Written by: T'Kalara

Fall 1998 9th grade


Author's note: I know, Paramount owns 'em all, but I wrote this story! Also, through pure coincidence, my story has some similarities to one written by my fellow pondie, Spif Trekspert. I apologize for any confusion created here.


* * * *

Amazing Grace

Kathryn Janeway stood behind the trunk of a tree, trying very hard to suppress her giggles. Ever since Chakotay had admitted he loved her, well, everything seemed brighter. Anyhow, she clutched the snowball tightly in her gloved hands, then carefully peeked around the tree trunk. She drew back her arm and threw it, straight at Chakotay's back. He let out a startled yelp, and turned, tossing a snowball in return that missed her darting form. She leapt to safety, just behind the woodpile, next to a three-month pregnant B'Elanna Torres.

It had been a surprise from Tom and Harry to go to the Holodeck for Christmas, and somehow they had ended up in a men-versus-women snowball fight. Tuvok had adamantly refused to participate in such an "illogical sport" as he called it, and now meditated.

In a flash of movement, Seven had slid up beside the two of them, her flushed cheeks covered with snow. Quietly, all three crawled around the pile, careful not to let themselves be seen through the windows of the house. As far as Seven knew, all of the guys had taken refuge in the stand of pines, and this was going to be good.

They reached the corner; saw their loves cautiously emerging from the trees. Kathryn could just hear Chakotay say, "I think we lost them." Wrong, she thought in return. In her lap, for her companions to see, she counted to three. They ducked around the corner, and pelted the unsuspecting men with snowball after snowball.

Seven shrieked as she ran out of the cold missiles, Harry dodging her last. He swept her up, tossing her slender form over his shoulder, running on towards the banks of snow. Tom pulled B'Elanna into his arms, careful of her swollen abdomen. He carried her on, past the house and out of sight. Smiling, Kathryn threw her last snowball at her lover, then felt him scoop her up as if she weighed no more than a feather.

He walked over to the other side of the snow bank, hearing Seven's giggles as Harry tickled her into silliness. "Those two," he said quietly, "are in for it, once I'm done." He placed her in the snow, and knelt down beside her. She wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, feeling his close about her waist in return.

The embrace was strong, full of love and joy. She leaned her head on his chest, feeling his heart beat even through the layers of clothing. "I love you," she whispered. He smiled knowingly, then told her his plan in a low voice.

Quietly, both crawled to the top of the bank, and looked down, Seven and Harry were sharing a long kiss. Suddenly, two very large snowballs came flying down, scoring direct hits. Both looked up long enough to ascertain who had done this, then went back to making out.

The two commanding officer smiled; this was what had been expected. Kathryn led the way back to a smoke-puffing house, holding Chakotay's gloved hand possessively.

* * * *

Tom and B'Elanna came in with Harry and Seven, all four having flushed faces and the guys with lipstick on their collars. Kathryn called, "Tuvok's been cooking, so you better hurry up and get ready for dinner!" Wonderful smells came from the kitchen, and Tuvok stepped out.

He had been cajoled into shedding his uniform for khaki pants and a dark flannel shirt. In one hand he held an archaic book of recipes. "Your dinner will be prepared in precisely half an hour," he said, then turned around and reentered the kitchen.

* * * *

Twenty minutes later, Kathryn walked down the stairs. No, thought Chakotay, more like…glided. She had changed from her down jacket, sweater, and pants into something much more beautiful. In fact, stunning was much better, he once again decided.

The gown was a deep forest green velvet, with a modest neckline and low back. The sleeveless cut flattered her sculpted neck and shoulders, and Chakotay found his eyes following her collarbone. Every move she made caused the velvet to swirl and swish over the low heels she wore.

He barely had time to pull her down next to him before Seven hesitantly walked the stairs. Harry was seated in an armchair, and took in a deep breath. The rich blue crepe that fell from her willowy form all the way to the floor complimented her sapphire eyes. It was surprisingly low cut with silky straps holding it at her shoulders. Her golden hair was upswept into a coil and held in place by a carved and enameled hairstick. She seated herself on his lap and pulled his arms around her shoulders.

B'Elanna swept down the staircase last, smiling brilliantly as Tom met her at the foot. She was clad in crimson silk, her bronzed arms bare in the firelight. One hand stayed protectively over where the child now grew, light winking off her ring. The white gold band was studded with Vulcan diamonds, both rare and possessing a remarkable inner flame. Silk cascaded over her hips in waves as she and her husband settled on the other couch.

