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Here you will find a comprehensive listing of K/7 fanfic that has been written since the fourth season of Star Trek: Voyager. Special thanks to Summer for her extensive efforts in compiling this impressive collection of creative talent over the years. The K/7 community owes her a great debt of gratitude.

Karen         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
The Mission Accomplished
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Do you like to watch? He he. Karen's story is definitely on the voyeuristic side and my overactive imagination already re-rated it NC-17. Read carefully and enjoy.
Lucy Kenward         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry angst...Harry angst. Lucy's story is so sad...after reading it..I wanted to give Harry a *hug*. Seriously. Please read her disclaimer before reading.
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry and Seven go on an away mission and unexpectedly encounter the Borg. Let's just say that Harry will now know what it feels like to walk in Seven's shoes.
Beautiful Stranger
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Voyager gets an unexpected visitor, a little bundle of joy, where is she from and how is she connected to Voyager?
Khylaren         SEND FEEDBACK HERE         Website
I Grieve
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: NOTE: Contains Spoilers to the episode Drone Allrightee...please help me welcome a brand new K/7 writer to my site and the RiF list. I'm really excited about her stories...they are unabashedly romantic...and very well written. Khylaren does a fantastic job in writing those moments when Harry and Seven are becoming aware of each other...how she describes their increasing attraction towards each other...their first real kiss. Ooooh. VERY nice, I must say. As you can see, I really liked this story. Please read and give her loads of feedback. Thanks.
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Khylaren was kind enough to write a PG-13 version of her story....don't be fooled, it's still really hot. Jah!
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Khylaren's was kind enough to do a PG-13 version of "Forgotten" for us. And believe me, it's just as hot as the NC-17 version. In my opinion, it's not the rating that make a story hot or sexy, it's the choice of words...descriptions, the tempo of the sentences that can make a story unforgettable. Please check out Khylaren's new version and you'll know what I mean.
When Harry Met Seven
SUMMARY: They met. She conked him on the head and escaped the ship. He tried to be friendly, and she dismissed his chatter as irrelevant. He tried to flirt a little, and she asked him if he wanted to copulate. Who would have thought these two would EVER end up together??
Chrysalis, pt.1-8
SUMMARY: Voyager has found a wormhole that leads them home to the Alpha Quadrant - with one small catch. In this Alpha Quadrant, the Dominion won the war. Author's Note: This story begins where Possession ended. If you haven't read that first, it is recommended that you do, just for continuity's sake. This is an unfinished work in progress. Special thanks to my beta readers, Henry Lee (grammar) and Thomas Lee (technical).
SUMMARY: Neelix and Chakotay plan a holiday fete around the Christmas season, with lots of good food, cheer, and...oh yes..Mistletoe! Romance runs rampant and kissing ensues.
A. Kite         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: There's only one word to describe "Cooties": cute, very cute. Lesa said that only Seven is gullible enough to fall for this one.
Krynn         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Unexpected Occurences
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: To help Seven adjust to her humanity, Harry decides that she should experience a "sleep-over" aka pajama party. How convenient. Harry and Seven engage in all sorts of "activities" that result in loads of bodily contact.
Henry Lee         SEND FEEDBACK HERE         Website
To Forgive Divine
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Henry liked Anne Rose's "To Err is Human" so much that he decided that he wanted to add a scene addition to her story. And it works perfectly. I mean, I would recommend Henry's story on just his K/7 spooning scenes. Ahem. Please read this and let him know what you think.
One Touch to Reset
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: If you like stories that delve into Harry's sometimes dark psyche, you'll love Henry's new story. Harry and Seven dance around each other...trying to make that connection. And like in real life, it doesn't always happen right away. I had to tell myself that while reading Henry's story. But his story pays off big time. Trust me. Please read this and let him know what you think. And last but not least, this story contains some scenes of violence.
The Vacuum of Space
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry Kim & Seven of Nine come to a mutually agreeable conclusion. AU; non-canon, minor spoilers from Seasons 4-6. "The Vacuum of Space" is Henry's first K/7 fanfic. I liked this....I especially liked the ending. Please check this out and let him know what you think. Thanks.
Jennifer Lee         SEND FEEDBACK HERE         Website
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Velocity is the game, and it's boys vs the girls. Guess who wins?
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry's lonely, feeling a bit left out ever since Tom & B'Elanna paired off. That gets him thinking about his own life, and wanting to find someone to share it with. Seven? Maybe. Lots and lots of Harry angst.
