Captain Proton
Doc Savage

Title: Captain Proton Meets Doc Savage
Author: Annette Welsh-Shinya 01/99
Series: VOY/Captain Proton-Doc Savage Crossover
Part: 2/4
Rating: PG
Codes: P/T, K/7, J, C, EMH Doc, Neelix
Summary: Spoilers for Night and 30 Days. Captain Proton is called on to rescue the City from the Evil Chairman of the Board. He has help from a special guest, defeats Evil, and gets the girl.
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(Reel 2)

Open on: Commissioner Mulrooney's office. Sitting in front of the Comissioner's desk is Captain Proton. Belinda Morgan has a small, straightback chair that has been placed off to one side. Chief Kowalski comes in with a file in his hand and hands it to Mulrooney.

Kowalski: Here's that information you wanted, Commissioner. It's not much. Just a few timecards and an old address. We already checked the address out, and he's not there anymore.

Mulrooney: (Looking at Proton with a very serious expression) Captain Proton, we're in big trouble. Just about an hour ago, I received this letter by courier express. (She hands him a letter) It's demanding that we pay $100,000, or the City's water supply will be contaminated. The deadline given is by noonildhorrow. Quite frankly, I don't know how we'd get our hands on such a sum in twice that amount of time. I'm afraid we're counting on you to help us out of a jam.

Captain Proton: (Reading letter) It says here that there will be a demonstration of the seriousness of the demand at 8:00 p.m. tonight. (He looks up at the Commissioner) Who's the Chairman of the Board?

Mulrooney: We think he may be the accountant that disappeared with some money a few weeks back. You see where he makes mention of the City providing the means of its own destruction. He also makes reference to several accounting terms in his demands.

Captain Proton: Sounds really serious, Comissioner. How do you think he's going to contaminate the water system?

Mulrooney: We don't know. In fact, our people our so stymied that we called in one of the best scientific experts we have in the City. He should be arriving any minute, and he's told me that he's willing to work with you on this matter closely.

Captin Proton: Who is it?

Cut to: The double doors to the Commissioner's office. They open to admit a tall, muscular man dressed in jhodpurs and a bush shirt that was slightly torn at one sleeve. He is wearing knee boots and strides in briskly. His hair is closely cropped against his head. There is a metallic sheen to it and his skin, like bronze. He speaks with a melifluous voice:

Man of Bronze: Commissioner Mulrooney, there was no one at the receptionist's desk, so I just came on through.

Mulrooney: That's all right, Doc. I'm really glad you could make it on such short notice.

Man of Bronze: Glad to be of help, Commissioner. Unfortunately, my team is still in Eritherea working on a case. I'm afraid that I'm by myself on this one.

Mulrooney: You'll do just fine, Doc. Captain Proton, may I present Clark Savage, Jr. One of the most brilliant minds in the City or the world for that matter. Doc Savage, this is Captain Proton, one of our most staunch defenders of justice here and in the Galaxy at large.

Captain Proton: (Moving to shake hands) Please to meet you, Doc.

Man of Bronze: Likewise.

Comissioner: Gentlemen, the clock is running, and we don't know what's going to happen at 8:00 p.m. Ideas?

Captain Proton: Well, I'm guessing that the Chairman of the Board wants us to witness what's ever going to happen to make us take him seriously, so I don't think we'll have to go far to find out what that is. I'm really worried about how he's going to get to the water system. It's so extensive, where do we begin?

Man of Bronze: I agree with the Captain. Without knowing what is going to happen in the demonstration, I propose we concentrate on being prepared to respond to it and checking out the water system.

Captain Proton: Sounds like you have an idea about that, Doc. What is it?

Man of Bronze: The entire City's water system is controlled through a series of viaducts, many of which are still under construction. There is only one place where the water comes from, though.

Captain Proton: The resevoir in the upstate area.

Man of Bronze: I propose that you remain in the City to take care of the aftermath of the demonstration and I will fly to the upstate area and check out the resevoir.

Captain Proton: Sounds good to me. I'm going to head out to my hanger to get my equipment, can I give you a lift anywhere?

Man of Bronze: Thank you, but no. I have my sedan downstairs. Do you have access to the sub-alpha band radio wave frequencies on your equipment?

Captain Proton: Yes, we use them when we're in atmosphere. How about a setting of 364.9?

Man of Bronze: Good. I'll contact you when I have some information. Please keep me informed on what happens.

Captain Proton: Gotcha, Doc. (He grins at Savage and Savage smiles tightly back)

Cut to: Belinda writing furiously in her notebook, looking elated. Proton and Savage are in the background still talking. Kowalski approaches her and tries to take away her notebook.

Belinda: Hey, what do you think you're doing, flatfoot?

Kowalski: No notes, Miss Morgan. The safety of the City is at stake.

Belinda: (Makes a grab for the notebook and pulls it out of the grasp of Kowalski with little difficulty) Haven't you ever heard of Freedom of the Press, Kowalski?

Kowalski: (Looks rather cowed by Belinda's actions and voice) Just try to spell my name right, OK?