"People, we have at least five minutes before dinner is ready, so shall we reconvene at the table?" Kathryn laughed at her choice of words. The whole time, Chakotay never let go of her subtly placed hand, while the other seemed readily oblivious. Interesting indeed.

Tuvok poured out the champagne, bringing a flute filled with sparkling water for himself. He served dinner, a huge turkey with fresh cranberry sauce to go with it. Candied yams were passed around along with steaming rolls. "Wonderful, Tuvok! I never knew you could cook," Kathryn teased. She saw a faint glimmer of humor in his eyes as he replied, "Indeed, Kathryn," her name sounded richly by his voice, "She who is my wife, T'Pel, taught me."

"In any case," Seven cut in, "It looks absolutely delicious. I'm starving!" They dug in, ravenous after the snowball fight. Tuvok ate a modest portion while the others had seconds. Dessert was apple pie, which Tom had given him the recipe to. Later, Tuvok poured himself a bit of champagne, raising a brow at the flavor. No one made any comment on this.

The former smiled at his treasure, his love. "I believe, it's time to sit by the fire and talk. Tuvok, you can clean up later. Come on." They retired by the flickering flames that leapt and capered with light. Chakotay had surreptitiously held Kathryn's hand all through dinner and wasn't about to let go as she settled down at such an angle no one could see.

"Nika," Harry addressed his bride-to-be by a shorter version of her human name, "did you remember to decorate the tree?"

"Of course!" They turned to see the huge tree decked out in tinsel and ornaments, a brightly blazing star lighting the top of it. They sat in comfortable conversation for a long time.

"Harry, thinking about kids?" Tom asked mischievously. Kathryn looked up to see seven wink at her female companions as she answered for her love.

"Later, when there is time." B'Elanna looked at her waist where Harry's arms were wrapped, seeing the first telltale signs of pregnancy there. She was going to make a wonderful mother.

The fire had died down to glowing embers that softly lit the room. Kathryn nodded at Seven and B'Elanna, who stood with her. With a last squeeze, she loosed Chakotay's hand. Taking a deep breath, they began:

Amazing grace, how sweet a song…

The men found themselves carried away on the breeze of their unaccompanied, clear voices. They filled the huge room, and Tuvok allowed his thoughts to drift away to T'Pel. He loved her dearly, though none but her should ever know.

…that saving grace, ahhh aaahhh…

…I once was lost, but now, I'm found…

…it's grace that came, and saved us all, hmmm hmm hmmm hmm…

The last notes hung in the air like drops of crystal, and outside, the first snow fell. As one, they drew out onto the porch, radiant moonlight illuminating the crystalline flakes. They spread out, leaving Kathryn and Chakotay to stand the rays of light.

"Kathryn, my heart, I love you," he murmured into the night air. Though it was cool, she did not shiver, not in the warmth of his love.

A dazzling smile answered him. "And I you, Chakotay." She gazed deeply into his dark eyes, finding her way into his soul. Slowly, they stepped closer into an embrace. She didn't let go, but put her head back a bit to see him clearly.

A breeze whipped through her hair, blowing tendrils into her eyes that he gently brushed away. With full consciousness, she closed her eyes and felt his lips brush hers in the first kiss. They stayed in each other's arms a while before coming back in, not making a show of hiding their entwined hands.

B'Elanna with her Tom, and Harry with Seven had retired to their two respective rooms. Tuvok stood, greeting them at the doorway. "May I wish you happiness in all its human emotion, may I wish you the love I know with T'Pel." He slipped away, cloaked in shadow.

The two walked up the stairs to their bedroom in the loft. Kathryn snuggled back, feeling Chakotay's arms tighten around her. "Goodnight, beloved," she whispered.

A delighted laugh. "Goodnight, my love."

* * * *

In the morning, Seven and Harry rushed down the stairs like children twenty years junior their respective twenty-fives and twenty-sixes. The others came down to the sound of laughter as stockings were emptied, each gift carefully and efficiently wrapped.

Under the tree, the gifts were laid out neatly. From Harry to his engaged was a pair of moonstone earrings, made carefully to resemble his grandmother's heirloom pair. In return, she presented him with a card. Inside, he read aloud, "With all my love, with all my heart, I swear to you we shall never part. As long as there are two hearts made one, as long as there is still the sun. May our days be new, the tragedies mild, await the day soon you will hold our child." He looked astonished, then saw her arms around her abdomen.

