This is what happens when the Brat, the Dragon and the Furball get together and take a trip to Disney World.  Blame this one on Brat, as she came up with the idea, and convinced us to join her in the fun.

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Skinny Dipping       by Brat, Kadith, and Cat

Chakotay was sitting in his quarters reading a good book when the chime sounded. With a sigh, he set the book down and stood. "Come in." He called as he walked toward the door. Seconds later Tom and Harry stood in his quarters bombarding him with questions.

"Do you realize they have been on the Holo-deck for nearly eight hours? What could they possibly be doing for eight hours?"

"I'm worried. There is a security lock and they aren't answering hails. I’ve tried to contact Seven ten different times, and I keep getting no response."

Chakotay sighed and led them to the sofa. "Would you please calm down? They are on official leave for 24hrs, and they have reserved Holodeck time until then.  The Captain even asked for the crew's permission to hog the Holodeck for that long since she, B'Elanna and Seven all missed out on shoreleave at our last stop.  They pulled extra shifts and handled half the repairs so that we all could enjoy a three day Andelian Festival. We all had a blast and partied until we dropped.  Everyone agreed that the ladies needed some time off. Unless it is an emergency, they are not to be bothered. Only Tuvok and I have the access codes, and the ability to reach them in the Holodeck. Otherwise it's off limits, even to you."

Tom ran his hands through his hair. "But Chakotay, what could they possibly be doing in the Holodeck all this time?"

"Together no less?"

"It's really none of our business, but I believe the Captain said they were going to spend the day on Lake George."

"Chakotay can you honestly say it doesn't bother you that they might possibly be molesting Holodeck renditions of us? Or worse, of someone else when we are perfectly capable and willing to be service?"

"Tom! The Captain and I do not have that kind of relationship. Nor do I have one with any other member of Voyager's crew. It's not something I have to worry about."

Harry laughed. "Oh pulease Chakotay. You couldn't hide your feelings for her if you tried. And Q only knows that she feels the same. The only people who can't seem to see it is the two of you."

Chakotay rolled his eyes and sighed, "I'm telling you, nothing is going on!  Kathryn told me all she wanted to do was kick back for a couple of days and rest. When she says that, it usually means she isn't planning on doing anything but sleeping. So just relax."

Tom groaned and threw his hands up in exasperation, "I can't relax! She obviously lied to you! I know for a fact they were taking bikinis, real liquor, and B'Elanna raided my liquor cabinet to do it! What could relaxing possibly have to do with two missing bottles of rum, a bottle of vodka, and my only bottle of everclear, HUH? Tell me that Mr. Know It All!" He began pacing the room, "AND a few of B'Elanna's favorite toys are missing, what do they need with those? Hmm? If we aren't there to help them, ahem, play."

"And," Harry interjected, "Seven had the Doc start removing some external implants. As well as making sure her internal implants wouldn't be affected by certain activities. Strenuous and otherwise."

Chakotay was still frowning and staring at Tom, "Toys? What toys? B'Elanna has toys?"

Tom rolled his eyes, "You know, TOYS, the uh, feel good kind."

Realization began to sink in, "Oh my god." His eyes closed, "I didn't need to know that, I didn't need those images."

His young blonde friend snickered, "If you only knew..."

Kim rolled his eyes, "Tom, you're a pig."

Chakotay sighed, "Still, for all we know B'E was trying to freak you out. She knows you Tom, she knows how you think. And as for Seven, maybe all this negative attention she's been getting because of her Borg appearance is finally starting to get to her. It's none of our business. Besides, Kathryn is hardly the everclear type."

Tom blinked, "You have to be kidding me. Chakotay, who do you think I got the bottle from? It was a gift, she had two, and gave me the other. My father got us both hooked on the stuff years ago." It was then that the bells went off in Chakotay's head.

"Look guys, despite how fascinating this all sounds, I am not violating their privacy. You are just going to have to deal with your curiosity and hope they will share the details later."

"But Chakotay...."

"No more buts. Good afternoon gentlemen."

The look in the eyes promised murder, but they reluctantly left. As the door shut behind them, Tom turned to Harry. "We really don't need him anyway. You're a bright Ensign. We'll figure out those damn security locks if it kills us." A brief flash of something familiar passed through Tom as he and Harry headed for Astrometrics. He remembered this feeling. It was that sneaky, excited feeling, brought about by good ole wholesome, clean fun. He shared his plan with Harry, and even though he looked confused, Harry went with it. "Harry this is going to be so cool, think about all those times you wondered what the girls really do when they are alone.....together! Makes a young Ensign like yourself think." As they stood at the door Harry's stomach began to get butterflies and Tom's face showed the anticipation of a virgin on prom night. As they stood by the door, discussing their strategies, Chakotay walked up. He froze as he made eye contact with the guys. Tom noticed Chakotay, and wondered what the commander would want to do in Astrometrics, and then it dawned on him. "Uh Commander? Going for a little show and no tell?"

