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I usually don't preface my stories, but it has come to my attention that my current opus is somewhat archane in its references to the crossover character Doc Savage.

In the '30s, there were inexpensive magazines called pulp magazines that had serialized fiction. They included hard-boiled detective stories, mushy romances, and science fiction. One series, very popular, were the exploits of Doc Savage, a sort of scientific super-hero. He was known as The Man of Bronze, because of his unusual skin coloration and strength. He was very knowledgeable and could do just about anything and was incredibly up to date with all his gadgets. In the early '70s, Doc Savage enjoyed a sort of Renaissance. His exploits were republished in paperback and there was even an awful movie starring Ron Ely. He was a cult hero of the college set, kinda like a certain group of Space Explorers we all like a little bit *g*. My brother, Frank, was into Doc Savage big time. He bought all the books, and naturally, as his pesky little sister, I had to read them too. They were a lot of fun, even though I didn't understand all the old slang and terminology. I must have remembered more than I thought, because I didn't have to reference one of my carefully preserved Doc Savage novels residing in the cardboard boxes in my garage *g*.

Anyway, because Doc is from the '30s, I got to thinking that he would be a contemporary of Captain Proton, who I think is one of the funniest, funnest characters to ever come out of a Starfleet holodeck. So, this little ditty was born. The format of this story is like an old serial in the movies, or a radio program, in that the dialogue has directions in it, and you have to imagine that the crew members of Voyager are playing this straight through, not breaking character.

I hope you enjoy the Captain's adventure. I love feedback, even if you hated it, please let me know.


Title: Captain Proton Meets Doc Savage
Author: Annette Welsh-Shinya 01/99
Series: VOY/Captain Proton-Doc Savage Crossover
Part: 1/4
Rating: PG
Codes: P/T, K/7, J, C, EMH Doc, Neelix
Summary: Spoilers for Night and 30 Days. Captain Proton is called on to rescue the City from the Evil Chairman of the Board. He has help from a special guest, defeats Evil, and gets the girl.
Disclaimer: Paramount's property, my story, who wants to go a round with the Bat'leths?
Feedback: Encouragement/criticism gladly responded to. Flames will be consigned to the nearest airlock where proper venting procedures per Starfleet Engineering regulations will be followed.
Posting: OK to ASC, ASCEM, BLTS, & PT Fever. Please notify me if you post anywhere else...I love to see my name in lights!


Open on: The City is cloaked in darkness. Bright lights shine from nightclubs, where happy patrons dance the night away, oblivious that Evil stalked them and threatened their very lives.

Cut to: The City's resevoir system, far away in the hills. A group of darkly clad henchmen are setting up boxes on the banks of the resevoir, each with its own radio receiver. They hide the large silver dish antennae with tree branches. Portentious music swells. What could this be?

Cut to: A large office, with an enormous mahogany desk and very high wingback chair. The lights are dim, coming only from the partially open drapes. The desk has nothing on it but a crystal vase holding a single gardenia and a black pedestal telephone. A man sits at the desk. His face is in shadow. He is dressed in a dark suit that is very obviously custom-fitted with a maroon tie. He is holding a white Persian cat, petting it in a rythmic motion. The cat's tail twitches from time to time. The telephone rings. He let's it ring twice, then puts the cat down in it's basket behind the desk and picks up the telephone. Holding the reciever to his ear, he listens for a moment. Then, he speaks into the flared black mouthpiece. He says, "Good. Prepare for the next phase," and he hangs up. He reaches down and picks up the cat and begins stroking it again.

Fade out.


Opening credits role:

Voyager Presents
Tom Paris in
A Captain Proton Adventure

"Captain Proton Meets Doc Savage"

The Players:

Tom Paris as Captain Proton
Harry Kim as Buster Kincaid
Seven of Nine as Constance Goodheart


Kathryn Janeway as Commissioner Mulrooney
Neelix as Chief Kowalski
Chakotay as The Chairman of the Board


B'Elanna Torres as Belinda Morgan

Special Guest Star:

The Doctor as Doc Savage


(The next day)

Open on: A podium at the top of City Hall's steps. On the front of it is the seal of the City. Standing behind a large silver microphone is Commissioner Mulrooney. She is dressed in a black and white houndstooth suit and black pumps. On her head is a black pixie hat with a small white feather. She is attended by Chief of Police Kowalski, who is in full uniform. There are a large crowd of reporters, all dressed in suits and ties with fedoras that have white cards in their brims that say 'Press'. There are several photographers there, with large silver cameras that go off with bright flashes of flashbulbs. A loud babble of voices is heard shouting questions at the Commissioner.