"Nika, oh, that’s the most wonderful present you could've given me!" He stood up and swung her in circles.

"For you, K'Maile." Tom used B'Elanna's middle name and received a kiss on the cheek as she settled down with it. Unwrapping the crisp tissue, she found a delicate silver bracelet, light winking off it like it did the diamonds it was cut with.

"Thank you, Helmboy. May you find your gift just as amusing." She held out a rather large box. He took off the lid and pulled away the tissue, tugging out the card first.

"To love and life, our hearts are together. Forever we shall be birds of a feather. See the bond of fate, know never the bitterness of hate. I hold your heart as you possess mine, feel the flames withstand the passage of time. Merry Christmas, love of my life. Signed, B'Elanna K'Maile." He smiled and went back to the gift box. The tissue crackled away to reveal…coal. "K'Maile!" he exclaimed.

She knew he would be thrown off. "Pull away that layer, Tom." With a blush coloring his fair face, he lifted off the whole layer on top of stiff paper. Underneath was a part to his Camaro, the one he had been trying to recreate for months.

"Thank you," he murmured with a kiss.

Kathryn presented Chakotay with a spirit stone she had taken weeks to carve. It was the symbol of love from the ancient petroglyphs, carved into a rosy stone. The small box he handed her contained a beaded pouch for her medicine bundle.

The surprisingly heavy pouch opened, and she poured out its contents into her palm. An emerald pendant, cut in the shape of a heart, fell into her hand. She shook the pouch again, and a black velvet drawstring bag rolled out. Curious, she opened it. Inside was a band of white gold with set with a sparkling diamond, its inner aurora borealis reflecting back linght in bright flicks. Simultaneously, Chakotay spoke, "We have shared many times, those that know us say it's true. Were we to be husband and wife, you would always me my best friend for life." Kathryn's jaw dropped in shock as he slid the ring onto her long-fingered hand. "Kathryn Merissa Janeway, will you marry me?"

In a moment, she relived all of their times together. Was she ready for such a commitment? "Such a commitment, Chakotay?" She saw a flicker of worry in his eyes. "Four years ago, I would never have cared, but now you hold my heart." Kathryn leaned forward to embrace him.

"Is that a yes? Will you?"

"With all my love, all my heart, yes. It would be the logical thing to do." She didn't need to look up to sense Tuvok's immense amusement.

* * * *

She reflected back on that moment, a month ago as she stood in the bride room, making the last finishing touches to her gown. It was snowy silk, its sleeveless seams trimmed with satin ribbons falling over her arms in tiny loops. The close-cut bodice emphasized her slim build; the skirt of layered sheer flowed gracefully over her hips to the floor. Brocaded patterns chased each other around the hem, and B'Elanna placed the veil on her head. Through the voluminous layers of netting, she could see herself in the mirror, a nervous and loving bride.

Seven, now married happily to Harry, handed her the bouquet. She was beginning to show the first obvious signs of pregnancy in herself, though quite small, compared to B'Elanna. The young woman still carried out her duties, though her shifts were shortened to allow more time to rest. Wedding and engagement bands on both of them shone in the rays of sunlight.

They had called up a garden for the wedding, without bees, of course. Kathryn took a deep breath, and began to walk down the aisle, her companions ahead of her as matrons-of-honor. Chakotay stood there, waiting, just in front of Tuvok. The stoic Vulcan red the words of bonding, and in a flash, he came to that she had waited so long, a lifetime, to hear.

"Do you, Kathryn Merissa Janeway, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband, in sickness and in health…" She barely heard the rest of his words.

"I do."

"Do you, Chakotay, take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife…" Her smile was radiant and tremulous, even through the veil.

"With all the spirits as witnesses, I do."

Tuvok allowed a ghost of a smile to touch his lips. "With the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may, Commander, now kiss the bride."

With these words, he raised the veil and met his lips with hers in a kiss that was both long and sweet. They did not hear the cheering behind them. The voice of the Vulcan before them could be heard, though. "May your days together be of fulfillment and love. Remember always the source of the bond, do not fall to hatred between yourselves. You have found happiness, illogical as it may be. Do not waste such a gift."

Once again, as they turned to face the assembled crowds, the words of the song came on the soft breeze. B'Elanna and Seven let their voices drift out over the now silent crew.

Amazing grace, how sweet a song…

…that saving grace, ahhh aaahhh…

…I once was lost, but now, I'm found…

…it's grace that came, and saved us all, hmmm hmm hmmm hmm… 

The End

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