Lisa         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Sweet Dreams
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Sweet Dreams was... very sweet. Her take on K/7 was right on and the reason why Seven hates the thought of waking up was very insightful.
Lesa Love         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
A Woman's Prerogative
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: What I love about this story is the little touches that Lesa puts in her dialogue and in the way these characters behave towards each other. The story flows and leaves you with a smile on your face after you finish reading it.
Best Interests
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lesa's written another wonderful story told from a crew members pt of view. Her observations of her fellow crewmembers are insightful and wry. I also loved Lesa's take on why Harry chose to try and move on from Seven. It's a much more palatable explanation than what TPTB gave us on the episode 30 Days.
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lesa describes this story as a fluff piece but don't listen to her! It's wonderful, with insightful scenes, clever dialogue and nice interaction between all of the characters. And did I mention that it also manages to be funny?
Heart Shapes
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lesa's stories are always a treat, so in honor of Cupid day, Lesa wrote this terrific litle story. Seven learns the meaning of this special day with the help of Harry and Neelix.
Destination Determined
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Don't mean to gush here, but this story is great! Lesa, one of my favorite fanfic authors, managed to write a story with unexpected twists, wonderful dialogue and memorable K/7 moments. Her Harry/Seven scenes is a mixture of innocence, sexual tension and angst. And don't even get me started on the *hand* scene.
Seven of Nine: Raven Beta One
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Reading Lesa's fanfic always reminds me of why I like K/7 in the first place. Her stories are sexy and playful and always an excellent read. SONRBO is Lesa's sequel to her wonderful Sandcastles.
The Scent of Rain
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry piques Seven's interest when he plays matchmaker. Seven throws curious questions at Harry. Harry gladly answers.
One Giant Leap
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Here's an updated version of the story. Another awesome story from Lesa! Most of the story is written from Harry's POV...and Lesa herself describes it as an *angst* story. But it's much more than that....it's got humor, warmth and subtly sexy scenes between Harry and Seven. Hoo-hoo! It's also nice to see Seven taking the initiative to get closer to Harry this time around.
Scents & Sensibility
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Allrightee..here is the finished version of Lesa's awesome Scents & Sensibility. While I was reading Lesa's story...I tried to summarize what made me like this story so much. Themes kept running thru my head....Seven's fascination with Harry's scent.. tastes...eating...dancing...touching...kissing...sex...& LOVE. To me it's really all about Seven's newfound appreciation of her humanity...and it's unique experiences. S&S is really beautiful..funny....so insightful with as always wonderful dialogue...and right on takes of all the characters. As usual...please read this and give Lesa loads of feedback. Nuff said.
Musing, Boozing and Choosing
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: You know when something completely unexpected happens..and your still kind in disbelief that it actually occured? Well that's what happened with Harry....and his big secret. Curious? The first part of Lesa's story has alot of unaswered questions that's begging to be answered in hopefully Part 2. In MBC Lesa takes her writing in a new direction. I like it. It's a different take on K/7...and it leaves you wanting to know more. Read read read. Nuff said.
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lesa told me she came across an old story that she was working on that was actually a continuation of an a story that Strwriter posted on the RiF awhile back. She loved Strwriter's story and decided that she wanted to continue it. Well....you guys are in for a treat! As in Lesa fashion, these two stories are funny and well written. The ending will give you a warm feeling in your belly....just like the eggnog Seven consumes in the story. Enjoy this Xmas present from Lesa. I did.
When You Wish
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: If you didn't like how Michael's story "I Wish I Hope" ended....rest assured Lesa gives Michael's story a very satisfactory ending. Ahem. In Michael's story, Seven made a decision based on her *cool logic*. But in Lesa's story, Seven realizes that what in theory works...in real life it doesn't. It's a bitter lesson for her. "When You Wish" is a real page turner...you want and need to know how it's all going to end. What I loved about the K/7 scenes are their uhmm..infused with lots of repressed anger and resentment, but also this need for both Harry and Seven to reconnect and get back what they lost. Does that make sense? Hope so. Nuff rambling from me. Read this. It's wonderful.
Heart Shapes
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lesa is keeping up with her Valentine tradition of writing anew K/7 fanfic for the occassion. Oooh boy, wait until you read this one. I will say that what Harry is doing is probably the most romantic thing he could do for Seven. Trust me. You will agree with me once you read Lesa's story. That said...please give her loads of feedback. That usually motivates authors to write the sequel that much faster. Know what I mean? This is a terrific read as always from Lesa. Please check it out.
