Written by:T'Kalara


Summer 1998 8th-9th grades

Author's note: As before, Paramount owns the characters, the ship, etc., but the story is of my creation.

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Trust Part V

A week passed, and Voyager was in spacedock orbiting Earth. It was a sight many had never hoped to see again. Everyone beamed down to Starfleet Headquarters. Kathryn looked out at the Bay, saw the flags of the Federation flying at the Academy, and felt a surge of pride. She had gotten her people home.

Admiral Paris welcomed them as they stood at attention before him. "Welcome, back, crew of Voyager. I have several pieces of information for you. One: all of the Maquis aboard have been granted full pardon, and may keep their current rank. Two: Voyager is being repaired and refit, and any of you may request reassignment, though," his eyes warmed slightly, "I doubt you would, with a captain like Kathryn. Lastly, outside we've gathered your families and friends, and you will all be receiving commendations of the highest honor. Dismissed."

They rushed outside onto the Academy square. Kathryn ran to her mother and sister. "Kathryn, my baby, I thought you were lost forever. Your daughter? Who did you marry-"

"B'Elanna! Chay' jIyajbe'? (How did this happen? I don't understand.) Is this your child? Who is your husband? Well, you certainly grew up!" Her mother gathered her daughter in her arms. B'Elanna's father cut in, "My B'Elanna, I've missed you so. I hope you'll forgive me for leaving-"

"Mother? Father?" Harry stood with his parents, Annika hanging back a few feet. He turned, and took her hand, drawing her over. "This is my wife, Annika, and our daughter, Kyria Marie-"

Kathryn lost sight of Chakotay, and looked over the square for him. What she did see was a small group of Vulcans, and she identified T'Pel, standing aloof from the noise, her light robes flowing in the slight breeze. As she watched, Tuvok approached his wife and children, and matched his first two fingers to hers, but also placed a hand alongside her face. The young woman who stood at his side could only be his daughter, but she was not close enough to hear any of their conversation.

After being introduced the B'Elanna's parents, Tom was feeling a little better. He had earned a slight smile from her mother, and a clap on the shoulder from her father. Now, he held Zya's hand and wrapped an arm around his wife's shoulder. "Tom," he heard his name called in a familiar voice, and turned to see his father. Tom was more than a little wary of his father, after his court martial they had had a major fallout and never made up.

He couldn't have been more surprised when his father held out his hand, and Tom suspiciously took it. "Tom, is this your daughter? I wanted to let you know I forgive you. Your sisters explained all you ever wanted to do was to live up to my standards; you did, and more. And who is this lovely young lady?"

"My wife, Voyager's chief engineer, B'Elanna Torres. This is our daughter, Kathryn Zyala. Zya," he said, easily picking her up, "say hi to your grandfather-"

Chakotay finally caught up to his Kathryn when things had settled down somewhat. She brought him over to where her mother and sister sat. "Mom, Phoebe, this is Commander Chakotay, my first officer, and my husband." She pointedly ignored Phoebe's raised eyebrow and disdaining look.

"A pleasure to meet you. Kathryn has been telling me about you. I certainly see the resemblance between you and your daughter." Gretchen Janeway smiled and took his hand, prodding Phoebe to do the same. Phoebe sullenly did so, and she hissed into her mother's ear:

"She married a former Maquis? And he's her first officer? What horrible taste!" Her sister could see that Chakotay pretended not to hear this, and gave Phoebe a reproving look.

"Kathryn, later tonight after everything is over, you can come home. I'm making brownies," she winked at her daughter's sudden grin," and your room is still the same. Bring your family, and," Gretchen looked to Chakotay, "you are always welcome in my house."

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