Written by:T'Kalara


Summer 1998 8th-9th grades

Author's note: As before, Paramount owns the characters, the ship, etc., but the story is of my creation.

* * * *

Trust Part III

Kyria was staring wide-eyed at the honey-haired woman. "Hello, Kyria. Welcome to Voyager. Harry, Annika, I don't know what to say. She's going to be lovely, and I bet Kyria will be a genius." The parents beamed at these compliments, and hesitantly, Harry began.

"Captain, we'd be honored if you and Commander Chakotay would consider yourselves her parents as well. You've done so much for us, and I doubt Kyria would be here without you..." he broke off, blushing and dropping his head.

At that, the 'commanding couple' as they were called, looked genuinely honored. "We'd be the honored ones, you two," Chakotay replied for them both. "And I think we speak for all of the crew when I say the whole crew will celebrate this, and knows," his voice dropped conspiratorially, "that you two know true love quite well."

* * * *

The next morning, B'Elanna was awakened by summons from her commbadge. Paris to Torres-Paris She sat up and groggily ran a hand through her mussed hair.

"Torres here, Tom what is it," she asked drowsily. "My shift doesn't start for," she glanced at her chronometer, "another hour and a half."

Sorry to wake you, Be'(At that he sounded sincerely sorry for once) but the shipwide comm is down. There's a staff meeting, and the Captain has her hands full contacting most of the rest of the senior staff. Well, I guess she only has to contact Harry instead of both of them. From what I hear, he doesn't leave her bedside in Sickbay during his off-shift. While he was talking, B'Elanna slid out of bed, and with one move, shed her nightgown and pulled on her uniform. She was tugging on her boots as he finished. "I'll be right up, Tom. Torres out." Another yawn, and she stepped into the bathroom, running a brush through her hair, which lately was longer than usual. A clip neatly fastened it back, and she scowled at the light when she entered the corridor.

It took very little time for B'Elanna to reach the conference room, and when she did, everyone else was there already. She sat down, and Kathryn began. "Well, as you all undoubtedly know, congratulations are in order for Mr. Kim and Annika. Their daughter Kyria Marie was born yesterday, and I do hope you're resting, Annika. In any case, the shipwide comm system is down; B'Elanna, I need you to work on that. Secondly, Astrometrics reports that there are signs of an anomaly with all the characteristics of a wormhole. However," she paused, noting no one got overly excited, "I know we have had many false alarms of the late. I can only hope that we can return soon. Dismissed."

* * * *

A week later, Annika was working in Astrometrics, but wasn't really paying attention to space. As she had expected (but not hoped) the wormhole was another false lead, and it had turned out to be only a black hole. She cross-linked her Engineering data on slipstream fields to her console, and was busily at work doing equations. Let's see here-reverse the gamma-effect…change the field variance of the warp core and remodulate the deflector dish…alter the shield frequency so it matches the deflector emissions… She was so engrossed that she failed to notice when Kathryn walked in. Annika looked up only when the older woman was standing by her console.

"Any luck, Annika?"

"Perhaps, Captain…I believe I may have a lead. If we-" She went off and explained all of the field equations, which to a scientist like Kathryn made perfect sense.

Kathryn suddenly saw what to do. Quickly, she pointed her delicate finger at the screen, and hurriedly explained her sudden insight, "If we change the frequency of the deflector and shields to emit a high enough frequency-"

Annika finished for her, "They would open the proper rift in space, and the shields would protect us better, because the frequencies match!" She glanced up, and matched her captain's grin with one of her own. Her logical mind unconsciously performed the equations as Kathryn plotted them out on the screen at a slower rate, she held her breath, anticipating her results would match.

A sharp intake of breath, "Annika, if these calculations are correct, we could be home in-"

"-about three days!"

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