Heart Shapes II
Heart Shapes III
Stephen Loftus (aka Trekken46)         SEND FEEDBACK HERE         Website
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry anguishes over the deaths of his crew while on an away mission. He desperately needs some TLC which Seven readily provides. Let Stephen know what you think.
Devil's Heart
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Devil's Heart, despite it's title is actually a very sweet story. It's actually about being given a second chance at love. Please let Stephen know what you think.
A Snowball's Chance
SUMMARY: Seven and Harry are stranded on an ice planet. They confess their secrets to each other before they freeze. But will they survive?
Kate Marie         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
The Day Before
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Kate's story reminds me of the film "Ghost"....it definitely would be nice if we had second chances to say goodbye to loved ones we lost. hint hint. "The Day Before" is Kate's first fanfic, so please be kind and give her some feedback. Thanks.
Ben Mason         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Dream Lover
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: I don't want to give anything away, but it's nice to know that Seven has always been in Harry's thoughts. Please read Ben's wonderful story and give him loads of feedback. "Dream Lover" is terrific.
Mors Principium Est
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: This story is Ben's sequel to "Dream Lover"....and like his first story...it has a dreamlike surreal quality to it. I have to admit...I had to read it twice to get the gist of it. Please check it out.
Greg Mawson         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Stuck in the Middle
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Harry and Seven are having a little miscommunication. He's avoiding her and she wants to find out why. With the help of others, both Harry & Seven do alot of reflecting on how they feel about each other and their future together.
Lorrie Miller         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
What Do You Name a Baby Borg?
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Lorrie's fanfic is feel good story....makes ya smile when you read it. Her story has that Voyager is a *family* vibe....people spending time and enjoying each other's company..something we don't see on the show anymore. Plus she also happens to include some very sweet K/7 & J/C ....and you know I'm there. Read please and give her loads of feedback. Thanks people.
Jan Monroe         SEND FEEDBACK HERE         Website
Seven's Lessons
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Seven's Lesson is terrific! Seven decides that she needs lessons in human interaction, particularly the art of touching! Guess who helps her out with this lesson?
Design Stage
SUMMARY: Tom has an inspiration on how to get home using the slipstream drive. Tom, Harry, B'Elanna and Seven work to design the ship to do it.
Mock-up Stage
SUMMARY: The ships plans becomes a holo program for testing. The design team's relationships continue.
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Jan's take on the K/7 relationship is terrific cause it never feels forced. Love the whole family atmosphere that runs throughout her story. The shuttle is now in the construction phase and relationships are heating up.
First Mission
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Another installment of Jan's wonderful series. Some of the Voyager crew finally make it to Earth, but the reception they receive isn't what they were expecting.
Why Me?
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Jan's terrific series continues, with Harry returning home to Voyager.
Is This Anyway to Welcome a Hero?
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Very satisfying conclusion to Jan's series. Check it out.
Tammy Mueller         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Death, Friendship and Tomorrow
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Through a sad event, Harry and Seven come to have a better understanding of what their friendship mean to each other. Tammy really captures Seven's innocence in her story.
Katrina Munro         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Somewhat Damaged
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: This is Katrina's first fanfic, so please let her know what you think? What's it about...think Seven angst. Seven realizes what she lost in Harry.
Old Age
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Awww...Katrina's story is short and sweet...but I loved this little story. What would Seven and Harry be like when their our grandparent's age? I'd like to think that they would be sweet and tender to each other like they are in Katrina's story. Read please.
Andre Moreaux         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
An Air of Magic
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Andre's story had my attention right from the start. Imaginative storyline combined with his playful take on Harry and Seven make for an awesome story.
Wedding Day
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Please read Andre's disclaimer before you go for his neck! He's a K/7er..... really he is!
Onedergirl         SEND FEEDBACK HERE        
Better Late Than Never
SUMMER'S COMMENTS: Ondergirl's story "Better Late Than Never" is sad and beautiful..and touching. I was definitely sniffling at some parts....a major hint for you guys to read her disclaimer *carefully* before reading this story! I can't say more without giving away her story...but I do want to say that since this is Ondergirl's first K/7 fanfic please please give her loads of feedback and encourage her! Thanks.

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