Belinda: (Seeing that Savage and Proton were getting ready to leave picks up her purse and gets up out of the chair) Sure, f-l-a-t-f-o-o-t. Got it. (Kowalski looks mad and shakes an ineffecutal fist at her, she just smiles and turns away)

Cut to: Savage getting into his sedan and driving away into the night.

Cut to: Savage pulling up to a warehouse on the edge of the Hudson River. The caption on the sign reads 'Hidalgo Trading Company'. He sounds the horn, and the doors open. He drives in and parks the sedan. He gets out and nods to the attendent and crosses over to a fast looking tri-motored airplane moored to the docks inside the warehouse. He motions to the attendent as he climbs into the cockpit, and the attendent casts off the lines and pushes the plane away from the dock. The motors start, and humming fills the warehouse. The attendent then moves to open the riverside doors. The big plane eases out into the channel, the engines rev up and it begins to move. Faster and faster it speeds down the river, until it achieves take off. It speeds away, and just as it disappears into a cloud bank, the noise supressors take effect and it slips almost soundlessly away into the night toward the upstate area.

Cut to: Captain Proton in his Bentley, speeding toward his warehouse on the edge of the industrial district. Belinda Morgan is seated next to him, holding onto the strap by the door as they scream around corners with the shriek of tire rubber. The Captain's face has a slight grin; he is enjoying himself immensely. He reaches down at flicks on a two-way radio and picks up the microphone.

Captain Proton: Captain Proton to Buster Kincaid, come in Buster Kincaid. (No answer) Buster must have turned off his wristlet when he left for dinner with Constance at the Stork Club. I'll have to give them a call when we get to the warehouse.

Belinda: If we get to the warehouse. (She winces as they take another corner practically on two wheels)

Captain Proton: Relax, Sister. I'm the best there is. (He grins at her cockily)

Belinda: Yeah, right. (But she's looking at him with admiration)

Cut to: Captain Proton's Bentley pulling up to a large warehouse on the edge of the City. It stops with a screech of tires, and the Captain bounds out with energy. Belinda follows and go up to the door.

Cut to: Interior of the warehouse. There is a small office in one corner, and the rest of the warehouse is taken up with the big rocketship that is housed there. There are piles of equipment and barrels of rocket fuel, and a large ladder for accessing the rocket. You can see that the roof of the warehouse has doors that can open so the rocket can take off. The Captain heads for a wall that has racks of equipment. He starts pulling various items off the shelves and Belinda wanders around in wonder.

Captain Proton: Don't touch anything. It could be dangerous.

Belinda: (With a sarcastic voice) Thanks for the tip. I'm not an idiot, you know.

Captain Proton: (Looks up at her, a two-way communication wristlet in his hand) I didn't think so. I just don't want anything to happen to you.

Belinda: Sound as if you'd really care if something did. (She crosses over to where he is standing)

Captain Proton: (Looks at her seriously) Sure I do. (He hands her the wristlet) Here, put this on. That way, I'll be able to keep in close contact with you.

Belinda: (Looks at wristlet) What is it?

Captain Proton: It's a two-way communication wristlet. Just press that button when you want to talk. If someone call you on it, press that one. (He points out the different buttons)

Belinda: All right. What's that one?

Captain Proton: That's the call button for the ship. If you need to access the airlock when you're using the rocketpack in space, you push that one, and it will start the airlock sequence.

Belinda: Wow.

Captain Proton: (Smiles) Pretty neat stuff, huh? (Crosses over to the office and picks up the telephone) I'm going to see if I can get Buster at the Stork Club. I'd really like his help on this one. (He picks up the telephone and asks the operator for the Stork Club and waits a moment to be connected, then asks for Buster Kincaid) What do you mean, he's not there. He was to meet with my secretary, Constance Goodheart, there for dinner and dancing. Did you check the dancefloor? OK. Yeah. I'll do that. (He hangs up with a frown)

Belinda: Something wrong?

Captain Proton: Yeah, the Maitre 'D at the Club says that Buster never made it in tonight for his reservation. He says that Constance never showed up either. (He shakes his head) I'm worried. Buster is very dependable and Constance is never late. I know he had a reservation for 6:00 p.m. for dinner. They always like to dance for a while afterward, so...

Belinda: What is it?

Captain Proton: Do you suppose...?

Belinda: (Adding excitedly) The Chairman of the Board could have kidnapped them to hold them for ransom?

Captain Proton: Maybe not ransom, but to control me? Keep me from stoping his nefarious plan to extort money from the Good Citizens by contaminating the City's water supply?

Belinda: (Shaking her head but looking like she agrees with him) He sounds so evil. Do you really think he's capable of it? I mean, he's an accountant.

Captain Proton: I know what you mean. Boggles the mind. (He crosses back to the equipment shelves and pulls out a raypistol and some other small items and begins putting them on his belt and in his various pockets in his jacket) Let's get down to the Stork Club and see if we can turn up any leads. (He checks his watch) It's 6:47; if we hurry, we can make it in time to question the people in the neighborhood and possibly get a lead. Let's go!

Cut to: Captain Proton and Belinda getting into the Bentley and it roaring off down the street, headed for the Stork Club to find Buster Kincaid and Constance Goodheart, and try to stop the Evil Chairman of the Board from killing the good people of the City.

Fade out.

(Change reels)

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