Captain Proton
Doc Savage

Title: Captain Proton Meets Doc Savage
Author: Annette Welsh-Shinya 01/99
Series: VOY/Captain Proton-Doc Savage Crossover
Part: 3/4
Rating: PG
Codes: P/T, K/7, J, C, EMH Doc, Neelix
Summary: Spoilers for Night and 30 Days. Captain Proton is called on to rescue the City from the Evil Chairman of the Board. He has help from a special guest, defeats Evil, and gets the girl.
Disclaimer: Paramount's property, my story, who wants to go a round with the Bat'leths?
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(Reel 3)

Open on: The street in front of the Stork Club. Captain Proton pulls up directly in front of the Club and the doorman in full livery comes over. The Captain slides out the window and sits on the door talking to the doorman over the top of the Bentley. He is questioning him and the doorman is shaking his head. Proton slides back down into the Bentley and it drives off to a side street where he parks it. He gets out and opens Belinda's door for her and they start walking back to the area of the Stork Club, talking to pedestrians and various businesses. From their negative expressions and shaking of heads, it is clear that no one has seen Buster Kincaid or Constance Goodheart.

Captain Proton: (Checking his watch for the time) It's 7:55. I don't think we're going to get a lead on where Buster and Constance are from here. I don't think either of them made it down here.

Belinda: (Leaning up against a building and rubbing a sore leg) I don't think I can walk any further anyway. Did that ransom note say where this event was going to take place?

Captain Proton: No, it didn't. Just that it would be in a central location of the city. Let's get back to the Bentley. I want to go back out to the warehouse and get my rocketpack. I have a feeling I'm going to need it before tonight is over. (They start walking back to where the Bentley is parked)

Cut to: The sky above Manhatten. There is a dirigible making it's way across the airspace of the island. There is a large sign mounted on the side of it, with hundreds of lightbulbs on it. The pilot signals the crewmember after consulting his watch. The crew member then begins switching an enormous amount of switches on a complicated electrical panel. The lights on the sign start coming on. They spell out a message:

"Proton, they're alive for now, top Empire State Building 9:00"

The crowds in the street start yelling and pointing at the dirigible. Captain Proton and Belinda look up and see the message. They start running to the Bentley and zoom off.

Cut to the warehouse: The Captain is getting on his rocketpack and has his goggles on the workbench beside him. Belinda is watching him.

Belinda: I still don't see why I can't go with you.

Captain Proton: It's too dangerous, Belinda. Besides, I need somewhere here to coordinate everything, and wait for the message from Doc Savage. (He picks up his goggles and puts them on, then activates the roof doors and they begin to open slowly) Wish me luck!

Belinda: (Approaches the Captain and takes him by the straps of his rocketpack) Be careful, you big palooka! (She pushes him away and stands back to be out of the way of the rocketpack's exhaust)

Captain Proton: I think she likes me. (He activates the rocketpack) Captain Proton to the Empire State Building! (He lifts off into the night, the sparkle of his rocket trail making jewels in the sky)

Cut to: Belinda watching him go out of sight. She sighs, then walks back to the office to sit down at the desk and glare at the telephone. After a few moments, she gives an exclamation:

Belinda: I'm not waiting around for that yegg.

Movement: She crosses to the equipment rack and picks out her own jetpack. She puts it into the trunk of the Bentley, then goes back into the warehouse and takes a set of clothing out of a locker. It is a pair of khaki type pants and a shirt like what Buster Kincaid is known to wear. They are a little big, but she belts the pants tightly and tucks the shirt in. She checks that her wristlet is secure and goes out and gets into the Bentley. It roars into the night as she takes the first corner as fast as Captain Proton is known to drive.

Cut to: Captain Proton touching down on the top of City Hall. He rushes down to the Commissioner's Office and starts giving her an update.

Captain Proton: We're going to have to work fast, Commissioner. Have Chief Kowalski cordon off the Empire State Building with at least a 5 city blocks radius. I don't want any of his officers in the line of fire. We don't know what this guy is going to do, but he appears to be capable of just about anything.

Mulrooney: I'll get right on it, Captain!

Cut to: The roof of City Hall. Captain Proton lifts off and makes his way over the City that Never Sleeps to the Empire State Building. He checkes his watch as the wind rushes over him. It is 8:50.

Cut to: Belinda Morgan driving the Captain's Bentley mercilously. She screeches to a halt just outside the police line and gets the rocketpack out of the trunk. She fiddles with it for a moment, then straps it on and dons a pair of goggles identical to the Captain's. She activates the rocketpack and gives a push off.