Commissioner (Holding up her hands): Boys, Boys. You'll have to settle down. (They settle down a bit) Now, one at a time. (She points to a reporter) You there, you go ahead.

Reporter: Jack McGee, The Times. Commissioner Mulrooney, is there any truth to the rumour that Dr. Chaotica has fled?

Commissioner: Well, Mr. McGee, I certainly hope so. The last reports we had was that his mountain hideaway was blown up and that he was nowhere to be found.

McGee: But, he's come back before, Commissioner. How do we know he's gone now?

Commissioner: Captain Proton took care of him once, he can take care of him again if he shows up. Next question. (She points to second reporter)

Reporter #2: Dix Donovan, The Herald. Is there any word on whether or not Captain Proton has agreed to run for Mayor in the upcoming election?

Commissioner: I haven't heard from the Captain, but I know he's got my vote. (Laughter)

Reporter #3: Lawrence Sutton, The Dispatch. When are we going to get the details regarding the robbery at the Museum of Science? What was taken, and why were there giant footprints left all over the scene? Does Captain Proton have a lead?

Commissioner: (Shakes her head) I can't answer that. It's an on-going investigation. You know better than that. Next question.

Cut to: Female reporter pushing her way through the crowd of men. She's dressed in a dark double-breasted suit and her skirt has a sassy kickpleat. On her head is a fedora type hat that matches the suit color with a lighter satin band. She, too, has a presscard in her brim. She wears gloves and carries a white notepad and a pencil. On her wrist is a sensible leather purse; on her feet are spectator pumps with low heels. She manages to get through the crowd by exerting a great deal of force. She calls out:

Female Reporter: Belinda Morgan, The Afternoon Observer. Commissioner, is it true that the City's budget has a serious shortfall, and that your office has been questioned in the matter?

Commissioner (Looks very uneasy and glances to Chief Kowalski): Our budget is doing just fine, Miss Morgan. We recently cleaned out some old files and found some descrepancies dating back to before my administration. We're going over them now, trying to make sense of them. (She points to the reporters) Gentlemen, if you will follow me, I will show you the outline that we have worked up with Captain Proton to defend the City, should Dr. Chaotica return. (The crowd of reporters file into City Hall with the Commissioner and Chief Kowalski)

Cut to: Belinda Morgan being passed by the reporters, some of who give her nasty looks. She returns those looks two-fold. She scuffs the toe of her pump and says:

Belinda: Nuts. Those morons wouldn't know a good story if it reached up and bit them in the rear-end. If this keeps up, I'll be covering Society Luncheons and Debutant Come-outs until I keel over.

Close in on Belinda: She has as Idea. She gets a crafty look on her face, and takes a look at her wristwatch. She's not due back at the Observer until 6:00 p.m. She has time to go confront the one man who could help her get her Big Story...Captain Proton. She turns and goes down the stairs, and walks over to the curb and hails a taxi.

Open on: A large Brownstone in the Upper Forties. It appears to be much like its neighbors, but the people know better. This is 1147 Blackwood Place, home of Captain Proton. There is a garage across the street and cars are seen entering and leaving it periodically. Then, a Bentley with fourteen cylinders and shiny chrome piping on its hood majestically purrs down the street and pulls into the garage. A blond headed, leather jacket clad man hops out of the driver's seat and greets the attendent. It's Captain Proton.

Captain Proton: Hiya, Mike! How's tricks? (He hands Mike the keys to the car)

Mike: Pretty good, Captain. You want me to fill 'er up and check the oil as usual?

Captain Proton: That'd be great, Mike. (He waves as he turns to cross the street) Say hi to Mona for me, will ya?

Mike: Sure thing, Captain. (He gets into the car and carefully drives it over to the gas pump in one corner of the garage)

Cut to: Captain Proton crossing the street. He's waved at by passersby and one car honks its horn at him. It sounds oo-ooo-ga. The Captain grins and waves to his fans. He goes up to the front door, inserts a key, and disappears into the house.

