't figure out what we need to do until after we get the

specs," Tom told him. "I don't know about you but I have a very busy life that I

need to get back to. Medical test to take, the wedding, Voyager's conversion and

sometime in the next six months I want to fly Voyager again."

He finally handed over the data chip.

Tom handed it to Seven, "Seven, you and Harry start doing a comparison between

the Kes' specs and these. Let's figure out what needs redesigning. Don't worry

about medical. I know that it needs major work. An assault craft needs more

than one biobed, no matter how advanced it is. I have to check in with sickbay

this morning to get the stuff Doc wants me to study for my exams. B'Elanna,

what do you have to do this morning?"

"I need to review the records of the new crew members and assign them. The

inventory isn't complete yet so I don't know when we are going to start on the

conversion. I can put Joe Carey in charge of some of it but I have to over see the

work," B'Elanna started reeling off her to do list.

"Meeting at 1130 in the mess hall. We'll go over the specs there if the food is

worth the effort," Tom organized.

The Captain smiled at Quent's look of dismay. He had no idea that for the most

part he was now unneeded. Tom was the organizer and driving force of the

group, it was part of his life style of work hard, play hard, have fun doing both.

END First Mission.

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