Belinda: (In a exhultant voice) Belinda Morgan to the Empire State Building! (She is slightly wobbly, but then her course straightens out and she heads toward the tallest building in the City)

Cut to: Captain Proton landing on the top of the Empire State Building. There is no one there that he can see. Then he walks over to the observation area. There is a console set up there, with a radioscopic visualscreen on it. It is glowing, but the viewing port is snowy. Suddenly, the screen clears and there is the image of the man in the dark suit. He is in full light now, and the Captain see that he has a large face with cruel eyes and a slashing mouth.

Man in the Suit: Captain Proton, so nice of you to be on time for your appointment.

Captain Proton: You didn't give me much choice in my time of appointment, so I had to make it. May I take it that I am addressing the Chairman of the Board"

Chairman: (Inclining his head regally) Yes. I've put together a little proposal that I think you will find irresistable, Captain Proton. (He motions off-camera) Office-Boy, come here!

Cut to: The Chairman's office where Buster Kincaid, wearing shackles on his ankles and wrists, shuffles over to where the viewport console is. The Chairman grins maliciously and grabs Buster and pulls him over to where he can be seen by the Captain.

Chairman: As you can see, I have your faithful companion, Buster Kincaid, here. He has graciously agreed to serve as my Office-Boy until such time as my monetary compensation is paid. Oh, and I have the lovely Constance Goodheart occupied as my Personal, Confidential Secretary. (He gestures over to where Constance sits on a divan, her hands and feet bound) In fact, she's completely tied up! (The Chairman laughs evilly)

Cut to: Captain Proton glaring at the viewport screen.

Captain Proton: What do you want, Chairman?

Chairman: Oh, I just want my $100,000, that's all. When I get that, I'll release the prisoners.

Captain Proton: What about the contamination of the water system?

Chairman: (Looking down at his hand and examining his fingernails) Oh, I'm afraid that's already happened. The signal went out over twenty minutes ago. The City's water supply is completely contaminated, and there's nothing that you can do about it!

Captain Proton: You Evil Villain! Why did you do it?

Chairman: Why else? Do you think I would let such a good profit-making opportunity pass me by? This is just the beginning. Why, the City will be begging me for an antidote to the contamination, and I, of course, will sell it to them, for a price!

Buster Kincaid: (Struggling against the Chairman's hold) Don't worry about us, Captain! We'll be all right, take care of the City! (The Chairman hits Buster and he falls down)

Constance: Buster!

Movement: Constance tries to get up to help him, but loses her balance and falls to her knees next to Buster. They look at each other soulfully.

The Chairman: You two are so pathetic. Why does he put up with you? (He turns back to viewscreen) I will kill these two at Midnight if you don't bring the money to the old Parkway mansion on Dellinger Drive. No tricks, Captain Proton, if you want them to live! (He reaches over and flicks off the screen)

Cut to: Captain Proton looking thoughtfullly at the dead screen. Just then, he hears the roar of a jetpack and looks up to see Belinda Morgan landing.

Belinda: What happened?

Captain Proton: What are you doing here?

Belinda: What does it look like? I'm helping you.

Captain Proton: Right. (He looks at his watch, it was 9:15, a little less the three house to gather the money - impossible) He's holding Buster and Constance for the ransom. I have to take the money to the old Parkway mansion of Dellinger Drive by midnight, or he's going to kill them.

Belinda: What about the water contamination?

Captain Proton: That was just a play to get me here.

Belinda: Then it just was trick?

Captain Proton: No, he's already contaminated the water supply. He's using this as a way to control me, then's he's going to extort the City for more money for a cure to the poison he's put into the water supply.

Belinda: That Villain!

Captain Proton: I'll have to wait and see what Doc comes up with. (He takes Belinda by the shoulders) We have to stop him, Belinda. Buster's my best friend, and Constance, well she's the best touch typist I've ever had. Besides, Buster really likes her. I have to find a way to get to the Parkway mansion without the Chairman noticing that I'm there.

Belinda: What do you want me to do?

Captain Proton: Good girl! Here's my plan...

Cut to: Captain Proton escorting Belinda to the center of the observation area talking busily. Then they both activate their rocketpacks and don their goggles. The Captain takes her hand and squeezes it before they both lift off into the night, each going a separate way to try to fight the hand of Evil and save Buster and Constance.

Fade out.

(Change reel)

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