Cut to: The library in the Proton Mansion. Captain Proton is sitting in an easy chair by the fireplace, reading a newspaper. At a rolltop desk in one corner, Constance Goodheart is answering correspondence. The clacking of her Underwood typewriter is the only noise in the room. She is wearing her light suit with the dark piping. Her blouse is white with a dark crossed necktie. Small pearl earrings decorate her ears, and on her feet are dark pumps with very high heels. Her stockings' seams are straight and her makeup is immaculate, although it is late in the afternoon. Stacks of papers are neatly placed on the free space of the desk, and there is a large wooden file cabinet next to the desk. She finishes the last letter and pulls it out of the typewriter, putting it on the stack of correspondence that she has already completed. She gets up and takes the letters and a fountain pen over to where Captain Proton sits.

Constance: Here are your letters, Captain. I need you to sign them so I can post them in the evening mail. (She makes to hand him the stack of letters and he reluctantly puts down his paper)

Captain Proton: Oh, Constance. (He holds up his hands) When did I start getting so many letters? You know how I hate to go through all this paperwork. (He takes the fountain pen and the letters and puts them on a small table next to him)

Constance: It is the price you pay for fame, sir. You can't be saving the world every day, you know.

Captain Proton: (Smiles) Yeah, but that's so much more fun than this. (He gestures to the papers and picks up the pen with a sigh and begins reading and signing the letters)

Movement: We see Constance shake her head and cross back over to her desk to get started on the envelopes for the letters. Just as she's getting going on them, the doorbell rings. Captain Proton looks up, very relieved.

Captain Proton: Saved by the bell. (He gets up quickly, setting down the papers and pen on the table) I'll get that. (He exits the library at rocket speed. Constance gives a wry look and shakes her head at the papers. She moves over to the table and retrieves them and starts signing them herself)

Cut to: Doorway of the Proton Mansion. Standing on the stoop is Belinda Morgan. She looks a little nervous, but is resolute. The door opens and there is Captain Proton. She is momentarily speechless.

Captain Proton: May I help you, Miss?

Belinda: (Manages to regain her speech) I'm here to see you, as a matter of fact.

Captain Proton: (Looks at her and likes what he sees) I'm sorry. Do I know you? (He looks like he would like to get to know her anyway)

Belinda: Belinda Morgan of the Afternoon Observer. I'm here to ask you some questions...

Captain Proton: (Interrupting her, his face disappointed) I'm sorry, I don't talk with reporters. You can call my secretary. She hands out the press kits. (He makes to close the door and Belinda steps up and prevents him from doing so. He notices that she is really strong and his eyebrows raise a bit)

Belinda: There's something going on at City Hall. There's a problem with the budget, and Commissioner Mulrooney is ducking my questions. I need to find out what's happening.

Captain Proton: (Looking around the street and noticing that they are attracting attention, he grabs Belinda by the arm and pulls her into the foyer) You always this charming when you meet someone?

Belinda: (Straightening her suit jacket) Only when I want something from them and they refuse to give it to me.

Captain Proton: Uh-huh. (He makes a face) You better come into the library, I guess. (They proceed to the library where Constance has finished up the letters and envelopes and is affixing the last of the stamps)

Constance: I have finished the correspondance, Captain. (She gets up and pulls her purse from the second desk drawer and picks up the letters) I am going to the c on al post office to mail them, then I am meeting Buster Kincaid at the Stork Club for dinner and dancing. If you don't need me for anything else, that is. (Constance looks pointedly at Belinda who just looks back at her)

Captain Proton: No, Constance. I don't need you any more tonight. Tell Buster I said hi, and I'll see him tomorrow at the rocketship hanger. We'll be testing those new modifications to the rockets in the morning for the trip to the moon next month.

Constance: Yes, sir. Goodnight. (She nods to the Captain and Belinda and walks out)

Movement: Belinda walks around the room, checking out the many different kinds of books and stops by the fireplace. The Captain just watches her, appreciating the view. Good gams and a small, but shapely figure that curved in all the right places. She makes a noise and he see that she notices him checking her out. He grins unrepentently.

Belinda: You know what's going on at City Hall, don't you?

Captain Proton: (Holds up his hands) I don't know what's going on. What makes you think that there's a problem anyway? (He pulls out a pack of Juicyfruit and takes out a piece then offers it to her) Gum?

