Captain Proton
Doc Savage

Title: Captain Proton Meets Doc Savage
Author: Annette Welsh-Shinya 01/99
Series: VOY/Captain Proton-Doc Savage Crossover
Part: 4/4
Rating: PG
Codes: P/T, K/7, J, C, EMH Doc, Neelix
Summary: Spoilers for Night and 30 Days. Captain Proton is called on to rescue the City from the Evil Chairman of the Board. He has help from a special guest, defeats Evil, and gets the girl.
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(Reel 4)

Open on: The upstate resevoir. Doc Savage is walking on the banks, looking intently. His keen vision spots one of the radio transmitters immediately. He lifts away the branches and sees that the box that the radio transmitter was affixed to was now open. A sticky looking white goo has oozed out and has made its way down to the edge of the water, where is appeared to be disolving and spreading out. He finds several of the boxes in a short time. Using gloves he moves them away from the edge of the water, then places them on a rubberized sheet he has taken from the plane that is moored in the water of the resevoir at a service dock. He takes out a chemistry kit and sets up a portable generator driven lamp and starts testing, his brilliant mind can be seen to be working furiously.

Cut to: The winding pavement of Dellinger Drive. The Captain's Bentley is seen curving around the steep banked street, winding its way to the top of the hill where the old Parkway mansion sits. It has been abandoned for years. It pulls up to the front of the mansion and Belinda Morgan gets out. She is still in the clothes that she borrowed from the locker at the Captain's warehouse. She walks up to the door and knocks.

Cut to: The resevoir in upstate area. Doc Savage is seen setting the boxes of the contamination substance on fire, then getting into his plane and taking off. There is a grim satisfaction to his looks, as he glances at the vial on the seat next to him.

Cut to: The woods just above where the Parkway mansion sits. Captain Proton is creeping down the path toward the mansion. The mansion is lit up and there are guards around it. The Captain reaches into his jacket and pulls out a small vial. He then pulls out a portable gas mask and puts it on. He gets closer to the guards, and then flings the vial and it breaks with a small clink. Immediately, there is billowing white gas all around, and the guards slump down, unconscious. He waits for the gas to dissipate a bit, then takes off his mask and proceeds toward the house. He notices the Bentley parked out front. Belinda is there and the plan was in action! He activates his wristlet:

Captain Proton: Captain Proton to Doc Savage, come in Doc!

Man of Bronze: Savage here, go ahead.

Captain Proton: Is everything in place, Doc?

Man of Bronze: That is affirmative, Captain. I have radiod the Commissioner's office, and she and Chief Kowalski are standing by.

Captain Proton: Were you able to neutralize the poison like you thought you would?

Man of Bronze: Yes. It was really a rather simple formula. A combination of a rare Amazon orchid and an African Stinging beetle's poison. I was able to formulate an antidote and introduce it into the resevoir before I left. There will be no contaminated water in the City.

Captain Proton: That's a relief, Doc. Great work!

Man of Bronze: Is your plan proceeding, Captain?

Captain Proton: I'm just about to find out, Doc. Wish me luck! Proton out.

Cut to: The Hudson River where Doc Savage is landing his plane. He taxis to the warehouse and parks the plane. He gets out and is carrying the vial from the seat of the plane. He gets into his sedan and speeds out of the warehouse into the night, heading for the hills and Dellinger Drive.

Cut to: Central Police Station where officers are lined up in the front of the building, waiting for the word. There are several paddy wagons. Chief Kowalski comes out of the doors:

Kowalski: OK, boys. We're moving. (They all pile into the police wagons and head out for Dellinger Drive)

Cut to: Parkway mansion exterior, where Captain Proton is climbing up a rose trellis to enter the second floor. He opens the window and jumps down lightly into the unoccupied room. He listens for a moment, then makes his way out of the room, down a hall, and to a large, winding staircase. He descends carefully down the staircase, listening intently for anyone coming. He suddenly hears a noise from upstairs, jumps onto the bannister, and slides the rest of the way down. He slips into a closet in the foyer just as the two guards appear at the top of the staircase and make there way down. He listens to them pass by and then peeks his head out of the closet. They are gone. He edges his way to a set of double doors, which there is noise coming from. He hears the sound of muffled evil laughter and nods to himself. This was it.

Cut to: The library at the Parkway mansion. There is a new guest. Belinda Morgan is sitting on the couch next to Buster and Constance. She is not bound and she is busily scribbling in her notebook.