Chakotay shot Tom a devious look. "Well you guys, I think we all know what we have to do. We'll have to cover our tracks on this one. I don't want anything getting out or getting back to the girls." When the nodded in agreement and understanding he pointed them to the door, "Okay, lets go."

As soon as they entered Astrometrics, Chakotay called up a security lock. After that, his fingers punched the codes into the computer. Within seconds, the viewscreen opened up with a full-sized view of the Holodeck. The men stared in shock as three drunk, bikini clad woman appeared on screen. Kathryn was laying back on a towel on the dock, her feet dangling in the water, singing a racous chorus of some song called Two Pina Coladas. B'Elanna was dancing clumsily on the dock, singing at the top of her lungs, and gyrating happily to the music, and Seven was sitting on another towel, with her legs on either side of her hips, studying her drink intently. Suddenly she looked up and tried to focus on Kathryn. "Captain I fail to see the purpose of this song. I really don't understand why we have listened to it 47 times. It is irrelevant"

B'Elanna stopped, giggling. "That is the purpose Seven. There is no purpose.  Just fun. Now shut up and sing."

Seven blinked at the two bellowing women and nodded. "I will comply."

After several more moments, B'Elanna collapsed in a giggling heap at Seven's feet. "Gods I'm horny."

Seven blinked again as Kathryn began to chuckle. "I know what you mean." She took another sip of her drink. "Whenever I drink, I get the same way." She stared solemnly out at the water for a moment. "Sometimes I get it so bad, that I wish Chakotay would press me up against the bulkhead and fuck my brains out."

B'Elanna choked on her drink. "Captain!"


Back in Astrometrics, Chakotay was staring slackjawed at the screen, Harry was choking on a laugh, and Tom was dancing around the room, laughing and periodically slapping the Commander on the back. "Way to go Old Man! And you said your relationship wasn't like that."

Chakotay was still stunned as he turned to look at Tom. "It's not."

Harry grinned. "Well Commander, seems like she's giving you directions if you ask me."

"Yep Old Man," Tom snickered as he clapped him on the back yet again, "She wants you baaaad!"

Chakotay was still dumbfounded, "She's always telling me no!"

Tom shook his head, "Sometimes Chakotay, no, means take me I'm yours."

He opened his mouth to reply but was cut off at Harry's, "Oh my God!"

The other two looked up in time to see two bikini tops go flying across the dock. All three jaws hit the floor at the sight of Kathryn standing topless before them. "I think," she swayed as she spoke, "I need to go for a swim."  She wrestled unsteadily with the lower half of her bathing suit, got it almost down, and decided, "Oh hell!" She jumped head first in the lake.

Seven sat there, looking blankly from the spot in the water to B'Elanna, "What does being horned have to do with taking off your clothes and jumping in very cold water?"

B'Elanna grinned wickedly, "It’s horny. Stand up and I'll show you."

Harry whimpered as he watched Seven stand up and take off her suit as instructed. Then much to the amusement of Tom and Chakotay, and B'Elanna as well. Seven was pushed into the cold lake.

"Holy... Commander..... ummm..... Commander?" Harry's voice went on like a echo in space if that were possible. The sight of seeing Seven totally naked sent his manhood pulsing.

"Harry I know , oh-my-GAUD, do I know." the Commander replied to his stuttering words.

The three of them stood there speechless for a few minutes before one of them spoke. "We got to get in there, Commander. You have the code right???!!!"

"NO WAY Tom! We are not going in there. You must be out of your mind!"

"Look at it this way, they’re drunk. We already know they are more than willing, even for you Harry, and they’re HORNY.... catch what I’m saying!?"

Tom stood there waiting for a response when Harry tapped him on the shoulder.

"Umm Tom, the girls are talking about their .... uhhh sexual secrets."  Harry barely got the sentence out as he was trying to pay attention to the view screen and tell Tom at the same time.

"What!" Tom and Chakotay said simultaneously.

"You know what my fantasy is?" B'Elanna asked the group.

"I'm guessing sorta the same as mine... Tom throwing you up against the warp core and screwing you like there's no tomorrow?" Kathryn said with slurred speech and breast waiting in the water.