Belinda: No, thanks. (She crosses over to him as he unwraps the gum and sticks it into his mouth) I have a source in the steno pool. She tells me that she saw a memo from Commissioner Mulrooney to the Mayor about some discrepancy in the budget for the Police and Fire Departments and that the accountant in charge had disappeared. The amount was for over $5,000!

Captain Proton: (He is now slightly interested) Have you tried to talk to the Commissioner about this?

Belinda: I told you, she'd ducking questions about it. She had a press conference this morning, and all those idiots from the other papers wanted to talk about was your latest conquest. (She makes a face here)

Captain Proton: (Grinning) What can I tell you, Miss Morgan. I can't control the press. That's why I make it a policy never to talk to them. I let tiledommissioner handle all the questions.

Belinda: (Looking at him closely) Then why are you talking to me now?

Captain Proton: Let's just say I may be revising my opinion on talking to reporters. (He leers slightly at her here) Well, a certain reporter, anyway.

Belinda: (Using this to her advantage and speaks in a breathy voice, batting her eyelashes) Well then, Captain Proton. Can you tell me what's happening at City Hall? I'd really appreciate it.

Captain Proton: (Slightly dazed at her being so close) Mmmm, but I don't know what's happening. I just help them out on occasion, you know. I'm really an explorer.

Belinda: Yes. (She is positively crooning now) You are a great adventurer that gets called out in times of crisis. But, you're in the Commissioner's confidence, I know it. You can tell me, I'll keep your name out of it.

Captain Proton: (Finally understanding where this is going) I don't know. (Crosses to his chair and gestures for her to sit in the matching one) Is your source able to come up with some proof, like a copy of that memo?

Belinda: No, she just saw it for a moment, then she saw that the Commissioner's Assistant was coming and she left.

Captain Proton: (Sitting back and shaking his head) Well then, you have no proof, just an accusation by a low level employee.

Belinda: She's very reliable. I've used her as a source before. (Here the telephone rings interrupting her)

Movement: Captain Proton gets up and walks over to the table that holds the telephone and picks it up.

Captain Proton: Proton here.

Cut to: Commissioner Mulrooney sitting at her desk with a worried look on her face. Hovering in the background is Police Chief Kowalski. He, too, looks very worried.

Mulrooney: Captain Proton, we have a crisis. I need you to get down to City Hall right away.

Cut to Captain Proton: Commissioner, what is it? (Here Belinda raises her eyebrows and the Captain shakes his head and listens)

Mulrooney: There's a big problem and I can't go over it on the telephone. You never know who might be listening in.

Captain Proton: I agree, Commissioner. (He looks over at Belinda who has gotten up and moved over next to him, shamelessly listening in on the conversation) You never know who might be listening.

Mulrooney: How soon can you get here?

Captain Proton: (Looking at his watch) The crosstown traffic is murder right now, but I should be able to get their in about thirty minutes, Commissioner.

Mulrooney: We'll be waiting. (She hangs up) Chief Kowalski, pull everything we have on Byron Dobbs, the former accountant for the City.

Kowalski: (Brightens at having something to do) I'll get right on it, Ma'am.

Cut to Captain Proton: He was using the telephone again. He pushes down on the receiver bar a couple of times and says:

Captain Proton: Operator, get me Lexington 4438. (He waits for a moment) Hi, Mike? Listen, I need you to get out the Bentley and bring it around to the front of the house PDQ. (Pause) Yeah, great. Bye. (He hangs up and then remembers Belinda who is moving toward the door of libary) Where do you think you are going?

Belinda: With you, of course.

Captain Proton: I can't take you. I'm going to the Commissioner's office.

Belinda: Exactly. (She closes the distance between them) If you don't take me, I'll jazz it all over town how you knew about the cover-up and did nothing. Something's breaking right now, and I want to be the reporter with the scoop. It's my big chance. Come on, Captain. Give a girl a break!

Captain Proton: (Looks exasperated, but really does like her spunk) OK, but you don't say a word. Not a word.

Belinda: Not a word.

Movement: They exit the library and the Captain snags his jacket from the halltree as they go out the door.

Cut to: The Captain opening the door of the Bentley for Belinda and then getting into the driver's seat and roaring off down the street. Mike the garage guy is standing on the sidewalk watching him go.

Mike: Good luck, Captain.

Fade out.

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