Belinda: And you say, you approached the Commissioner with your plan to revitalize the City's budget by using the bookkeeping system that you invented yourself?

Chairman: Yes, and she just laughed at me! Laughed at me, Byron Dobbs. I knew then that I would make them all pay. Then, they would listen to me!

Belinda: Uh, yeah. So, when did you come up with the idea of extorting the money from Captain Proton?

Chairman: Most people don't know it, but he's very wealthy. Comes from Old Money. I know he's just rolling in it. I wanted to make him pay most of all!

Belinda: Why? What did he ever do to you?

Chairman: (Stands up and paces with maniacal look in his eyes) He's always being talked about at City Hall. You can't go ten feet without someone mentioning how great Captain Proton is, what Captain Proton did last week, and don't you think Captain Proton is soooo handsome. (He turns to face Belinda) Well, do you?

Belinda: Do I what?

Chairman: (Sneering) Think he's handsome.

Belinda: Uhhhh....

Captain Proton: Why don't you answer him, Belinda. I'd really like to know.

Buster/Constance: Captain Proton!!

Belinda: Oh, brother. (Captain Proton shrugs grinning)

Chairman: I see you didn't wait for your appointment this time, Captain.

Captain Proton: I know, rude of me. I just have a problem with people kidnapping and harming my friends.

Chairman: (Produces a gun from behind his back and advances on Belinda) You'll never stop me, Captain Proton! I've poisened the water supply and you won't get the antidote unless you let me leave! (He pulls Belinda up and holds the gun to her)

Man of Bronze: You mean this antidote? (He walks into the room, holding up the vial in one hand and one of the burly guards by the collar in the other)

Captain Proton: Give it up, Chairman. You can't get away. You're plan to poisen the water of the City is history, your hideout is surrounded, there's nowhere for you to go!

Chairman: (Wide-eyed) Stay back! Stay back, or I'll kill her. Don't think that I won't!! (He pulls Belinda back with him)

Captain Proton: I wouldn't do that if I were you. (The Chairman looks confused)

Movement: Belinda then makes a loud yell and elbows the Chairman in the stomach and grabs his gun and points it down to him.

Belinda: (In a tough voice) Because I get really mad, that's why! (She turns and grins at Captain Proton)

Captain Proton: (Walks over to where Belinda holds the Chairman at gunpoint) Not bad!

Man of Bronze: I hear the police approaching.

Cut to: The driveway of the Parkway mansion where the paddywagons pulled up. Doc Savage escorts the prisoners out and the police take custody of them. The Chairman is babbling about debits and credits as he's loaded into the wagon to eventually end up in Sing Sing.

Cut to: The libary of the Parkway mansion. Captain Proton is untying Buster Kincaid and Constance is rubbing her wrists. As he gets Buster untied, Constance throws her arms around Buster and starts crying. Buster just pats her back and murmers soothingly. Belinda rolls her eyes.

Captain Proton: (Walking over to Belinda) Hey, toots. How's about you and me steppin' out tonight? I like your style.

Belinda: (Reaches into the Captain's pocket and pulls out a stick of gum and unwraps it) Sure, why not. You did give me the biggest scoop of the year. (She sticks the gum in her mouth and begins chewing away)

Captain Proton: Uh, about that scoop, Belinda...

Belinda: Don't tell me you're going to back out on our deal, Captain?

Captain Proton: No, it's just, well, I have this deal with the Comissioner, and well, she doesn't like me to make any statements without her approval.

Belinda: You mean, she likes to take all the credit, while you do all the work?

Captain Proton: (Shrugs and grins) Something like that. But, she does tell everybody what I do and that way...

Belinda: You don't have to talk to any reporters. I got it. How about I write it up and submit it to the Commissioner for her approval? Would that work for you.

Captain Proton: Now you're talkin', toots! (Wraps an arm around her and give her a hug)

Belinda: (Looks at him with a wry smile) My hero.

Cut to: Exterior of Parkway mansion. Captain Proton and Belinda exit the mansion. The Captain stops to shake hands with the Man of Bronze, who gets into his sedan and leaves. Buster and Constance come out of the mansion arm and arm and go stand by the Bentley. The Captain looks at Belinda and Belinda looks at Buster and Constance, and goes to the trunk of the Bentley and produces her rocketpack. The Captain laughs and Belinda throws the keys to the Bentley to Buster, who looks pleased. The Captain and Belinda walk to where the Captain hid his rocketpack. They both put them on and slip on their goggles. As dawn breaks, they blast off into the morning sky, hand in hand.


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