"Sorta!!" B'Elanna said while standing up and holding her drink in her hand like she was going to toast someone. "You know I always take the dominate role in bed...just because I’m half Klingon doesn't mean I always want to be in control... right?"

"Right!" Kathryn said agreeing with her, then slumping back into the water.

"I want Tommy-boy to take the dominate roll and tie my ass to the bed poles he put up in his room, lick me, stick me and play all night!"

Harry and Chakotay looked at Tom and laughed hysterically as Tom put his head down and started to pout. "Well look who's pussy whipped, Tommy-boy.“  Harry said in a childish voice.

"STOP IT!!" Tom retorted.

STOP IT!" Harry and Chakotay imitated him. Then all of their attentions were distracted as Seven spoke.

"I fail to see the relevance in little activities like that." Seven said taking a drink from her glass.

"Well Seven, maybe Harry can show you the way, that is if you don't scare him away again." Kathryn said as she swam over to her and put her arm around her.

Seven frowned, "I never scared Ensign Kim," she gave her captain an unlady like snort and swam away. "I terrified him."

"You tell her!" B'Elanna cackled as she eased herself into the water.

Kathryn arched a brow and sent a large swell of water toward her young friend, "You better watch it Lieutenant, or you may find yourself water logged."

She started coughing and sputtering as the water caught her in the face.  "All right, as I recall, we dropped the rank when we stepped into the holodeck. So if I were you, I'd get as far from me as possible." B'Elanna launched herself at Kathryn, drawing a shriek from her as she caught her unawares and dunked her good.

Tom snickered as he watched, "That's my girl, teach her who the boss really is."

"Watch it Tom," Harry wiggled his brows, "careful what you ask for, you might get it."

Chakotay blinked, "Huh?" He stared at Harry for a minute, "You're a pervert Kim."

He shrugged, "Takes one to know one."

Tom laughed, "Yup, and Chakotay knows em all!"

Chakotay rolled his eyes and punched a few commands into his console, to the awe of his comrades the screen zoomed in on the women at play, giving them all a nice view. His mouth watered at the sight, auburn hair slicked back, wet skin glistening in the sunlight, nipples drawn tight by the cold water.  He had to take a step toward the console to hide his growing arousal. His eyes were drawn back to the deck, where Seven was hoisting herself onto the wooded surface. He watched, a smile spreading across his face as she leaned into a basket and pulled out a cylindrical object. She studied it for a few minutes then looked over to where an all out war had erupted between the captain and chief engineer. "Lieutenant, what is the purpose of this object?"

B'Elanna held Kathryn's head under the water and turned around, "That is one of my toys. I'll let the captain explain it." She let go and quickly swam away, "Seven wants to know what that is."

Kathryn pushed her hair out of her eyes and shot B'Elanna a glare. She quickly promised retribution before glancing at Seven, "It's a vibrator, one of the greatest inventions of all time."

"A vibrator, and the purpose of it is?" Seven asked awaiting the answer.

B'Elanna looked at Kathryn, both e; thnging glances like they could read each others mind. Kathryn finally gave up the nonsense and sternly told B'Elanna "It's your toy you explain it!" B'Elanna looked stunned as Seven stood there waiting for her to explain it.

"Well Seven it's like this, this piece of equipment is the most valuable piece on the ship. It doesn’t talk back and it knows it's way in the dark." B'Elanna face was starting the blush with excitement as she took the piece in her hand. "Let me show you!"

Those words sent the guys into complete mass hysteria. Tom was the first to break their concentration. "This is not a matter of keeping out of there anymore Chakotay. By God if my woman is going to do that I want to be there, in person the witness IT!" Tom couldn't hide his frustration anymore. "Chakotay, can you stand there and tell me that you don't want to go in there and help them out?"

Chakotay came out of his trance of watching his Kathryn explore areas he had only dreamt about. "What huh? What were you saying Tom?"

Before Tom could answer Harry spoke up, "Look Old Man I want in there. I NEED to get in there! Do you realize what is in that holodeck?"

Chakotay began to laugh at the not so young Ensign's desire to show Seven what a vibrator couldn't. "OK , here is the deal, you guys want in there and I want in there, let’s go back to our quarters, shower and get ready.  Meet you both outside the holodeck in 15 minutes, ok?"

Simultaneously Tom and Harry answered "Aye, Commander!" And with that Tom and Harry left Astrometrics and Chakotay broke the link to the holodeck.

As they approached the Holodeck doors, all three of them grinning, the com system went off. “Tuvok to Commander Chakotay”

The men groaned in frustration. Tom grumbled under his breath. “That damn Vulcan would interrupt a wet dream...”

Chakotay held up a hand to stop the inevitable flood of protests. “Chakotay here”

“Commander, you are needed on the bridge.”

“Be right there, Chakotay out.” He shrugged at Tom and Harry, the disappointment clear on his face. “Sorry guys, duty calls.”

“But Chakotay, you could still let us in. We’ll keep ‘em occupied for you.”

Chakotay laughed. “I’m afraid not boys. The only guy to keep my Kathryn warmed up is me, and there is no way in hell I’m letting you guys in there without supervision.” He couldn’t help but chuckle at the intense looks of frustration on their faces as he walked away.

16 hrs later

Kathryn stumbled into the living area of her quarters. The insistent chime ringing for her attention pierced her brain like a drill. Holding her head with both hands, she growled out her response to the chime. “What! Come in!”

Chakotay stood in the doorway in casual clothes and a smile. “Have a good time yesterday Kathryn?”

She glared at him for the interruption, but couldn’t resist the surge of pleasure his company brought. “I think I partied just a little too much, and the worst part is that I don’t dare go to the doctor about it or he’ll lecture me on the overindulgence of alcoholic beverages when there is perfectly good synthehol.”

“Poor baby. Why don’t you have a seat, and I’ll replicate you some coffee?”

She couldn’t resist a smile as he headed toward her replicator. “Sounds good to me.” Another groan escaped as she slid down onto the couch. “I really think I’m getting to old for this.”

Chakotay chuckled as he sat next to her. “Actually, I just think you’re partying with the wrong people.”

“Didn’t I say the same thing to you a few days ago when you, Tom, and Harry came back onboard with killer hangovers?” She took a tentative sip of her coffee as he grinned. The sight of those dimples made her heart flutter.

“Mmmhmmm. And, if I remember correctly, you snuck into sickbay and got me something to take care of the problem as well.” He stuck his hand in his pocket and held up a hypospray.

Kathryn set her cup down and sagged against the couch. “You are a God. What would I do without you?” She failed to notice his mischievous grin as she closed her eyes at the press of the hypo.

“More than I could imagine, I’m sure.”

A soft moan of pleasure echoed through the room as the hypo took immediate affect. Kathryn’s eyes never opened. “Pardon?”

“It’s nothing important. You’re still tense. How about I rub your shoulders?”

Kathryn shifted until her back was turned to him. “Mmmmhmmm...” Another sigh of contentment escaped as his magical fingers worked her sore muscles. He played her muscles for several minutes before leaning forward and whispering in her ear. “Feeling better?”


Chakotay grinned and patted her on the arm. “Good. Go shower and get dressed.  You’re joining me for breakfast.”

She blinked at him a moment, confused, then nodded. As she got up and headed for her bedroom, Chakotay caught the brief glimpse of arousal in her eyes. It was all he needed to make his move. He stood, moving toward her. “Kathryn?” As she turned, he caught her in his arms. “I’d love nothing more then to pin you to the wall and fuck your brains out.”

Her eyes widened in surprise and in recognition of the words. But before she could act, Chakotay had moved swiftly, pinning her to the wall by her bedroom and kissing her senseless.

Her response was immediate. She arched her back against the wall and pressed into him, moving and stretching her body against him in almost feline movements. A deep moan found its way through her lips and vibrated off the walls of the quiet cabin, her hands struggled for freedom from the tight grasp he held them in above her head.

Chakotay tugged on her lips with his teeth, sucking each one into his mouth and toying with it before releasing them and traveling down her neck. He nipped and suckled his way to the fastening of her blouse, then smiled up at her. He released her hands only long enough to yank it open. His brow shot up at the skimpy bikini top she'd worn from the holodeck, it fell apart in his hands. He palmed her breasts, molding and shaping them into his hands, then he took the nipples, one by one into his mouth and teased until she cried out. The small smile tugged at his lips as he slowly nipped his way past the sensitive mounds.

Her hands were now braced against the wall on either side of her body, palms down, nails turned toward the surface, as if she meant to scratch herself a hold. Her head was tossed to one side and her eyes were closed. Her teeth were visible where they bit down on her lower lip, trying to quiet the sharp cries that were erupting from her.

He tugged on her shorts while nipping at her stomach. A smile tugged his lips when he realized she was missing the bottom half to her bikini. He only pondered how she’d lost it for a second before following the path of her shorts with his lips. He kissed his way down one leg, then back up the other. By the time he started brushing his lips across the junction between Kathryn’s left thigh and her body she was shivering against the wall. Her head had dropped to one side and her eyes were closed. Her chest rose and fell with each breath. He moved across her lower abdomen and placed a kiss just above the silken curls between her leg. He drew the skin between his teeth and left his mark before moving on.

Kathryn’s back arched off the wall when he took her into his mouth. Her cry rang off the walls of the cabin and her eyes was wide open. “Oh my. . . Chakotay--” She struggled to pull air into her lungs as he worked her into a frenzy. Chakotay braced his hands against her hips and tried to hold her in place while he worked over her. Within a few minutes she was bucking against his mouth and crying out wildly.

He stood and let her fall limply against him while she recovered from her climax. When she was able to stand on her own he backed away. “When you know what you really want me to do to you, I’ll be next door.” He left her staring dumbfounded after him.

Kathryn stood there for several minutes before she finally got her bearings.  "What the hell was that?" She blinked several times, and looked around the empty room. Her clothes, what little she'd actually had on, were strewn on the floor where Chakotay had tossed them. And despite the amazing orgasm she'd just experienced her body was still aching.

It took her all of the five minutes to get dressed for her to make up her mind. She didn't even bother to pull on a pair of shoes. She marched out of her quarters and down the corridor. She stalked into Chakotay's quarters and caught him standing with his back to her, staring out the view port. She marched over and grabbed his arm, then pushed him back against the cool glass of the view port. "You son of a bitch, I can't believe you spied on me. The least you can do is finish the fantasy before walking out on me."  With that said she grabbed the front of his tunic and pulled him down into passionate kiss. "But before you do, remember one thing, there's no going back."

The corners of his mouth twitched as he reversed their positions and pressed her to the view port, "Yes ma'am." He rid them both of their clothes and proceeded to make her fantasy a reality.

The next day

Chakotay walked in to the messhall with a smile on his face. He turned to find Tom and Harry flanking him with similarly dazed expressions.  As they got their food and sat down, Tom clapped Harry on the back. "You had one of those mornings too my friend?"

"It was definitely worth a little spying, that's for sure."

"Do tell."

"Only if you promise to share as well."

Tom grinned and rubbed his hands together, Chakotay just smiled indulgently.  "Come on Harry." Tom leaned forward conspiratorially. "I want details."

Harry blushed, before taking a sip of his drink. "Well, I went to Seven's quarters and practiced a little assimilation of my own. Amazingly, she was quite agreeable to it, and I have never had such an experience. That woman can do things with her body that make your mind soar."

Tom grinned. "I can just imagine."

"Well you better stop, because I really don't like the thought of you imagining anything with my girlfriend."

"So that's the way it is now?" Tom chuckled at Harry's nod. "And where is the lovely Seven now?"

"Ummm, well, she's kind of sleeping, in my quarters."

Tom raised his hand and gave his friend a high five. "Way to go Harry! I knew you had it in you."

"So, how are things between you and B'Elanna?"

Tom leaned forward once more. "Well, she too is sleeping soundly, but in her quarters. I woke her this morning with a hypospray, a kiss, and a set of handcuffs. Needless to say, I tied her to the bedpost and showed her the true meaning of sexual frustration. I teased and played and dominated until she was screaming for me to take her. It felt damn good to be in control too.  Ah, what a wonderful way to wake a cranky Klingon."

Harry and Chakotay were both laughing as Tom finished his tale. Tom clapped Chakotay on the back. "What about you Old Man? Did you get lucky as well? Tell all."

Chakotay flashed back to his last image of Kathryn, sleeping soundly in his bed. "Kathryn and I shared a pleasant breakfast with one another, and I do believe we are sharing our dinner as well."

The faces of both young men fell at Chakotay's platonic explanation. "I can't believe you didn't take her up on her offer."

"I mean, Commander, how blatant can she get?"

Chakotay stood, lifting his now empty plate. "Well, lets just say I left the ball in her court." Turning, he deposited his tray in the recycler, then headed out the door and back to his quarters. As he entered, he tapped his combadge. "Chakotay to Tuvok"

"Yes Commander?"

"Do you think you can handle the Alpha shift for me. The Captain and I have some things we need to go over today."

"Of course."

"Thanks Tuvok, Chakotay out." He slowly slipped out of his uniform and back into bed, curling comfortably around the soft form next to him. He dropped a kiss on her bare shoulder as he pulled Kathryn closer to him. He couldn't help but smile as he remembered how she had come to his room and resumed their passionate encounter. Some things were best kept private.


Brat, Kadith, Cat

The command team has gone skinny dipping times.